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Join Twitter experts Anne Mercogliano and Katie Burke in the first session of our three part workshop to learn how to use Twitter for business!


  • 1. Three Steps to Success with Twitter for Your Business Session 1: Build Your Twitter Presence & Promote Your Account !

2. Meet Your Experts: Anne Mercogliano! SMB Marketing Manager! Twitter! @akmercog! Katie Burke! Inbound Marketing Manager ! HubSpot! @katieburkie! 3. Housekeeping Notes Slides and recording will be available after! ! Interact with us on Twitter: #twittersuccess! 4. Watch the full workshop here: ! 5. BUILD YOUR TWITTER PRESENCE. ! 6. Use Your Twitter Prole to Dene Your Brand Personality! 7. Prole Picture!Cover Photo! Enhance Your Prole with Images! 8. @_____!YourCompanyName! 9. Perfect Your Description! 10. Customize Your ! Background Image ! 11. CONNECT WITH YOUR AUDIENCE. ! 12. Who should you follow?! 13. #!Discover! 14. Twitter Lingo! @ Mention: Including a Twitter handle within a Tweet ! ! @ Reply: Starting off a response to a Tweet with that persons Twitter handle ! ! DM: A private message between 2 people who follow each other ! ! 15. Favorite top Tweets you see or those you want to come back to later.! Favorite Tweets! 16. Organize Twitter users into different categories using Lists. ! 17. TWITTER ETIQUETTE. ! 18. How to ! Respond on Twitter! 19. Automating Your Twitter Schedule ! 20. Tweets Per Day Best Practices! 21. OPTIMIZE TWITTER FOR SEARCH. ! 22. Help search engines nd you by including keywords in your description and tweets.! 23. Link Back to Your Website! 24. BUILD YOUR REACH: TWITTER ADS. ! 25. Promoted Accounts! 26. Promoted Tweets! Promoted Tweets! 27. Determining Who to Target ! 28. Set Campaign Goals ! 29. Read the introduction. It will take you through a helpful walkthrough of the process of creating Twitter ads.! 30. Select your target audience.! 31. Create your promoted Tweet.! 32. Decide how much to bid.! 33. Review your campaign and measure your progress.! 34. THANK YOU! 35. Q+A