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A description of course topics and presenters for the BTB Online teacher Training Course on WiziQ. Course creators: Sylvia Guinan & Jason R. Levine.


  • 1. Hands On elearning Solutions

2. Image credit: Deviant ArtShare yourpassion bydevelopingyour niche 3. Image credit: Julie Kertesz 4. Image credit: Rajesh_India 5. AuthorTeacher TrainerInternational Speaker 6. Image credit: Ian Kennedy 7. Image Credit: Will Lyon 8. Course Design: Determining Your TargetAudience and Prioritizing Your Needs 9. Image credit:Mark Smiciklas 10. Image Credit: Susan Hersh 11. Image credit: Sean Molin 12. Images credit: UK ministry of defenceDo I have afighting chanceto get ontothat course? 13. Image credit: Isaak Kwok 14. Image Credit: Jeramiah Owyang 15. Image Credit: Drew Leavy