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Ways to build your online presence and reach a wide but targeted audience


  • 1.
    • By Pauline Wallin, Ph.D.

Build Your Online Presence 2. Why have an online presence?

  • 1.46 billion people online
    • (, June 30, 2008)
  • If 99.9% of Internet users are NOT interested, there are still almost 1.5 million who might be
  • If only 40% of these speak English => potential audience of600,000
  • Widespread Internet presence boostsLOCALcredibility

3. Great demand for quality information

  • Volume of online info is overwhelming.
  • Most people dont check sources
  • As a professional, you provide quality info that people can trust

4. Separate the hype from realityFrom 5. Web presence benefits YOU

  • Brand yourself
  • Be the sought-after expert
  • Get paid expert fees

6. How to reach your audience

  • Whom do you want to reach? - be specific
  • What kinds of problems can you help people solve?
  • Go to where they hang out
  • Find out what they want to know

7. Google Directory - Search for Information Hubs 8. How to get people interested

  • Give useful tips and other info
  • Write articles, newsletter, blog (
  • Join online conversations - blogs and news websites, social networking (Linkedin)
  • Set up asurvey
  • Multimedia - audio, youtube, slideshow

9. Tips for writing online

  • Give info in small bits, but frequently and consistently
  • Use simple language
  • Physical layout Easy to read:
    • white space
    • bullet points
    • headings, sub-headings


  • Invite website visitors to sign up for yourmailing list Give something free for signing up
  • Your contact info on everything you write
  • Send out useful info often

Stay in touch 11. The End Boost your online presence today! Pauline Wallin, Ph.D. Want more info? Music by Family Groove Company