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Ways to build your online presence and reach a wide but targeted audience


1.By Pauline Wallin, Ph.D. Build Your Online Presence 2. Why have an online presence? 1.46 billion people online (, June 30, 2008) If 99.9% of Internet users are NOT interested, there are still almost 1.5 million who might be If only 40% of these speak English => potential audience of600,000 Widespread Internet presence boostsLOCALcredibility 3. Great demand for quality information Volume of online info is overwhelming. Most people dont check sources As a professional, you provide quality info that people can trust 4. Separate the hype from realityFrom 5. Web presence benefits YOU Brand yourself Be the sought-after expert Get paid expert fees 6. How to reach your audience Whom do you want to reach? - be specific What kinds of problems can you help people solve?Go to where they hang out Find out what they want to know 7. Google Directory - Search for Information Hubs 8. How to get people interested Give useful tips and other info Write articles, newsletter, blog ( Join online conversations - blogs and news websites, social networking (Linkedin) Set up asurvey Multimedia - audio, youtube, slideshow 9. Tips for writing online Give info in small bits, but frequently and consistently Use simple language Physical layout Easy to read:white space bullet pointsheadings, sub-headings 10. Invite website visitors to sign up for yourmailing list Give something free for signing up Your contact info on everything you write Send out useful info often Stay in touch 11. The End Boost your online presence today! Pauline Wallin, Ph.D. Want more info? Music by Family Groove Company