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Build Your Online Presence

Jenny NixonExtension Educator

Online Presence Strategy

Part of the Blue Print Owned Media that which you controlPaid Media what you purchaseEarned Media result of owned, paid and engaging

Owned/Claimed MediaWeb siteMobile SiteBlogTwitter accountFacebook pageFlickrYoutube channelMap locations

Builds FoundationYou ControlYou Own and Brand ChannelsContributes to portfolioLays foundation for earned value

Builds a BridgeConnects social experience to destinationCreates a ecosystem where communities are already activeUncover locations that require your engagement how, where, when and to what extent

Paid MediaRepresents what we purchaseDisplay ads, paid search, sponsorshipsCan complement, reinforce and polish

Earned MediaResult of owned, paid, and participatory programsBlog postsTweetsStatus updatesComments

A Brand is:what you stand for and your reputationyour companys face in the marketplaceyour promisewhat consumers know and believe and think and feel about your business, its products, services, and the experiences you providethe emotional impact your company makes on your customers or potential customers

Building Your BrandStart with an understanding of your business, ask what you want the world to know about it, then polish your vision and make it crystal clear:Who are you?List your company values.Do people know about your business values?Have you created a relationship you can foster?Have you made a connection or bond with your customer?

Building Your BrandWhat are your strengths?What value or benefit does your product or service bring to the customer?Do you have specialty products or services that put you ahead of the market?What makes your product unique?How does your price point fit the market service and quality only go so far?Can you show through pictures or description the emotional factor of why you are better?

Build Your BrandLearn your current on-line reputation Even if you think you don't have one................

Build Your BrandClaim and manage your "Google" presence

Test your brand in the biggest search engines

Manage your brandGive correct infoWork to delete bad infoLink to more infoJoin in the conversation

Local search/maps Yahoo! mapsBing mapsMapquestGoogle maps

Internet Search

Build Your BrandManage your placed web presenceEngage customers in conversation Allow customers to communicate with each otherGive customers a call to action

Unify Your BrandUnify your brand sites with common username

Unify Your BrandLink your web presences all your mediaSocial networksTraditional web Traditional printAllow people to join the conversation where and how they wish

Build Your Brand

Use KeywordsKeywords are words / phrases people use to searchBase for getting foundUse in sitesURL or Domain NamePage TitlePicture Alt TagsMarketingPage DescriptionLinksContentHeadingsBody

Things to Do

Comment on others postsAsk questions in your postsPost links and threadsPost relevant events

Promoting on Social Networks

DOMake it compelling/benefit-basedTalk about new or unusual featuresInclude discounts or savings

DONTDont continually sellDont fall short of the expectation that youve set

ANALYZE This!Apply analytics to your sites

Many social networking sites have their own metrics --- Facebook offersPolling applicationDirect target marketingGoogle Analytics can be applied to many sitesWebsitesFacebookTwitter


Marketing StrategyNeed a Social Networking/Media StrategyResearch customerDetermine time commitmentBuilding relationships and reputationsAdding value to conversations relevant to your business.AnalyzeWhat marketing worked well?What marketing didn't work well or not at all?Are there any standout reasons?

Ask yourselfWhat are your on-line marketing goals?Who is your on-line targetmarket?How do you plan to increase your target market?Which on-line tool/tools will you incorporate in the next 6 months? What is your call to action?How does your on-line marketing strategy fit into your traditional marketing strategy?How do you plan to incorporate this into your marketing strategy?

One Piece Many DeliverablesWrite content for blogBlog has RSS feed which goes to feed readerAnnounce the blog update on twitter which automatically goes to Facebook

Create a videoPost a link on websiteUpload to youtubeUpload same episode to your ITunes podcastTalk about different things - not just about yourself! Make it 'interesting'!

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