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Domain registration is a process by which you choose a name for your online web address. This can be in the form of “”. Hyphens are also allowed but all other characters are not. Just like your house needs an address so that people can locate it, every website requires a domain name so that your customers can access it. Registering domain names have become a profitable business. Some individuals as well as companies register domain names which they themselves do not need. They register domain names that have a good potential, for example domains like, etc. are all obvious choices. These people are known as “domainers”. They make huge profits by placing these domains for bidding and sell it to the highest bidder. Sometimes they make profits that are thousands of times the cost of the original price. For more information, please visit us on:


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March of 2007 Founded

2008 Started a revolutionary new company called BigRaja.

2009 Started Android Application development.

2011 Opened our branch in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, USA.

2011 - Started the most affordable E-Commerce Platform called

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Offer domain names in cheaper rate from other.

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Provide every possible support to client.

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Customise your plan as per your need.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting is available.

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Support team is available round the clock 24/ 7

Support ticket submision facility.

E-Main support facility.

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You can also reach us on phone 0-7411090125

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