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This is a short presentation outlining the key points of an upcoming Webinar showing you how to build value into your online business. Tony Arena is owner of BCI Business Brokers and Nathan Isterling successfully sold his business to ESPN when it was registering 1.5 Million visitors a day. Yes a DAY.


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2. E-Commerce 3. Profit Method Asset (Cost to Create) Method Market Comparable Method StrategicValue 4. Transferability Maintainability Two Pillars ofValuation 5. TTM = Trailing Twelve Months 6. Cash-Flow Nature of Earnings Market Position Level of Automation Years Established StrategicValue 7. Google and Alexia rankings Database Unique orValuable Content High Gross Margin Brand/IP 8. Multiplier of Profits 15 12 9 6 3 1 15 12 9 6 3 1 9. Listen to: Tony Arena owner of BCI Business Brokers and of valuation site Nathan Isterling founder of a site sold to ESPN with 1.5 Million visitors a day 10. Book Now for Webinar Click Here for Priority Booking Webinar on 10 September at 11am EST