Build a Positive Online Presence (and land a job while doing it)

Download Build a Positive Online Presence (and land a job while doing it)

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get your Google results in Check - How to -(and land a job while doing it)Names are Googled Every DayHR departments Required to Google CandidatesMost People are not well-represented onlineInstead of finding Your best, they findphoto sourceYour worstSomething IrrelevantOr Someone else Entirely Take it from PeteInstead ofHow to Create an Awesome Personal Brand OnlineBuild content you want people to findGet on Social Media1Post things People will find interestinggood Not so good Use a professional photo good Not so good Start Blogging2Write ABOUT THINGS RELATED TO THE JOB YOU WANT*WINK**WINK* Create a Personal Website3Get Creative 3Make sure people can find your content (A little thing called SEO)The basicsOn-Page Factors Off-page factors site architecture/structure Keywords/ Content Relevancy Links Social SharingGET A domain NAME1YOURNAME.COM 2 USE YOUR REAL NAMEgood Not so good @johnsmith @bigj151 3 KEEP IT RELEVANTNeed some Help?Concierge ServicesFree Do-It-Yourself Tool(thats trevor)Thanks!Email: Phone: 315-565-1799 website: