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BUBBLE-SENSING BUBBLE-SENSING A New Paradigm for Binding a Sensing Task to the Physical World using Mobile Phones

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BUBBLE-SENSINGA New Paradigm for Binding a Sensing Task to the Physical World using Mobile Phones

Contents1.Introduction 2.Purpose 3.Bubble Sensing 4.Implementation 5.Conclusion

Introduction Bubble Sensing is a new sensor network abstraction that supports persistent sensing of a location, as required by user. User who has opted into Bubble-Sensing, visits place of interest, presses a button to affix sensing request and walks away. Sensing System persists until the timeout set by the initiator is reached.

PurposeWe envision mobile phones being able to affix task bubbles at places of interest and then receive sensed data, in essence creating a living documentary of those places in the physical world.This can be viewed as 1. Application in its own right 2. Sensing Building block for other apps.

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Bubble SensingSensing tasks are created, maintained through interaction of many virtual roles. 1. Bubble Creator- Device that initiates sensing request. 2. Bubble Anchor- Keeps bubble in region of interest. 3. Sensing Node- Perceives-takes sampleuploads. 4. Bubble Carrier- Restores Bubble when anchor is lost.

Phases in Bubble Sensing1.Bubble Creation 2.Bubble Maintenance 3.Challenges to Bubble Maintenance 4.Bubble Restoration

Bubble Creation In this system, a task is a tuple (Action, Region, Duration) There are two ways a bubble can be created First Scenario : Creator is a mobile phone Second Scenario: Creator is any entity that registers a task with bubble server.

Bubble Server

Bubble Creation

Bubble Anchor

Bubble Creator

Mobile Sensor

Mobile Sensor

Bubble Maintenance If mobility of creator is uncontrollable, task can not be monitored, node should be stationery-Anchor does this role Bubble anchor selection has two parameters: 1.Location Based 2.Mobility Based

Challenges to Bubble Maintenance1.Distortion 2.Bubble Drift

Bubble RestorationBubble Carriers constantly contact the server and updates their location and restores the bubble in worst cases.

Bubble ServerBubble Carrier Bubble Anchor Mobile Sensor Mobile Sensor

Implementation1.Programming Language 2.Communication 3.Sensors and classifier 4.Localization 5.System Integration

ConclusionWe presented an approach to support persistent location specific task in a wireless sensor network composed of mobile phones by discussing the limitations and available options in implementation of mobile based sensing system



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