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  • 1. u About usu Our environmentu BUBBLE, pure airu Technical informationu Scopesu References

2. ABOUT USis a 100% Spanish capital company that is based in Barcelona. We are a companyengaged in the study and development of technological innovation related to the air and its components. Incollaboration with university and scientic research centres ZONAIR3D offer solutions in such elds asmedicine, healthcare, welfare or art preservation. is a business line developed around products that offer pure air or provide access topure air, enabling people to benet from the purity of this air and the sterile nature of the space containingit. The product can be applied to numerous sectors, such as healthcare (people who need a cleanenvironment, allergy sufferers, asthmatics, etc.), beauty (natural anti-aging), wellness (non-pollutedenvironment, regenerates respiratory pathways, relaxation, etc.), sport (physiotherapy, recovery, improvedperformance) and health security (surgeries, special emergency units, etc.). 3. ABOUT USOfcesPartners 4. ABOUT USu Javier Trillo and a group of like-minded shareholders.u Dr. Ignasi Yzaguirre i Maura, Chief Doctor for the Regional Representation of Tarragona. Secretary- General for Sport.u Dr. Jos Antonio Gutirrez Rincn, Chief Doctor for the Secretariat-General of Sport.u Dr. Javier Roca Mussons, Environmental Laboratories Manager at Universidad Politcnica de Catalunya.u The Technical Team is currently formed by one Assistant, one Industrial Engineer, one ManufacturingDirector, one Art Director, one Communications Director and one Sales Director.u Technology partners: 5. ABOUT USu Technology partners:ENVIRONMENT CENTRE LABORATORY OF UNIVERSIDAD POLITCNICA DE CATALUA (LCMA). Thelaboratory specialising in industrial environment issues at the Higher Technical School of IndustrialEngineering in Barcelona. Dr. Francisco Javier Roca, Environment Team Director, develops the air supplysystem, the interior architecture and the type of special plastic that covers it.UNIVERSIDAD POLITCNICA DE VALENCIA, Aeronautics Department.HEALTH COUNCIL OF THE REGIONAL GOVERNMENT OF CATALONIA. 6. OUR ENVIRONMENTTHE AIR WE BREATHE:A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has shown that bad air quality can worsen heartand lung diseases. The particles suspended in polluted air travel into the lungs and contribute to aworsening of cardiovascular diseases and asthma.Another study, published in Science Daily in March 2008, demonstrated for the rst time that inhaling thenanoparticles that comprise air pollution alter brain activity.Furthermore, English authorities have calculated that air pollution reduces life expectancy by an average of8 months. Moreover, it has been shown that in cities where pollution has been reduced to leave cleaner air,the life expectancy of its inhabitants has risen by 10 months. For every 10 micrograms per cubic metre ofpollution removed, life expectancy increases by more than 7 months. 7. BUBBLE, pure airAn extensive experience in the world of inatable products and the 1976 lm starring John Travolta entitledThe Boy in the Plastic Bubble inspired the creation of BUBBLE, pure air.THE GOAL: to improve the lives of people and to create the mobile sterile environments needed for somany applications 8. BUBBLE, pure airThe considerable health benets provided by the BUBBLE, pure air enable our respiratory system tofunction to the best of its ability and to achieve maximum levels of performance from our bodies.The researchers of the Sports Medicine Unit of Grupo QUIRON, under the supervision of the Secretary-General for Sport, describe some of the most important effects of breathing the pure air contained insidethe BUBBLE, pure air:1. It improves physical performance as a result of reduced CO2 contamination.2. It optimises the recovery process following physical exercise.3. It enhances the anti-oxidant mechanisms in the body when combined with physical activity.4. It revitalises the natural mechanisms for the elimination of toxins and dead cells.5. It provides a natural anti-aging treatment.6. It signicantly reduces breathing difculties by isolating us from potentially allergenic substances.7. It signicantly reduces any risk of infection during use.8. It stops the absorption of cancerous substances produced by environmental pollution.9. It drastically reduces the level of heavy metals breathed in from the air.10. It has no counter-indications or side effects and improves quality of life for those who use it. 9. BUBBLE, pure air - Constant regeneration of the air - Flow and extraction control - Vertically-orientated circular system (unique) - Architecture of the space (unique) - Pre-lteringPURE AIR - HEPA LAMINAR H14 lteringCIRCULATION AIR INLETAIRTREATMENT WHAT IT GUARANTEES:- Controlled level of CO2 (360 ppm)- Pure air that is 99.995% free of particles- No virus or bacteria stratication 10. BUBBLE, pure airAIRBOX STAGES: Information from Universidad Politcnica de Catalua 11. BUBBLE, pure airBENEFITS:u It is the rst space to which everybody has access where it is possible to breathe 99.995% pure air.u It is a space free from viral, bacteriological and allergenic agents.u It is a system that enables people not only to breathe pure air but also regenerate cells, increasetheir bodys defences, delay skin aging, regenerate respiratory pathways and enjoy great benetsfor the cardiovascular system.u It is a space where people can practise physical exercise, relax, receive treatments for the skin, therespiratory system and the body; in general, breathe pure air in the best conditions.u It provides benets to the user that are perceived during the act of using the product-service.u It provides a response to the need to protect oneself from pollution and its effects in general.u As a curative product, it is very highly recommended for such groups as asthmatics, allergysufferers, etc.u When combined with other products, it helps generate improved performance in sports. 12. BUBBLE, pure airu It improves physical performance by reducing CO2 pollution.u It optimises the recovery process following physical exercise.u It en hances the anti-oxidant mechanisms in the body when combined with physical activity.u It revitalises the natural mechanisms that eliminate toxins and dead cells.u It provides a natural anti-aging treatment.u It signicantly reduces breathing difculties by isolating the user from potentially allergenicsubstances.u It signicantly reduces any risk of infection while being used.u It eliminates the absorption of carcinogenic substances produced by environmental pollution.u It drastically reduces the level of heavy metals we breathe in the air.u It causes no adverse reactions or secondary effects and improves the quality of life of whoever usesit.u A preventive and therapy system that is especially designed for sports medicine, specialist medicineand humanitarian medicine in under-developed countries or parts of the population with certainproblems or disabilities in developed parts of the world. 13. BUBBLE, pure airNEW CORPORATE IDENTITYTo reect our company identity and also, the bubble philosophy, in June 2011 we changed our corporateidentity for ZONAIR3D, and the BUBBLE name and corporate identity too. FROM: TO:BurbujaO2BUBBLE, pure air 14. BUBBLE, pure airTRANSPORTBUBBLE, pure air is highly portable, meaning it can be transported and installed anywhere.The BUBBLE deates, the perimeter arches can be disassembled to lengths of 1 metre and the Airbox istted with handles for easy handling.When being installed in outdoor environments, the BUBBLE, pure airmust be connected to a low-consumption electricity generator(the motor needs 206W).Packaging with all the above-mentioned elements includeHeight: 1mLength: 1,20cmWidth:80cmTotal Weight: 100kg 15. SCOPESBUBBLE, pure air has the potential to be used for a large number of applications. However, the rst useconceived for the BUBBLE, pure air was its application in socio-humanitarian and medical situations.That conception has led to the relationship between ZONAIR2D and the Rafael Nadal Foundation, to theSpanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR) amongst others.Given the potential of the Bubble, this innovative technology can be applied to the following elds, amongothers:u MEDICO-HEALTHCARE SECTORu Operating roomu u SPORT and ADAPTED SPORT SECTORu Physiotherapistu u WELLNESS SECTORu Cosmeticsu Hotels - Spas 16. SCOPESu MEDICO-HEALTHCARE SECTORThe air contained in the BUBBLE, pure air is free of particles, mites, bacteria and virus.The structure of the bubble regenerates the air continuously, enhancing the feeling of openness andrelaxationIt prevents the stratication of virus and bacteria produced by its users.Treatments inside the bubble in pure air conditionsenable its use as hospital surgeries, burns units,recovery units for the re ghting and emergenciesservices, making possible to increase the number ofattendees if necessary. 17. SCOPESu SPORT and ADAPTED SPORT SECTORAll strenuous effort produces a signicant increase to oxidising metabolites in the body, which areresponsible for the oxygen debt (the recovery needs of the energy producing systems in the body require anadditional expenditure of oxygen, called oxygen debt) that forces athletes to breath faster in order torecover. This, in a polluted atmosphere, translates into the inhalation of more particles and increased wearon the respiratory pathways.Therefore, BUBBLE, pure air is the perfect place to recover fastest and most eectively, and toregenerate the respiratory pathways after practicing physical exercise. 18. SCOPESu SPORT and ADAPTED SPORT SECTORApplications:Physiotherapy and relaxation. The action of pure air contributes to a better relaxation and physical andmental recovery, and it also provides all benets of pure air previously described.It is possible to apply anywhere, thanks to its portability.It fosters self-ste