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For Search @stekenwright | #brightonSEO, 10 April 2015

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  • For Search

    @stekenwright | #brightonSEO, 10 April 2015

  • User signals top Searchmetrics 2014 ranking factors

  • because user experience is what Google really cares about

  • So you can add Designer to the list of jobs SEOs do now

  • Think Google doesnt measure the exact same thing here?

  • They dont just measure it

  • and theyre not just doing it

  • Return to SERPs =

  • We know all about CTR

    Source: NetBooster

  • So when you rank check 125,000 keywords each day

  • You can estimate how much keyword traffic youre getting

  • You can start to understand where users go traffic goes

  • 125,000 keywords = 200,000,000 position changes

  • You can understand where traffic frequently changes hands

  • and where it doesnt

  • But Click Through Rate is easy to scale

  • Google uses UX to improve searches, so SEO = improving UX

  • Crazy Egg gives us an insight into dwell time

  • What is the most important factor in the design of a website?

    The website makes it easy for me to find what I want

    The website offers a cutting edge interactive experience

    The website has a beautiful appearance


    Better UX = better dwell time

  • We can test this with

  • Which is more obvious the next step or the back button?

  • Mobile SERPs are different, so test mobile users too

  • Instinct is always a great starting point and data is often incredibly

    powerful but qualitative research, the beliefs, attitudes and stories of

    real people, told directly to the planner is the umbilical cord

    between agency and consumer.Richard Huntington / @adliterate

  • Econsultancy User Experience Survey Report 2013

  • Guerrilla testing is cheap, so why is it everyones last priority?

  • low cost method of user testing

    guerrilla refers to its out in the wild style, in the fact that it can be conducted anywhere

    output is typically qualitative so insight is often rich and detailed.


    What is guerrilla user testing?

  • What you need: ~5 participants

  • Silverback for Mac (2.0 is free) silverbackapp.com

    UX Recorder for iOS ($59.99) uxrecorder.com

    Camtasia for PC (236)techsmith.com/camtasia

    What you need: cheap software

  • What you need: a quiet room where you can set up easily

  • Scenario:

    What you need: a task

  • The UKs biggest (most visible) breakdown cover providers

  • and how much keyword search traffic they get

  • Expertise



    What do Googles search quality raters look for?

  • Source: BrandAsset Valuator (BAV) 2014

    # Brand

    1 The AA

    2 The Post Office

    3 Boots

    4 Google

    5 Johnson's Baby

    6 Fairy

    7 RAC

    8 Marks & Spencer

    9 Dulux

    10 Kellogg's Corn Flakes

    It doesnt matter if you are the UKs most trusted brand

  • It doesnt matter if you have more links than anyone else

  • It doesnt matter if you have better links than everyone else

  • If you dont provide a great user experience

  • and someone else (who might be less qualified) does

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