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<p>Title Slide </p> <p>Bridging the Technology Talent Gap100M Dev OpportunityMary ScottonPrincipal Developer Evangelist,</p> <p>Cited ReasonsThe App Gap Wont Be Solved With A New Architecture</p> <p>60%40%20%</p> <p>Percent of RespondentsMobile apps are criticalMobile apps deployed</p> <p>App Gap</p> <p>2013 Study of1,300 Global Executives</p> <p>The State of the Customer-Led EconomyComplexity of Form FactorsLimited Number of DevelopersMultiple Operating SystemsMultiple Platforms</p> <p>Less than1/2have deployed apps</p> <p>The 100,000,000 Developer Opportunityprofessional &amp; hobby developers</p> <p>18m</p> <p>460mother college educated professionalsIDC, Worldwide Software Developer &amp; ICT-Skilled Workers Estimate, 2014</p> <p>490m college educated professionals worldwideThe shift from tools in the hands of experts, to the hands of everyone</p> <p>Non-traditional paths: </p> <p>pianistsecretaryfactory workercustomer service rephairdressermarkeing coordinator</p> <p>How do we make this shift from experts, to everyone?</p> <p>to enable 100,000,000 Developers?ToolsTrainingOpportunityAre you ready to change</p> <p>YesterdayTodayTomorrow</p> <p>Code SharingDeclarative ToolsComputer Science</p> <p>The Tools Have To Change</p> <p>Tomorrows Tools Are People-First</p> <p>IFTTProcess BuilderKinescript</p> <p>The Training Has To ChangeYesterdayTodayTomorrow</p> <p>Code SchoolOnline LearningComp Sci Degree</p> <p>Its already happening </p> <p>Tomorrows Training is Fun &amp; Engaging</p> <p>150+Modules</p> <p>1MBadges</p> <p>TrailblazerJess Lopez</p> <p>Opportunities Have To ChangeYesterdayTodayTomorrow</p> <p>Its already happening </p> <p>Tomorrows Opportunities are for Everyone</p> <p>#Trailhead4AllJoin the Conversation</p> <p>to enable 100,000,000 Developers?ToolsTrainingOpportunitiesAre you ready to change</p> <p>Mary ScottonPrincipal Developer Evangelist,</p> <p>thank y u</p>