bridging the gap between industry and academia through robolabs

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  • Is there Employability


    A teachers approachAMOL GULHANE,


  • What exactly is the Gap?

    Supply and Demand Issue

    Simply put, its the perceived mismatch

    between the needs of employers for

    skilled talent and the skills possessed by

    the available workforce.

  • Why theres a Gap?

    Because the candidates lack

    21st Century Skills

    to deal with the uncertainties in the real world

  • 21st Century Skills

  • Major issues plaguing higher education.

    lack of quality education persists

    Profit-hungry managements

    lack of skill education

    focus on rote-learning methods

    shortage of faculty (both in quantity and


    Syllabus not updated regularly

    Lack of innovation and research etc

  • How can we improve the scenario

    We need a crackdown of the non functional


    Open culture at campus

    More focus on imparting 21st century skills

    One of the best ways that we could think and

    implement this, is mentioned in the slides ahead!

  • Caution!

    Students at work

  • Introduce Robolab here

  • Centre of excellence

    It is a team, a shared facility or an entity that

    provides leadership, best practices, research,

    support and/or training for a focus area.

  • Characteristics of Functional Centre

    of Excellences

    A logical grouping of related skills or disciplines.

    An administrative entity focused on the well-being and

    development of people.

    A place where individuals learn skills and share

    knowledge across functional boundaries.

    A physical organizational unit in which members are all

    together or a virtual unit that is only a learning and

    communications vehicle.

    Matches resources to demand.

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