Bridging the Big Brand Gap in Mobile Development

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Post on 18-Oct-2014




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Use this deck to kick off the Big Brand Hackathon June 16-17 featuring Kraft Foods and The Home Depot. Frames the opportunity, discusses the gaps and sets the objectives for the Hackathon.


BBH_kickoff20120616Bridging the Big Brand Gap in MobileBrand Opportunity Overview forThe Big Brand HackathonJune 16, 2012LETS TALK ELEPHANTS, WHALES & OTHER METAPHORS OF MASSIVE SCALE In Vegas, a whale spends $1/2B/hour US economy driven by 70% consumer spending Brands Are Like ElephantsWHAT BRANDS EMBRACE THE DIGITAL AGE BEST?Retail, Financial Services, Telecom, Automotive, Computing and Travel have all transformed business models with digitalGrowth opportunity great in CPG, Media and EntertainmentTop Internet Ad CategoriesSource: IAB/PwC 2012ITS LIKE THE INTERNET WITH MORE ZEROES DAVE MORGAN, CEO, SIMULMEDIA@DAVEMORGANNYC Internet comprises