BRIDAL PLANNING KIT - PLANNING KIT. ... Whether you’re planning a large formal wedding or a smaller wedding, ... A budget is your single most important wedding planning tool

Download BRIDAL PLANNING KIT -   PLANNING KIT. ... Whether you’re planning a large formal wedding or a smaller wedding, ... A budget is your single most important wedding planning tool

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<ul><li><p>BRIDAL PLANNING KITA P U B L I C AT I O N O F T H E O M A H A W O R L D - H E R A L D</p></li><li><p>Happily Ever After Starts Here</p><p>W E L C O M E N O T E</p><p>Congratulations! You're embarking on one of life's most </p><p>exciting adventures wedding planning! </p><p>Nervous? Most engaged couples can relate to </p><p>feeling both elated and overwhelmed. Now that you've </p><p>found us, you can relax a little. We're here with the </p><p>essentials to guide you through the dizzying maze of </p><p>to-dos that go along with realizing your day, your way. </p><p>The goal, of course, is to get you to your "I do's" with maximum enjoyment </p><p>and minimal stress. Think of us as your personal planning assistant. Follow us </p><p>online for a daily dose of everything bridal on our website, blog and social </p><p>media sites. Have a question, need advice or a stroke of brilliance? Message us </p><p>via Facebook. Have something of your own to share? Blog with us and inspire </p><p>other couples along the way.</p><p>Tackle your checklist at our two bridal shows the Wedding Essentials Idea </p><p>Show each October and Bridal University each January. We'll introduce you to </p><p>more than 100 talented local bridal professionals and vendors who can help </p><p>you bring your dream day to life.</p><p>Now breathe.</p><p>And smile.</p><p>And remember: There are as many ways to get married as there are ways to </p><p>express your love. So have fun and make the most of this exciting time in your </p><p>life. Happy planning!</p><p>Chris ChristenEditor in Chief </p><p>Heidi ThorsonCreative Director + Designer</p><p>Kim CarpenterAssistant Editor</p></li><li><p>MASTER TIMELINE</p><p>VENDOR LIST </p><p>GROOMS LIST</p><p>BUDGET WORKSHEET</p><p>DEPOSIT RECORD</p><p>BLOG YOUR WEDDING</p><p>GUEST LIST</p><p>CEREMONY</p><p>RECEPTION</p><p>BRIDES ATTENDANTS</p><p>GROOMS ATTENDANTS</p><p>BRIDAL PARTY APPAREL</p><p>MAID OF HONOR GUIDE</p><p>BEST MAN GUIDE</p><p>USHER GUIDE</p><p>INVITATIONS &amp; STATIONERY</p><p>FLOWERS &amp; DECOR</p><p>MUSIC</p><p>FOOD &amp; DRINK</p><p>PHOTOGRAPHY</p><p>TRANSPORTATION</p><p>REHEARSAL</p><p>BRIDES PREP LIST</p><p>DAY OF EVENT CONTACTS</p><p>HONEYMOON</p><p>NAME CHANGE</p><p>GIFT REGISTRY</p><p>WEDDING PROFESSIONALS</p><p>THE ULTIMATE VENUE GUIDE</p><p>ANNOUNCE YOUR MARRIAGE</p><p>CONTENTS</p></li><li><p>W E D D I N G E S S E N T I A L S M A G A Z I N E . C O M</p><p>SIX TO TWELVE MONTHS __ Discuss expenses; determine your budget. __ Decide on type of wedding. (Formal) (Semi-Formal) (Informal) __ Choose date. __________________________ Choose time of day. ____________________ Choose ceremony site. Venue ____________________________ Phone ______________________________ Choose reception site. Venue ____________________________ Phone ______________________________ Choose caterer. Contact ___________________________ Phone ______________________________ Choose wedding consultant. Contact ___________________________ Phone ______________________________ Meet with officiant. Contact ___________________________ Phone ____________________________ __ Decide size of wedding party; choose attendants.__ Select bridal gown. Shop _____________________________ Phone ______________________________ Select veil or headpiece. Shop _____________________________ Phone ______________________________ Select attendants attire. Shop _____________________________ Phone ______________________________ Plan reception details.__ Select photographer. Contact ___________________________ Phone ______________________________ Schedule your engagement photo session. Date _____________________________ Time _____________________________ Location ____________________________ Select videographer. Contact ___________________________ Phone ______________________________ Compile preliminary guest list. __ Discuss gown colors and styles with mothers of bride and groom. __ Plan an engagement party with family and friends. __ Attend bridal shows for inspiration. __ Become a Wedding Essentials bride blogger. </p><p>FOUR TO SIX MONTHS __ Create inspiration boards for your ceremony and reception; search wedding websites for ideas. __ Select music for reception. Contact ___________________________ Phone ____________________________ __ Select florist. Contact ___________________________ Phone ____________________________ __ Select mens attire. Shop _____________________________ Phone ____________________________ __ Select musicians/vocalists and music. Contact ___________________________ Phone ____________________________ __ Decide on new living arrangements. (Buying) (Leasing) (Renting) __ Consult designer about home dcor. Contact ___________________________ Phone ______________________________ Register with up to 3 bridal registries. Registry #1 __________________________ Registry #2 __________________________ Registry #3 __________________________ __ Order invitations, stationery, programs, napkins, etc. ________________________ Contact ___________________________ Phone ____________________________ Delivery Date ______________________ __ Professionally prepare and print maps to include with invitations. __ Reserve hotel rooms for guests. Hotel _____________________________ Phone ____________________________ __ Have physical exams and update immunizations. __ Plan and schedule beauty appointments (nails, diet, hair, skin care and makeup). Contact ___________________________ Phone ____________________________ __ Buy wedding rings; order engraving. Contact ___________________________ Phone ______________________________ Finalize invitation list and addresses. __ Order save-the-date cards. __ Mail save-the-date cards. __ Devise a record-keeping system for gifts and thank-you notes. </p><p>TWO TO FOUR MONTHS__ Reserve rental items; candelabra, arches, canopy, linens, etc. Company _________________________ Phone ____________________________ __ Arrange rehearsal dinner. Location __________________________ Phone ____________________________ __ Shop for apparel for prenuptial parties and honeymoon. __ Reserve transportation. Company _________________________ Phone ____________________________ __ Address wedding invitations; consider professional calligrapher. __ Review and finalize florists arrangements. __ Buy gifts for fianc, attendants, children in bridal party and parents. __ Experiment with hairstyles and makeup. Contact ___________________________ Phone ______________________________ Purchase brides and attendants shoes. Store _____________________________ Phone ____________________________ __ Select baker; place wedding cake order. Contact ___________________________ Phone ____________________________</p><p>ONE TO TWO MONTHS__ Mail invitations six weeks before wedding. __ Confirm arrangements with all vendors.__ Schedule final bridal gown fitting. Date _____________________________ Time _____________________________ __ Schedule final attendants fitting. Date _____________________________ Time _______________________________ Confirm honeymoon trip reservations; begin packing. __ Finalize reception decorations. __ Select ceremony accessories: handbag, garter, engraved goblets. __ Arrange bridesmaids brunch or lunch. Date _____________________________ Time _____________________________ Location __________________________ __ Get marriage license; have blood tests. __ Attend showers and parties in your honor.__ Write shower thank-you notes.</p><p>Congratulations! Youve taken that all-important first step toward realizing the wedding of your dreams. Trust us, </p><p>careful planning will enable you to truly enjoy every moment of your wedding day. Whether youre planning a large formal </p><p>wedding or a smaller wedding, your day will require a solid plan and a handful of family members and friends who will </p><p>endear themselves to you with their creativity and efficiency. And dont forget the real godsends: The bridal pros you have </p><p>enlisted for your attire, decorations, cake, music, transportation, ceremony and reception. Now, lets get started! </p><p>MASTER TIMELINE</p></li><li><p>W E D D I N G E S S E N T I A L S M A G A Z I N E . C O M</p><p>TWO WEEKS__ Schedule appointments for hair, makeup, facial, manicure, massage.__ Invite wedding party &amp; guests to rehearsal dinner.__ Ask bridal party and family members to make toasts. __ Move your personal and mutual belongings to new home. __ Review reception seating &amp; order place cards. __ Confirm out-of-town guests lodging with reserved hotels. __ Confirm wedding party transportation and arrival times. __ Record gifts as you receive them; write thank-you notes.__ Schedule caterer for gift-opening party. Contact ___________________________ Phone ____________________________ __ Arrange for gown cleaning and bouquet preservation. Contact ___________________________ Phone ____________________________ </p><p>ONE TO TWO WEEKS__ Pick up wedding rings, check engravings and sizings. __ Schedule final consultations: florist, musicians, photographer, videographer. __ Give final guest count to reception facility and caterer. __ Remind men to pick up formal wear and shoes. Check for fit. __ Make a wedding day schedule and give everyone copies at rehearsal dinner. __ Submit wedding announcement to the newspaper. __ Relax the day before; keep personal appointments. Finish packing for your honeymoon. __ Let out a big sigh and trust that your day will be wonderful!</p><p>AFTER THE WEDDING __ Change your name and notify the proper establishments. __ Write and send thank-you notes. __ Order wedding photos and display them in your new home.__ Submit your wedding to Wedding Essentials Magazine for publication.</p><p>NOTES + IDEAS</p><p>MASTER TIMELINE</p></li><li><p>W E D D I N G E S S E N T I A L S M A G A Z I N E . C O M</p><p>CEREMONY Location _________________________________ Time ____________________________________ Officiant _________________________________ Marriage license ___________________________ RECEPTION Location _________________________________Time ____________________________________Contact __________________________________Rental Equipment Vendor ___________________Contact __________________________________</p><p>BRIDAL PARTYMaid of Honor ____________________________Best Man ________________________________Bridesmaid _______________________________Bridesmaid _______________________________Bridesmaid _______________________________Bridesmaid _______________________________ Bridesmaid _______________________________Bridesmaid _______________________________ Groomsman ______________________________ Groomsman ______________________________ Groomsman ______________________________ Groomsman ______________________________ Groomsman ______________________________ Groomsman ______________________________Flower Girl(s) _____________________________Ring Bearer(s) _____________________________</p><p>GUESTSNumber of Guests _________________________Invitations ________________________________Lodging for out-of-town guests ______________ _________________________________________</p><p>ATTIREBridal Gown Shop __________________________Accessories ________________________________Grooms Suit _______________________________ Accessories ________________________________Bridesmaids Dresses ________________________Accessories ________________________________Groomsmens Suits __________________________Accessories ________________________________</p><p>TRANSPORTATIONLimo Vendor ______________________________Contact __________________________________</p><p>FOOD + BEVERAGE Caterer ___________________________________ Contact __________________________________ Cake _____________________________________Contact __________________________________</p><p>FLOWERS + DECORATIONS Florist ____________________________________ Contact __________________________________ Decor Rentals _____________________________Contact __________________________________Other ____________________________________Contact __________________________________</p><p>PHOTOGRAPHY + VIDEOGRAPHYPhotographer ______________________________Contact ___________________________________Videographer ______________________________Contact ___________________________________</p><p>MUSICMusicians _________________________________Contact ___________________________________Vocalist ___________________________________Contact ___________________________________DJ/Band __________________________________ Contact ___________________________________</p><p>HONEYMOONLocation __________________________________Travel Dates _______________________________Travel Agency/Agent ________________________ __________________________________________ Contact ___________________________________</p><p>JEWELER Jeweler ___________________________________Contact ___________________________________</p><p>BEAUTY Makeup ___________________________________Contact ___________________________________Hair ______________________________________Contact ___________________________________Nails ______________________________________Contact ___________________________________</p><p>OTHER __________________________________________ __________________________________________</p><p>VENDOR LIST</p><p>ContaCt the omaha marriott to assist you with your speCial day10220 regenCy CirCle | omaha, ne 68114 | 402.399.9000 | www.omahamarriott.Com</p></li><li><p>W E D D I N G E S S E N T I A L S M A G A Z I N E . C O M</p><p>TWELVE MONTHS PRIOR __ Select and purchase brides rings. __ Discuss division of financial obligations. __ Determine budget, date and number of guests with fiance. __ Choose and secure reception location. __ Choose and book officiant. EIGHT TO TWELVE MONTHS __ Choose your best man &amp; ushers (allow one usher for every 50 guests).__ Start planning your honeymoon. __ Finalize your guest list. __ Arrange to pay for brides bouquet, boutonnieres &amp; corsages.</p><p>SIX TO EIGHT MONTHS __ Check passports and visas, if needed. __ Find a place to start your home together. __ Make honeymoon reservations and buy tickets. __ Arrange lodging for out-of-town guests and attendants. __ Reserve transportation for bridal party. __ Reserve transportation to ceremony and reception for out-of-town guests.</p><p>FOUR TO SIX MONTHS __ Select and order attire for yourself and the other men in the bridal party. __ Shop for new home furnishings. __ Book room for wedding night. __ Schedule a physical exam. __ Discuss rehearsal dinner arrangements with parents.</p><p>TWO TO FOUR MONTHS__ Make rehearsal dinner arrangements. __ Select gifts for your bride, groomsmen and parents. </p><p>ONE TO TWO MONTHS__ Obtain your marriage license with fiance. __ Confirm reservations for rehearsal dinner. __ Pick up wedding rings; check engravings and sizings. __ Write thank-you notes. __ Shop for honeymoon clothes.</p><p>TWO WEEKS...</p></li></ul>