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DefinitionDengue fever is a disease ranging from a mild to severe caused by four related viruses spread by a particular species of mosquito. Mild dengue fever causes high fever, rash, and muscle and joint pain. More severe forms of the disease dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome can additionally cause severe bleeding, a sudden drop in blood pressure (shock) and death.No specific treatment for dengue fever exists, and most people recover. But if you have a severe form of the disease, you need hospital care.Fifty million to 100 million cases of dengue infection occur worldwide each year. Most cases of dengue fever occur in urban areas of tropical and subtropical regions. A few cases have been reported in the United States particularly in Texas, along the border with Mexico, and in Hawaii.

SymptomsSigns and symptoms of dengue fever usually begin four to seven days after you've been bitten by a mosquito carrying a dengue virus. These signs and symptoms can vary, depending on the form of the disease. More severe forms of the disease usually begin the same way as the mild form (dengue fever), then become worse after several days.Dengue fever signs and symptoms typically include: High fever, up to 105 F A rash over most of your body, which may subside after a couple of days and then reappear Severe headache, backache or both Pain behind your eyes Severe joint and muscle pain Nausea and vomiting Dengue fever rarely causes death, and symptoms usually get better after five to seven days. Dengue hemorrhagic fever a more severe form of the disease can also cause: Significant damage to your blood and lymph vessels A decrease in the number blood cells that help your blood clot (platelets) Bleeding from the nose, mouth and under the skin, creating the appearance of bruising Death Dengue shock syndrome the most severe form of the disease may also cause: Blood vessel fluid (plasma) leakage Heavy bleeding A sudden drop in blood pressure (shock) DeathThese signs and symptoms usually appear between the third and seventh day of illness, after fever has improved. They may be preceded by severe abdominal pain, frequent vomiting and disorientation. Two percent to 5 percent of those with a severe form of the disease die. Modern supportive hospital care decreases this risk.Recovery from dengue fever may include a long period of listlessness, fatigue and even depression.

CausesDengue fever is caused by any one of four dengue viruses spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. These mosquitoes thrive in and near human habitations where they breed in even the cleanest water.Mosquitoes transmit the virus back and forth between humans. When a mosquito bites a person infected with a dengue virus, the virus enters the mosquito's bloodstream. It then circulates before settling in the salivary glands. When the infected mosquito then bites another person, the virus enters that person's bloodstream, where it may cause the serious illness.You can become infected with dengue fever more than once. This happens when you're exposed to a different one of the four dengue viruses than one to which you were previously exposed. Infection a second time is typically what causes the more severe form of the disease dengue hemorrhagic fever.

Identify possible Aedes breeding spot in a building:

Number of dengue cases in Malaysia increase every year and become a serious epidemics throughout the country. A lot of prevention has been taken by government and others private sector but the statistic seems not shows any difference. This is because, they are still trying to make Malaysian people realize how serious this issue nowadays. We can see many advertisement about dengue fever was hung everywhere to notice them. A man with this viral disease typically encounters delayed high fever, rashes, migraine, muscle and joint torments. In the more extreme type of dengue hemorrhagic fever, draining happens and the victimized person may go into stun while genuine cases may prompt passing. Brief treatment is important to mitigate the indications and decrease the shots of entanglements. Officers of ministry of health always make a spot check to residential areas or construction site to identify and advise them on how to detect and destroy aedes breeding spot.First of all, we need find the breeding of its vector. Aedes mosquito usually live at dark spaces and lay their eggs in calm and clean of stagnant water. Aedes mosquito eggs have long live period without water until three months. Make a regularly housekeeping and remove stagnant water can help reduce the aedes breeding spot.Occupant of the house thought if one of their family member has been suspected as dengue fever, victim was bite by the aedes agypti out site of the house. In fact, ministry of health said that most of the aedes breeding spot was found in the occupants house. There are many unexpected place in the house can become an aedes breeding spot such as gully trap, domestic container, cistern, flower pot and many more.

Common breeding spots of Aedes mosquitoes in a building ( source: National environment Agency


Vase plates, bloom vases and buckets are regular things in the home that gather water where Aedes mosquitoes can breed. Most of people does not realize their house become most dangerous place where aedes breeding spot was found at unexpected place like vase. Housewife usually put a bunch of fresh flowers in the vase as visual purposes and of course it looked very nice but do not forget that aedes mosquito love clean water the most. Mortgage holders ought to likewise cover bamboo shaft holders when they are not being used as rainwater can undoubtedly amass in them. Don't put any repository on or underneath the aerating and cooling unit. Verify depletes and top canals are cleared of leaves and residue with the goal that they don't obstruct and bring about the development of stagnant water. The vase usually put on dining table or living room. When their family gather at these areas, aedes mosquito start attacking them but they not realize it. One table spoon of water enough for mosquito to breed their eggs, then how much of eggs that can breed in the vase where the water averagely around 700 ml.This is the reason my sometimes house can be the most dangerous place for human if we not aware about the aedes breeding spot. A few stages to keep the reproducing of mosquitoes incorporate changing the water in vases and bloom bowls each other day.

However, fresh flower pot still can be used as a house decoration by adding thin layer of coconut fiber at the opening of flower pot. Coconut fiber can act as shield to prevent the mosquito entering the pot to breed it eggs. Physical properties of coconut fiber is light weight and it also easy to find.SINK/BASINWashing dishes is a daily routine in the kitchen but somehow condition of the sink will allow aedes mosquito to breed. For example, surface of the sink not flat and the water cannot dry well. Due to the design false, the sink is a suitable spot for aedes mosquitoes to breed. Besides that, surrounding of the sink should be taken into account. This is because during washing dishes the water can be spread surround the sink as shown in figure below. The best way to prevent this happen by wiping the watered area to keep it always dry. Choosing the right design and color also important to make sure that we can curb aedes breeding around the sink. Aedes mosquito always attract with dark environment and it thought dark place is most safety place for them. Hence, we should avoid dark color scheme during choosing the kitchen appliances. The lighter is better to see any existence on aedes larvae.


Did we realize that tray located behind or under the refrigerator become aedes larvae breeding spot? Most of people did not aware of it because they thought mosquito cannot reach it. They always kept the house clean, yet there is still aedes breeding spot exist. Most coolers depend on a channel gap and dribble container to remove condensation, so its imperative that these capacity appropriately. Evacuate any nourishment particles and mineral stores from the channel opening as indicated by the directions in the manual provided to prevent leaks.It became worsen if the refrigerator drip tray leaked or damaged and the water covered surface area of the floor. If it is being ignored without any maintenance works, stagnant water on the floor will be next aedes breeding spot in the house. Besides that, layout of the refrigerator also important to make sure that maintenance works can be done in proper working space. Especially if the drip tray located behind of the refrigerator it needs few gap need between refrigerator and wall.


Bucket WaterA bucket of water is one of the places that are frequently found as a breeding aedes. This is because, we often use a bucket of water as clear water catchments and one of aedes breeding factor is water clear. Furthermore, the percentage rate for Aedes breeding will be higher if the use of the bucket is not always used in a week.One factor bucket can become a breeding ground aedes is the attitude of negligence of the user. There are some users overlook the importance of hygiene and responsibility. This is so, they are less aware of how aedes breeding.There are several ways to cope with the breeding of Aedes larvae using poison to use regular bucket. In addition, the bucket should be closed tightly and always copyist in the water 2 times a week so that mosquitoes cannot lay eggs. Maintain running water in fountains, artificial lakes or estuaries. Place fish (guppies, betas) in ornamental fountains that are always filled with water. Always place a tight lid on containers used for water storage (buckets, drums). Throw away, turn over, e