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Blue Collar Vs. White Collar By: Andrew Cond

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My power point is about blue collar work and white collar work and there differences.


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Blue Collar Vs. White Collar

By: Andrew Cond

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Blue Collar

• of or pertaining to wage-earning workers who wear work clothes or other specialized clothing on the job.

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Brief B.C. History

• Throughout history the man’s job in the family was to make money, so they mostly relied on farming, carpentry, and masonry.

• These BC jobs were the mainstays of people lives up until WWII.

• In WWII America the govt. set up a draft to get more men to the war effort, so the workforce was depleted but not for long…

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Brief B.C. History(2)

• During WWII with no men to work in the factories women answered the call and came to work in the factories. Continuing Americas mass production dominance over the world.

• 2.9 million women joined the men in factories producing the guns and tanks to win the war.

• The reason the women took these jobs was because the pay was at $1 an hour which was substantially high for this time period.

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White Collar

• Jobs generally do not involve manual labor or the wearing of a uniform or work clothes.

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W.C. Brief History

• White Collar didn’t claim its “titles” till after WWII because all the “Boys” were coming home and they were using their GI bill money to go to college and buy houses to live the “American Dream”

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White Vs. Blue #’s

White Collar 54,581,700 38%

Blue Collar 87,990,000 62%

Total Workers

142,571,700 100%

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White Vs. Blue #’s (2)

• So the Blue Collar workforce makes up the vast majority of working people in America, when most people assume that it’s the White Collared who are more predominant.

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H.S. Teacher Vs. WD Manager

• HST- $43,564• WDM- $ 47,900• Difference- $4,000• 9% difference in earnings• So the college educated Teacher makes on

average 4K less than the “Garbage Man.”

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Med. Lab Technician Vs. Warehouse Manager

• MLT- $37,013• WM- $43,976• Difference- $6,000• 19% difference in earnings• Once again the blue collared worker is making

on average a high amount of money.

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Mike Rowe

• “Your life would be a little better if you could work a little less, if you could come home a little earlier, if you could retire a little faster.”

• Mikes referring to the ideals that belong to W.C. working a little less, getting home a little earlier, and retiring faster.

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BC work stabability

• Blue Collar work is more stable than WC work because every body needs running water. (Plumber) Where as not every body needs a lawyer. They most normally make there money in the frivolous lawsuits against big companies or criminals.

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The needs…

• Blue collar work will always be needed everybody needs plumbers and carpenters and masons and construction workers. Because things break and these guys are who you call when you need it fixed.

• Also people born in 1980 and ^ are coming out of college to find that there are no job openings and working below their qualifications. Says the Department of Employment 6.

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• The government has even admitted that blue collar jobs are more stable they even passed a stimulus bill of $144billion dollars in favor of infrastructure rebuilding aka blue collar palooza!

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• SO this fight seems to be one sided showing all the downsides of the white collar world.

• That isn't the purpose of this presentation, the purpose was to highlight the amazing abilities and goals that can be attained if you choose to for go college for manual labor.

• But White Collar does have a few bonuses, such as a higher earning ceiling “million a year guys.”

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