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This presentation is an overview for those new to blogs and blogging. I presented this to a live audience late last year. I also provide some of the basics and cover some off the tools available for new bloggers.


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2. the world is noisytraditional marketing lesseffective 3. businesses want to beheardby their customers 4. we arenumbto the din less trusting of Interruption Marketing 5. newcommunication channelusing Blogs 6. Learnhow touse Blogs to break throughthe noise &be heard 7. 8. 9. Post 10. Entries are time stamped 11. Anatomyof A Blog Tools to help readers 12. can include Podcasts & Vlogs 13. Blogs encouragetwo way communications Comments availableon Posts 14. 15. Bloggings Six Pillars From: Naked conversations by Robert Scoble & Shel Israel, JW Wiley, 2006 16. 17. 18. 19. readers feel a connectionto you and your business 20. customers & prospects knowwhento listen & howto find you 21. RSS or Feeds let them know when there is a new post 22. readers subscribe to your Feed & get notified when a new Post is made 23. get notified of new posts via email 24. readersreview posts using a feed reader 25. commentsinvite new readers 26. communication istwo-way readers cantalk back 27. your comments leave trackbacks to your Blogsat other Blogs 28. improved search rankings & tools bring new readers 29. 30. 31. search enginesoptimizedforfresh text content 32. blog search engines 33. 34. Blogs supportmarketing that is reallytalking & listening 35. react positively whenyou are talked about 36. tocontributeto your business Blogs invite readers 37. are youready to jump into theBlogosphere&be heard? 38. trying to beheard above the din&better serve your customers 39. Learnhow touse Blogs to break throughthe noise &be heard 40. tap intothis new communications channel Conversational Marketing 41. nowyouarebeing heard 42. feedback

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