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Blog reflections


  • 1.
    • If they had to choose between blogging and play dough or finger paint........they would choose the play dough every time


  • The focus group was interesting but short. I would have like to talk about it more but I was aware of not taking up to much of the groups time. In general I could talk more about the blog as I think it is very interesting. I think the DET has been lucky to have you involved. I've been impressed with the tools you have used for the videos and photo slideshows for example. How have you felt the trial has gone? Personally I would like to see a bit more focus but have been reticent to suggest things that may mean more work for you. From what I have seen though it has shown enough that it would be obvious that all classes should have it. Like I said I could talk about it for ages. It's hard to say what the kids get out of it compared to all of the other exciting things in their school lives. To me it seems like just they see it as just another activity but to the adults and older kids it is more exciting because we know it is something new and possibly has potential. I would be willing to help in any way with this if you need. Just let me know


  • Hi Nick
  • I really appreciate your input. I think the blog being a trial is a bit of a work in progress.
  • Main uses
  • communication with home
  • community building
  • showcase children's achievements
  • definitely lacks focus at this point as you mentioned ....but doesn't bother me much. Partly the development of the tool will help this. The addition of tabbed pages for example will allow us to organise the material in a better way. So far just feeling around looking for the right spot. I really want to get parent more confident and engaged in having a go at posting with their kids,but I think this will take time .
  • I agree the blog is not BIG for the kids and it is definitely not my main thing. I am so proud of the childrens writing ,reading, social development, public speaking, dance and art work. And play is also a hugely important way to learn in kindergarten. If they had to choose between blogging and play dough they would have the play dough every time .... and that is exactly as it should be !
  • My background is artand language not technology ... I seetechnology as a useful tool and fast becoming an essential literacy.
  • Hope to have a longer chat soon


  • C ommunity
  • C ommunication
  • C reativity
  • C urriculum
  • C hronicle/Narrative
  • C onstruction of Knowledge
  • C laim a space online


  • Chronicle/Narrative
  • Telling a story about how we grow and change over time


  • The desire to bring something new into existence


  • A group who share common interests andspace


  • Sharing the intended aims and objectives, content, experiences, outcomes and processes of the classroom .


  • Being the active creators of information rather than passive consumers


  • Connections between home and schoolbetween grades at school and between families and the outside world