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  • A. Food and beverages

    Charcoal burger Black coffee

  • B. Entertainment

    Live band Stand up comedy

  • WHERE?

    Comercial areas

  • WHY?

    Earn profit In trend/high in demand Offer variety to the market


    Less than most major coffee shop franchises, but still capable of attracting large amounts of customers.

    Revenues: RM 10.5M/year, considerably less than major coffee shop franchises, but highly successful in Malaysia.

    An average of 3 shops in 50 metre-radius in large cities, average of 2 shops in a small town.


    The majority group: students, workers and foreigners.

    The income: RM800-1000/m for students, RM3500+ workers & foreigners.

    The location: densely populated areas, most universities' vicinity.


    Starbucks Coffee, obviously.

    The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

    DME Caf.


    Starbucks Coffee: a billion-dollar franchise.

    The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: better drinks than Starbucks Coffee, personal preference.

    DME Caf: good coffee, decent but hearty meals.


    Starbucks Coffee: price.

    The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: marketing.

    DME Caf: price and marketing.

  • Our product

    Drinks: coffee, tea, Italian sodas, smoothies, juice and cocoa

    Deli items: Charcoal burger, sandwiches etc.


  • Sales strategy

    Quality service & products Friendly staff Black & White themed interior Waiters wearing tuxedo

  • Advertising & Promotional Activity

    Local print and broadcast media.

    Direct mail, discount card.


  • Legal structure

    partnership- share profit- easy to establish- more ideas- cost effective

  • Roles of members

    Market analyst (Ameer)- study information- reports & presentations

    Manager (marketing strategies) (Yu Xuan)- identify strengths of product

    - sales strategy- pricing- promotions

  • Manager (management strategies) (Nurina)- identify the business' legal structure

    - identify the lower and mid-level employees

    Financial planner (naim)- Manage the finances (investment capital, future

    investment, forecasted sales)

  • Mid-level employees

    Supervisor Store manager

  • Lower level employees

    Barista (important) cashier Cleaner dishwasher Chef (Chef & sous chef)


    Amount of money needed to start the business.-300k

    Capital invested by owners. Amount of loans from lenders.

  • Important Assumptions

    strong economy, without major recession.

    No drastic changes in technology.

  • Break-even Analysis

    An analysis to determine the point at which revenue received equals the costs associated with receiving the revenue.

  • Forecasted sales

    Profit figures over the next 3 years- sale 150k- profit 100k

    How to split profit or losses among the owners -devide equally


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