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Why Use Black and White Photography?

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  • 1. Why Use Black and White01Photography?

2. Quality photographersstill know when tostart with black andwhite and when tostart with color. 3. (Most) People dont see the world in black and white. 4. 01Only 0.003% of people see theworld in black and white.Everyone else sees color all daylong. So, mundane photographsin black and white can be muchmore interesting to look at.! 5. It can seem nostalgic 6. When we look at black and whitephotos we often see them asnostalgic because, in the past, it wasthe only technology available. Thistimeless look is used by manyphotographers. A black and whitephoto can have a surreal anddreamlike quality as well.01 7. Its dramatic 8. 01With black and white, one canemphasize the drama. B&Wimages have strong contrast. Aphotographer can focus on acertain element in a photograph,for example a broken chair. !!Also, it helps the viewer of theimage concentrate on the focalpoint of the photo; color can oftendistract from that objective. 9. Simplicity and a focus on the subject 10. There are subtle tones to B&W photography. This forces the viewer tofocus on the subject. The viewer can pinpoint certain details in thecomposition, which may have been hard to see otherwise. Color photosare busy. B&W photos allows you to have less distractions from thesubject. 11. Many photographers tend to think of them more01artistic than their more popular colorphotographer peers. Dont simply convert all ofyour images to black and white simply becauseyou want to be deep. Rather, think about whyyou might want to convert the photo into blackand white. 12. THANK YOU!