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  • 1. How do you plan on getting people to see your message?Do you have enough LOYAL fans and followers to pass it along?
  • 2. puts your social media campaign in the hands of thousands of users,who will then pass it along to hundreds of their friends!
  • 3. ADDwhoDecideFILTERS posts your link by selecting from their interests:
  • 4. Submit your campaign to users! Users who best fit yourfilters will haveaccess to post your campaign. This eliminates spammy posting
  • 5. Pay the fixed rate of per legitimate clickAll clicks are monitored for click fraud. Fraudulent clicks will NOT be charged
  • 6. Your campaign ends when you reach your budget, or your expiration date is metLinks remain active, but users stop posting them
  • 7. No other website offers the ability tocompletely customize the details of sharing your social media campaign like
  • 8. Celebrity endorsed tweeting. You mustbe willing to spend at least $5,000(minimum).One or two tweets total.Why have a celebrity tweet to their1,000,000 followers when you can have1,000,000 people tweet your message totheir personal friends and family?NOT a do-it-yourself resource. You mustcontact/negotiate your advertising withAd.Ly prior to launching the campaign.
  • 9. Users are required to do WORK bycreating their own, personal campaigns.(generally, people prefer simplicity and no work)Users can select from multiplecampaigns. This causes a spammyreputation for the users posting yourmessage.NOT a do-it-yourself resource. You mustcontact/negotiate your budget, pricingstrategy, and campaign with MyLikesprior to launching.
  • 10. Limited only to FacebookMust have a minimum number of likes(400). What if you dont have 400 likes?How can you promote your business toget 400 likes?Only shown to people who like yourpage and friends who actually interactwith the post.
  • 11. Offer a HUGE discount (usually 50% or more) Then, share your revenues Sometimes you even pay an activation fee How to do this with BlabBubble:Create a page (use for a very simple page builder) with your own discountSubmit link as a campaign on BlabBubbleOnly pay for the legitimate clicks (no revenue sharing, no activation fee)Keep complete control over your deal!
  • 12. Gain EXCLUSIVE access to this brand new resourceBe one of the SELECT companies to use BlabBubbleFIRST! Capitalize on new user enthusiasm to post your link Launch a brand new, VIRAL campaign!
  • 13. We want you to be a part of the beta launch! If you would like to join us for the launch, please email to let him know you are interested. Thank you, we look forward to speaking with you about joining our exclusive launch! 317-677-6239 @BlabBubble