Biostimulant Market is Expected to Reach $490.1 Million by 2018

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The North America Biostimulant Market report defines and segments the biostimulants market in North America with analysis and forecast of revenue. The biostimulants market in North America is estimated to grow from around $273.1 million in 2013 to $490.1 million by 2018.


<p>North America Bio Stimulants Market worth $0.49 Billion by 2018The major crops in North America consist of grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. Agriculture in this region has become mechanized. The population of Mexico still follows the traditional agriculture practices. There is a shift towards the organic agriculture practices, which has increased the demand for organic inputs in farms. The increase in demand for agriculture quality products, organic produces, and the rising need for high productivity and yield, is expected to increase the bio-stimulants consumption in North America, especially in the U.S. and Canada. </p> <p>The U.S. is the market leader of bio-stimulants in North America with revenue of $193.4 million in 2012. Mexico is the fastest-growing nation in this region, at a CAGR of 12.6% during the period 2013 to 2018..Get Free 10% Customization in This Report Browse through the market data tables, figures and detailed TOC on the North America Bio Stimulants Market.</p> <p> Related Reports</p> <p>European Bio Stimulants MarketAgriculture contributed to 10% of the European Unions total GDP, recorded in 2012. It is the worlds biggest cereals producer, producing maize, barley, rye, oats, and so on. The increasing land degradation and the requirement for high quality and productivity of crops pressurize the leading exporting countries for agricultural produce. Also, the demand for organic produce and the need to avoid environmental pollution is increasing. Hence, the consumption of bio-stimulants is expected to increase in Europe at a CAGR at 12.2%, during the period 2013 to 2018. Spain is the leader of the bio-stimulants market in the European region, with revenue of $103.2 million in 2012. Asian Bio Stimulants MarketThe increasing agricultural practices and requirement of high quality produce is expected to drive the bio-stimulants market in the Asia-Pacific region. Major crops produced in the Asia-Pacific are fruits &amp; vegetables, cereals, grains, and so on. The Asian crop production supports 60% of the world population. The key countries playing an important role in agriculture are China and India, with revenue of $59.7 million and $81.9 million, respectively, in 2012. Cotton, sugarcane, fruits &amp; vegetables, and cereals are the leading agriculture commodities exported. The Asia-Pacific region has rich source of seaweed extracts, which drives the attention of bio-stimulants manufacturers. Latin America Bio Stimulants MarketThe bio-stimulants market in Latin America is mostly concentrated in Brazil and Argentina. The revenue generated in Brazil and Argentina was $61.4 million and $57.9 million, respectively, in 2012. The usage of bio-stimulants is mainly done in plantation crops, cereals, and fruits &amp; vegetables in Latin America. The lack of awareness, less technical know-how, and minimum R&amp;D curtails the bio-stimulants market in Latin America. But it is expected to be the fastest-growing market at a CAGR of 14.4% during the period 2013 to 2018. About MicroMarketMonitor: MicroMarketMonitor identifies and attends to various unmet needs of different industrial verticals, which include value chain impact analysis. The company publishes about 12000 Market Research Reports on various Micro Markets across the world. The graphical nature and multidimensional analysis of these reports provide advanced Business Intelligence Tools to the clients in that particular target market.</p> <p>Contact: Mr. Chandrasekhar K. 5601 Bridge Street Suite 300 Fort Worth TX 76112 Tel: +1-888-502-0539 Email: </p> <p>Bio stimulants is segmented into Acids, Extracts and others comprising of 54.2%, 40.7% and 5.1% respectively, of the North American Bio stimulants market.</p> <p>Email: Tel: +1-888-502-0539</p>