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<ul><li> 1. Bike Safety 101:Protect your Melon<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. OBJECTIVES<br />Understand who should wear a helmet<br />Understand when to wear a helmet<br />Understand why to wear a helmet<br />Understand what kind of helmet to wear<br />Understand how to wear a helmet properly<br /> 3. Who should wear a helmet?<br /> 4. YOU!And everyone who rides a bike<br /> 5. When should you wear your helmet?<br /> 6. Every time you ride your bike!<br /> 7. But be sure to take it off when you are not riding your bike so it does not get caught and hurt you while you are playing<br /> 8. This family is having fun and staying safe.<br /> 9. Why should you wear a helmet?<br /> 10. To Protect your melon!<br /> 11. Everyone who rides a bike has a fall at least once.Even small falls can cause a serious injury.<br /> 12. Luckily these bicyclists were wearing their helmets<br /> 13. Time for the melon drop Experiment!<br /> 14. What kind of helmet should your wear?<br /> 15. Pick one made specifically for bicycling<br />Pick one that fits you snugly and is made for your age<br />Pick a white or bright color helmet to help drivers see you more clearly<br />Look inside the helmet for a CPSC sticker that means the Consumer Product Safety Commission says it is safe<br />Stay away from helmets with unusual shapes such as points and hard visors that could get caught in a fall, dark colors, thin straps,and complicated fasteners<br />Remember to get a new helmet if you fall and hit your head or your helmet becomes damaged in any way.<br /> 16. How should you properly wear your helmet?<br /> 17. It should sit level on the head without tilting forward or backward<br /> 18. A good bike helmet should have wide straps that fasten snugly under the chin<br /> 19. It should be tight enough that after fastening it wont move around with sudden pulling or twisting<br /> 20. Key Points to remember<br />Always wear your bike helmet when riding your bike and remind others to wear their helmets too<br />Always wear a helmet made specifically for riding bikes <br />Always wear your helmet in the proper position<br />Always wear a helmet that is safe<br /></p>