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  • Bibliography ofGUERRILLA ACTION,

    __ ill the USSRduringWORLD WAR 11RNU



    ()Hll AIN(; U NDEk ('UONIRAG'TWIT bin


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  • I.

    J MACE

    5 This special " Ibliography of Soviet Guerrilla Warfare" developedby Alexander Pronin is a derivative of a subcontract between The

    American University and Operations and Policy Research, Inc.,, for

    which Dr. Paul A. Linebarger was the principal investigator.

    This bibliography is oriented toward guerrillas and guerrilla war-

    I fare as a weapon system used by the Soviet Army in fighting the Germans.While it relates basically to the tactics and techniques of Soviet

    guerrilla fighting during World War II, it was an element of a larger

    Sstudy designed to explore internal (revolutionary) war as an instrumenta.,& r. ess of socio-political change.








    I by Alexander ProninI This bibliography covers the seven-year period between 1956-1963.

    It has 227 book entries, each item having one or two lines of description.

    The greater part of the material is made up of novels, firsthand

    accounta, and memoirs; and some books contain documents, such as reports,

    leaflets, handbills, and posters. No military manuals are included, although

    some of the books listed are recommended to noncommissioned officers of

    jthe Red Army and to Soviet youth. For research purposes, there are usefulitems for both the specialist and the lay reader in military affairs,

    psychological warfare, tactics,cartography, and military abbreviations.

    Some of the books exist in two, or more editions, and provide interesting

    comparisons for study.

    Military. There is a great deal of material on various battles

    and campaigns arid on the organization and control of guerrilla hands.

    Psychological Warfare. A number of books contain representations of

    leaflets, handbills, and appeals to th, 3ple in occupied areas as well

    as to collaborators, including the U.P.A. -ian Revolutionary Army).

    Tactics. Items dealing with specific tactical problems of guerrilla

    warfare, planning of attacks, and withdrawal of guerrilla bands, are


    Cartography. More recent publications have good maps of guerrilla

    regions (Partizanskii Krai), diagrams of raids, and maps of single guerrillaattacks.


  • 3 Mil.itAr Abbreviations. There is excellent presentation of numerousabbreviat.ons, used by Soviet guerrillas, and of guerrilla jargon, wi-ichdiffers considerably from it-, issian.







    -- I


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    2. About a tarU Underground in Minsk during the Great Fatherland War

    ("P. Porinom Fodpole v Minske v Gody Velikoi Otechestvanoi Voiny).Gosizdat BSSR, Minsk, 1960, 90 pp.

    3. Aftentuk, S., Elin, D., Levit, S. Comsomol and.Youth of Moldaviaduring the years of the Great Fatherland War. (Ko"msomol i MolodezhMoldavii v Gody Velikoi Otechestvennoi. Voifny). GosizdatMoldavii, Kishinev, 1958, 60 pp.

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    11. Anisov, S. Along Steep Roads (Krutymi Dorogami). Published by GosizdatBSSR Minsk, 1960, 186 pp. Notes of a Komsomol underground worker.(I 12. Apivala, S. Brothers Falcon (Bratsy Sokoly). Notes of a guerrilla.Gosizdat, Vilno, 1961, 272 pp. (in Lithuanian language).

    i -li-

    I- !

  • 13, Artozeev, G. Guerrilla True Story (Partizanskaia Byl),. Voenizdat,Moscow, 1956, 267 pp. About a Chernigov guerrilla unit namedPopundrenko.

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    17. Bazyma, G. In the Wake of a Large Raid (Sledami Bolshogo Reida).( Molod, Kiev,. 1959,'367 pp. About the Kovpak campaign.18. Bedzik, D. Unconquered Tribe (Plemia Nepokorimykh). Molod, Kiev,

    1958, 96 pp.

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    23. Berliskii, D., Pogrebinskii, M. Heroic Deed of Ian Nalepki (Podviglana Nalepki). Voenizdat, Moscow, 1960, 102 pp. A Slovak officeramong the Ukrainian guerrillas.

    24. Bogatyr, Z.A. In the Enem 's Rear (V Tylu Vraga). Sotzekgiz,Moscow, 1963, 3T20 pp. About guerrilla activity in the Ukraine;memoirs of a commander of a guerrilla unit.



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    27. Borisov, B. The People of Sevastogol Do Not Surrender (Sevastopoltzyne Sdaiutsia). Second rev i and enlarged edition. Krymizdat,Simferopol, 1961, 191 pp. About the struggle of people ofSevastopol during the war.

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    -- 8--


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  • ILI


    Entry NumberBrest Oblast, operations in . ....... . 211

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    Dnieper area, operations in .... ..........

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    Kalinin area, operations in ........... . ... L24

    Kaluga Oblast, operations in .... ........... 44, 53, 178, 228

    Kaunas, operations in ...... ............. 44, 209-10

    Kiev, operations in ..... ... ............. 60, 70

    Kishinev, operations in ..... ............ 3. .

    Komeomol underground ..... ............ ... 3, 6, 11, 39, 44, 47, 76,{ 102 0 108$ 141-42, 152-53,170, 179, 187, 198, 202,209-10, 225-26

    Kovpak campaign ...... ................. .

    Kuban area, operations in ..... ............ 77

    "20 -

  • Latvia, operations in ..................... , 4, 157

    Leaflets, pamphlets, handbills . ...... 63, 68, 75

    (i Leningrad region, operations in ........ 20, 63, 61, 110,172-73, 205, 207

    Lithuania, operations in.............. . . . . 30, 129, 130, 177, 187

    SMemoirs or rno-tes of guerrillas...... . . 4--5, 8, 10-12, 21-22, 24-25,304 32-34, 37, 47, 50-52,54, 64, 66, 69, 73, 80, 93-94,97, 101, 109, 116, 118, 122,128, 135-36, 148-49, 159,1 174, 176, 186, 195-96, 206,

    Minsk Oblast, operations in ............ .... 2, 85, 123, t52-53, 200

    Odessa, operations in ..... ............... 1.4, 92, 145

    "People's Militia of Leningrad" ........ . .. 20fIRovno area, operations in ............ ... 19, 88,,

    Rudnisk Forest, operations in ........... .... 136 J

    Sevastopol, operations in ........ .. 27

    Smolensk area, operations in ..... .......... 28, 35, 62, 82, 96, 105

    Source documents, chronologies,and bibliographies ..... ........... .36-37, 43, 48, 62,

    70-72, 76-77, 86, 89,I 106, T10, 145-46, 183,. . -204, "211, 22,0, 224

    IStavropol region, operations in . ...... . 165-~21 -

  • Utrlxanev operatioratd .. . . . . . . 51,23-2,, 29, 40, 4'225

    Vitebsk area, oPerstlous In . I .... 4

    44,l 19k