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  • 8/13/2019 Bhagavan Speaks on Avatars


  • 8/13/2019 Bhagavan Speaks on Avatars


    Niraakaara descends as Naraakaara

    Yada yada hi dharmasya glaanir bhavati,

    Bhaarata, Abhyuthtaanam adharmasya tad

    aatmaanam srjaamyaham.

    Parithraanaaya sadhoonaam, vinaasaayacha

    dushkrtaam, Dharma samsthaapanaarthaaya

    sambhavaami yuge yuge

    Whenever dharma declines, I restore it

    and put down the forces which cause thedecline, by assuming a form and, I am

    born again and again in every crisis in order

    to protect the good, punish the wicked and

    restore dharma. (S.S.S. Vol. IV - p. 119)

    When decline descends on the Dharma

    which has been laid down, I Incarnate as

    Naraakaara from the state of Niraakaara, in

    order to revive it and protect the good from

    fear. (G. V. p. 56)


    Incarnation means God appears on earthfilled with affection and love for the mankind,

    everywhere- Divine Consciousness in human

    form. (S.S.S. Vol. p.272)

    The Universal Absolute Birthless

    Formless, Unmanifest and Infinite, takes on

    the limitations of name and form on its own

    initiative and concretises itself on many

    occasions as incarnations, Avatars,

    manifesting countless instances of Divine

    intercession and grace (N.G.M. p. 22)

    I incarnate from age to age, time to

    time, to save dharma from anti-dharma.

    Whenever strife, discord and disharmony

    overwhelm the world, God incarnates in

    human form to show to mankind the way to

    love, harmony and peace.(S & M. p.216)

    Avatars never come to re-establish

    Dharma - Dharma was never destroyed-but

    the practice of Dharma went on decline The

    basis for Dharma is Truth, and Truth is

    something which is permanent, and so

    Dharma also is something which isunchangeable. (M. L. p.256)





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  • 8/13/2019 Bhagavan Speaks on Avatars





    The incarnation comes to warn, to guide,

    to awaken, to lay down the path, shed the

    light of love on it. But man has to listen, and

    obey with hope and faith.

    (S.S.S. Vol. VIII p.143)

    To elevate man to the level of His

    Consciousness He (God) has to incarnate asa man. He has to speak to them in their own

    styles and languages. He has to teach them

    the methods they can adopt and practice.

    Birds and beasts need no Divine incarnation

    to guide them, for they have no inclination to

    stray away from their Dharma. Man alone

    forgets or ignores the goal of life .

    (M. L. p.253)

    Avatars appear in India

    Only in India Avatars born mostly, because

    only in India are Sastras (scriptures)understood. And only in India do Sages

    constantly experiment and practise. It is like

    a gold mine. When gold is found, there

    gather geologists, engineers and experienced

    miners. The gold is mined there and then it

    is taken all over the world. (N.N.S.G.(5)p.5/6)

    Avatar is not born

    It was declared that Rama was born of

    payasam which was brought by the Deity

    from out the sacrificial fire. No Avatar is bornflesh and blood, including this Avatar ( Sri

    Sathya Sai Baba). The body of the Avatar is

    chit substance; it is not jada like other

    materials. The embryo of ordinary mortals is

    jalodakasayi enveloped in watery stuff; the

    embryo of the Avatar is encased in

    Kshirodakasayi, the pure white milk of

    holiness. That is why in the make-up of the

    Avatar, there is no blemish, there is no trace

    of Guna. (S.S.S. Vol IV p.15)

    An avatar is born through Pravesa (byentry or immaculate conception) unlike man

    who is born through Prasava (the process

    of reproduction). Further, an Avatar chooses

    his parents, while mans parents are chosen

    by destiny. (U. p. 10)

    Every one is an Avatar

    (Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has

    declared on His Birthday Festival in 1971)

    Everyone of you is an Avatar.You are Divine

    encased like Me in human flesh and

    bone.Only you are unaware of it. You have

    come into this prison of incarnation throughthe errors of many lives. You are bound to

    the body with rope of three Gunas. I am free,

    untouched by them, for the gunas are but My

    playthings. I am not bound by them, I use

    them to bind you. You are moved this way

    and that by desire. I have no desire except

    the one to make desireless.

    (S.S.Sm. Part III p. 309)


    The word Avatar means descent. It is

    not coming down from the peak of a mountain

    or the top storey of a building. It is a descent

    from the state of Atma to the state of the


    The descent of the Avatar means the

    Divine coming down to the level of the human.

    No blemish attaches to the Divine as a

    result of the descent. There is no diminution

    in His puissance. Here is an example of a

    child playing on the ground. If the mother

    feels it is beneath of her dignity to bend and

    call upon the child to leap into her arms, thechild cannot do so. But out of love for her

    child, the mother stoops and picks up the

    baby. By bending down to take the child,

    does the mother bow to the child? Likewise,

    the Avatar descends to the level of the

    human to bless and rescue those who cannot

    rise to the level of the Divine. The ignorant

    assumes that because the Divine has

    descended with human form, God has lowered

    Himself to the human level. This is a case of

    bending and not kneeling down. It is an act

    of benediction and not submission.(M.L. p.253)

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  • 8/13/2019 Bhagavan Speaks on Avatars





    Avatar in human form

    Why God should assume form? Because

    that is the only way to incarnate the God

    within man. The Avatar takes human form

    and behaves in a human way so that humanity

    can feel kinship with Divinity. At the same

    time he rises to godly heights so that mankind

    also can aspire to reach god. The realisation

    of indwelling God as the motivator of life for

    which avatars come in human form. (S & M.

    p. 236)

    People cannot stand the Lord in

    superhuman form. It is only when the Lord

    comes in human body that people are able

    to approach Him and learn to love Him even

    a little bit. But one should not make the

    mistake of thinking that the Lord forgoes His

    powers on assuming human form. For

    instance, the aeroplane flying high in the skydescends to the airport. But one should not

    think that the plane is the ground machine

    because one sees it on the ground. Once it

    has taken on its load of passengers, it again

    zooms up high into the sky. In like fashion,

    although the Lord has made a landing here

    on the earth, so to speak, He is not limited

    by His human form. (AV-P61)

    The Lord is love itself. He comes in

    human form so that you can talk to Him,move with Him, serve Him, adore Him, and

    achieve Him, so that you can recognise your

    kinship with Him. S.S. S. Vol. IV P. 148)

    The formless Lord takes the form a

    human being and comes in the midst of

    human beings so that he mixes with them

    and sets examples and ideals of human

    beings and conveys to them all aspects

    which they should learn. Many people ask

    very innocently and ignorantly why an Avatar

    who possesses all powers should subject

    itself to all troubles and why it should tolerate

    hunger and suffering all around. An Avatar

    who has all powers should remove all such

    sufferings in one moment. If there is any

    meaning in such a question, why should an

    Avatar come in human form at all? The

    Avatar can remain as a formless divinity and

    do all these things from that position itself.

    In the end certain conditions and

    environments, wherever has to be done must

    be done and such acts at a human level

    have to be performed. Certain things are

    essential for remedial action and withoutdoing those things, to expect an Avatar to

    simply remove all suffering is a foolish thing.

    First of all, you should make an attempt to

    make good use of the mental and physical

    strengths that have been given to you. God

    comes in human form to demonstrate how

    the material and physical strengths and other

    organs may be used. The essential quality of

    an Avatar is to teach you how to make a

    proper and good use of your thought, word

    and deed. Depending upon the conditions in

    the country, the avatar comes to teach you

    and show you the right use of your organs

    The avatar behaves in a human way so that

    mankind can feel kinship, but, rises to super-

    human heights so that mankind can aspire

    to those heights. (S.R.B.M. p. 51/52)

    (Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba says) If

    I had come only as a man, like any other

    man, who would listen to Me? So I had come

    in this human form but with more than the

    human power and wisdom

    (S.S.Sm. Part III p. 392)

    This is a human form of Sai in which

    every Divine Entity, every Divine Principle,

    that is to say, all Names and Forms ascribed

    by man to God are manifest. Do not allow

    doubt to distract you. If only you install in the

    altar of your heart, steady faith in My Divinity


    form denoting all Gods), you can soon have

    a vision of My Reality. (S. S. 60. p. 123)

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  • 8/13/2019 Bhagavan Speaks on Avatars





    Instead if you swing back and forth, like

    the pendulum of a clock you an never succeed

    in comprehending the truth and winning that


    Let Me draw your attention to another

    fact. On previous occasions, when God

    incarnated on Earth, the Bliss of recognisingHim as incarnation was vouchsafed only

    after the Physical Embodiment had left the

    World, in spite of evidences of His Grace.

    The loyalty and devotion they commanded for

    men arose from fear and awe at their super-

    human powers and skills, or at their imperial

    and penal authority. But,ponder a moment

    on this Sathya Sai Manifestation!In this

    age of rampant materialism, aggressive

    disbelief and irreverence, what is it that

    brings to it the adoration of millions from all

    over the world? The reason is, it is Supra-world Divinity in Human Form.

    (F.G. p.81/82)

    Because the Lord takes human form, we

    find that He exhibits human consciousness.

    Ordinary people cannot grasp the Divine

    aspects of an Avatar. God appears to be an

    ordinary human being to the limited

    intelligence of lay people because of the co-

    existence of the Divine and human aspects

    of consciousness exhibited by Him. Mans

    perception is limited to the level of human

    consciousness. Therefore, human

    comprehension is restricted by the limits of

    human consciousness. But the sages who

    were Divine human beings were able to

    comprehend Divinity. (M.L. p.254)

    The Lord has announced that He would

    come down for the restoration of Dharma

    and that He would assume human form so

    that all might gather round Him and feel the

    thrill of His companionship and conversationand the Lord has come as announced.

    People cannot stand the Lord in

    superhuman form. It is only when the Lord

    comes in human body that people are to

    able approach Him and learn to love Him

    even a little bit. One should not make the

    mistake of thinking that the Lord foregoes

    His Powers on assuming because one sees

    on the ground. Once it has taken on the load

    of the passengers, it again zooms up into

    the sky. In like fashion, although the lord has

    made a landing here on the earth so to

    speak. He is not limited by His human form. For instance, the aeroplane flying in the

    sky descends to the airport. But one should

    not mistake the plane for the ground.

    (A. V. p.161)

    By mere human form one cannot be

    called human being. It is only when the

    human form got the Divine qualities that

    derive from the fact that they created by the

    god that he will be entitled to called a human

    being. (E. p.88)

    If God is present in one human form, Heis called Divinity or an Avatar and if He is

    present in the totality, He is referred to as

    Creation. The individual is born because of

    Gods wanting to be so born.

    The nameless and the formless aspect

    of God is referred as Purushottama. If the

    formless aspect of Purushottama takes a

    human form, we call him Purusha. Having

    taken the form of a human being, the

    Purushottama sets an example to other living

    things and establishes the oneness of all

    creation. We should recognise the truth that

    the aspect of the atma can be realised only

    if you have a clean mind.

    (S.S.B. 1979 p. 110/111)

    We should not be deluded by the human

    form and deceive ourselves thereby. God has

    to take the human form and change the lives

    of human by His own example. The

    emancipation of humanity is possible only by

    taking human form. It is only the man who

    descended to the depths of degradation byutter disregard of his Dharma and Divinity. It

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  • 8/13/2019 Bhagavan Speaks on Avatars


  • 8/13/2019 Bhagavan Speaks on Avatars





    this birth. Theirs is a Leela, a birth taken

    on. The goodness of the good and the

    wickedness of the bad provide the reasons

    for the Avatara of the Lord. For example take

    the Avatara of Narasimha. The merit of

    Prahlada and the wickedness of Hiranyakasipu

    combined to cause it. As a result of the

    coming of the Lord, the good will be happyand the bad will suffer. The Avatara, however,

    has no joy or grief even if it is enveloped in

    the body it has assumed. The Avatara is not

    constituted of five elements; it is Chinmaya

    not Mrinmaya, spiritual not material; it never

    be distrubed by egoism or the sense of

    mine and thine; it is untouched by the

    delusion born of ignorance. Though man may

    mistake an Avatar as just human, that does

    not affect the nature of the embodiment; it

    has come for a task and it is bound to

    accomplish it. (G.V. p. 59)The Objectives

    The reason why God assumes the Avatar

    form and decides to award mankind the

    power is to discriminate between right and

    wrong, between truth and falsehood. The

    Avatar does this through precept and

    example. (S.S.S. Vol. p. 267/268)

    God is not a separate entity. Man is the

    image of God. Daivam manusha rupena

    declare scriptures. It means that God appearsin human form. It is to show to the

    humanity how human life can be divinised

    that avatars come from time to time.

    When the Divine comes down as Avatar

    - whether it be as Rama or Krishna, Mastya

    (Fish), Varaaha (Boar) or Vamana - it is only

    for one purpose.You recognise only the

    momentary results of the advent. But you

    should note that the Divine comes as Avatar

    only to teach mankind the truth about love.

    Oh man, it is because you lack love and arefilled with selfishness that the world is

    plunged in so much conflict and chaos. It is

    only when you develop love and the spirit of

    sacrifice that you will realise the divinity that

    is in the human. The man who has no spirit

    of sacrifice (thyaga) will be prey to all ills. A

    man without love is a living corpse. It is love

    and sacrifice, which make man Divine.

    (S.S. October 1998- p 254)

    Avatars make their advent only to confer

    Divine bliss on mankind.

    (S.S. Sept. 1990. p.230)

    Kinds of Avatars

    Avatars are of two kinds:1.Amsaavatar.


    All human beings are Amsaavatar(partial

    incarnation of the Divine). Mamaivanso

    jeevaloke jivabhutah sanaatanah (A part of

    My eternal Self has become the Jiva- individual

    soul- in the world of living beings says

    Krishna in the Gita). These partial

    incarnations, caught up in Maya, develop

    egoism and possessiveness and lead wordlylives. The Purnaavatar may behave,

    according to the circumstances, as if He

    were subject to Maya, but in fact He is free

    from Maya at all times.

    In the Rama Avatar, for instance, Rama

    conducted himself as if he was subject to

    Maya, but upheld Dharma for promoting the

    welfare of the world. The Krishna Avatar was

    different. Keeping Maya under control, He

    manifested His leelas (miraculous deeds).

    This was why Vyasa in his Bhagavatha has

    described in detail the Leelas of Krishna and

    proclaimed His glory to the world.

    In the Krishna Avatar, Krishna not only

    performed many marvellous deeds, but also

    taught the Supreme Wisdom to world. He

    was one who had transcended the gunas,

    but, for the sake of regeneration of the

    world, behaved as if He was influenced by

    the gunas, and delighted the world by His

    deeds. Krishna did everything, whatever He

    spoke or whatever action He did, for the

    19 20

    21 22

  • 8/13/2019 Bhagavan Speaks on Avatars





    good and well-being of the world. But some

    people, not understanding this truth owing to

    their own limitations, attributed wrong motives

    for some of Krishnas. In this they reflected

    their own feelings.

    (S.S.Sept 1990 -p. 225/226)

    Buddha, Christ, Mohammed and otherswere not Avatars. They had some Divine

    power. Only in India are Avatars are born,

    because only in India are the Sastras

    understood. And only in India do the sages

    constantly experiment and practice. It is like

    a gold mine. Where gold is found, there

    gather geologists, engineers and experienced

    miners. The gold is mined there,and then it

    is taken all over the world. (C.W.B.S.S.B.


    You should know that Swami is Sriman

    Narayana come down to earth in human

    form. He is Purna-Avatar,as in the cases of

    Sri Rama and Sri Krishna. The other great

    spiritual Masters, who walked on the earth

    from time to time, were manifestations of

    the Divine Power - not Divinity in its entirety.

    The Rishis, in ancient times, had to work

    hard over unconscionably long periods and

    then be satisfied with a brief glimpse of the

    Lord (Dharshan). In the Thretha Yuga, theVanara Sena enjoyed the privilege of

    conversation with Lord Sri Rama

    (Sambhashan). In the Dwapara Yuga, the

    Gopikas received Grace by a touch of Lord

    Sri Krishna (Sparshan). Currently, Sri Sathya

    Sai grants to all His devotees, at all times,

    all the three forms of bliss - Vision, dialogue

    and touch. (U - p. X)

    Sai is not conditioned by time, place or

    circumstance. What I will must take place;

    and what I plan must succeed. I am Truth;

    and Truth has no need to hesitate, fear or

    bend. (U - p. XI)

    Avatars -Their Powers - Natural Expressions

    Every Avatar has six types of powers: all

    encompassing Prosperity, Righteousness,

    Fame, Wealth, and Wisdom and Renunciation

    (or non-attachment). God is the possessor of

    those six attributes. Sri Rama had all six

    attributes. Every Avatar of God in every age

    and every place has these six attributes.

    (S.S. May 1989 p.122)

    An Avatar might manifest only such part

    of the Divine Glory as is essential for the

    task which brought the form, or might exceed

    the limited purpose it came for,and shine in

    full grandeur. (U. p.xxvi)

    God is above and beyond the limits of

    Time and Space. He is beyond all

    characteristics and qualities; no list of such

    can describe him fully. For Him, all beings

    are equal.

    God appears in different forms on

    different occasions. Sometimes He comeswith a part of His Glory, sometimes with a

    fuller equipment of splendour; sometimes

    for a particular task, sometimes to transform

    an entire era of time,an entire continent of

    space. (B.V. p. 2)

    God is described as Aprameya. It means

    that God cannot be measured like limited

    phenomenon. Only the Vedas can give a

    satisfying glimpse of His Glory.

    (S.S.S. Vol. p. 299)

    Even if all mankind endeavour for

    thousands of years to unravel My Mystery,

    they cannot succeed. (L.G. p. 359)

    If you dare seek My truth, come, surrender

    unto Me.(S.S.S. Vol. P. 82)

    God is all-powerful; God is everywhere;

    God is all knowing and a formidable limitless

    Principle. (S.S.S. Vol. VIII. P. 439)

    I am beyond the reach of the most

    intense inquiry and most meticulous

    measurement. (M.B.I. p.131)

    23 24

    25 26

  • 8/13/2019 Bhagavan Speaks on Avatars





    Only those who have recognised My Love

    and experienced that Love can assert that

    they have glimpsed My Reality, for the path

    of love is the royal road that leads mankind

    to Me. (S.S. Sm. Part IV p. 149)

    Cultivate a nearness with Me in the

    heart and it will be rewarded. Then you toowill acquire a fraction of that Supreme Love.

    Be confident that you will be liberated.

    (V. p. 15)

    Sathya is what I teach; Dharma is the

    way I live; Santhi is mark of my personality;

    Prema is my very nature. You can understand

    me only if you understand yourself, your own

    basic truth. You must see, hear, study,

    observe, experience, reflect; then you can

    understand Me. You will learn that I am

    Prema itself; that I give only one thing,

    Ananda, through that Prema.

    (S.S.S. Vol. II p.152)

    Love is My distinctive mark, not the

    creation of material objects or of health and

    happiness, by sheer exercise of Will. You

    might consider what you call miracles as the

    most direct sign of divinity, but the love that

    welcomes you all, that blesses all, that

    makes Me run to the presence of the seekers,

    the suffering and the distressed in distant

    lands or wherever they are, that is the real

    sign. It is that which declares that I am SAI

    BABA. (B.S.S. Part II p.148)

    Love alone is the fruit of love. Love is its

    own witness. There is no trace of self-

    interest in it. Because love exists for its own

    sake. It has no fear. It is to teach humanity

    the way of love that Avatars come in the

    world. The world displays the diversity that

    has emanated from the One (Ekatvam). The

    Divine demonstrates the unity that subsumesthe diversity. Recognition of this Unity in

    Diversity can be learnt only from the Divine.

    (S.S. October 1988 -p. 254)

    Love needs no reason for its flow; it

    comes from selfish urge. (R.K.R.V. p. 361)

    When the Prema or love is tainted by

    selfishness, it cannot illumine at all. Self is

    love-less- ness, Love is self-less-ness. Self

    gets and forgets; love gives and forgives.

    Love can never entertain the idea of revenge.

    For it sees all others as oneself. When the

    tongue is hurt by the teeth do you seek

    vengeance against the wrong doer? No, for

    they both belong to you and are integral

    parts of your being. So. Too, when some

    other person insults you or inflicts pain,

    allow wisdom to have mastery over you.

    Discover the truth and do not rush to

    conclusions, always keeping love as your

    guide. (S.S.S. Vol. IX p. 113)

    Love knows no fear, no untruth, no

    anxiety, no grief. I am Love I shower love; I

    share love; I am pleased with love. Love is

    God. Live in Love. Love alone can alleviateanxiety and all fear.(S.S.S. Vol. IX p. 113)

    Love unfolds first on the lap of the

    mother. The eyes of love fasten themselves

    on the caressing face of the mother.

    (S.S.S. Vol. VII p. 309)

    Love should not be rationed on the basis

    of caste or creed or economic status or

    intellectual attainment of the recipient. It

    should flow full and free, regardless of

    consequence, for, it is ones nature to love,

    seek out dry dreary wastes which love can

    water make fertile. Love saturates all activities

    with joy and peace. Love ennobles the least

    and the lowest. Love yourself for the god that

    it embodies; Love others, for the

    God that is enshrined in them, that speaks

    and acts through them.

    (S.S.S. Vol. VII p. 437)

    The love of God and the love for the god

    are both eternally sweet and pure, whatever

    the method of your accepting or attainingthem. Such love is holy and inspiring. Sugar

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  • 8/13/2019 Bhagavan Speaks on Avatars





    is sweet when eaten during day or during

    night. For it is night or day for the person

    who eats, not for the sugar. Sugar behaves

    uniformly always. (B.V. p. 7)

    Love is joy, love is power, love is light,

    love is God. S.S.Sm. Part III p. 214)

    Love, respect, tolerance, mutual-co-

    operation, forbearance- these must flow from

    the hearts of all towards all, you are all

    limbs of one body- the Sai body.

    (S.S. Sm. Part III p. 25)

    Love is the keynote of harmony; work,

    worship and wisdom are the three stages on

    the godward path.(S.S. Sm. Part III p.284)

    Love your religion, so that you may practise

    it with greater faith; and when each one

    practises his religion with faith, there can be

    no hatred in the world, for all religions are

    built on universal love. Love your country, so

    that it may become strong, happy and

    prosperous, an arena for exercise of the

    higher faculties of man.(S.S.S. Vol. V p. 78)

    Love helps you to see God in everyone,

    everyone as Divine, Rama said to Hanuman

    I shower my love most on those who serve

    me and who deem that service as the highest

    means of liberation.(R.K.R.V. p. 349)

    Selfless love is the source of happiness,

    truth, peace, sacrifice, endurance, and all

    other higher values of life. There is no security

    and safety without Prema the absolute,

    unalloyed form of love. O brave sons of

    Bharat, remember that love is more

    fundamental than all other moral

    values.(S.S.B. 1979 p.53)

    The Grace of God cannot be won, through

    the gymnastics or reason, the contortions of

    yoga or the denials of asceticism. Love alone

    can win it. Love that needs no requital, love

    that knows no bargaining, love that is paid

    gladly, as a tribute to all loving, love that is

    unwavering, love alone can overcome

    obstacles, however many and mighty. There

    is no strength more effective than purity, no

    bliss more satisfying than love, no joy more

    restoring than bhakthi, no triumph more praise

    worthy than surrender.

    (S.S.S. Vol. VII p. 437)

    Brahman is form of Love. Love is all

    compassing Love. Love knows no differences.

    Love and ego cannot co exit even for a

    moment. Love is the royal path which will

    take one the noblest heights. Love must be

    experienced, enjoyed, and shared with his

    fellow men by every individual in the

    world.(L.A. p.52)

    Love is an amalgam of sweetness,

    effulgence and wisdom. Compassion is the

    reflection of love. (S.S.S. Vol. XXVI p.407)

    To give love and receive love, this is my

    business. (M.B.I. p.131)

    Love will awaken the compassion of man

    towards all gods children, human and animal;

    it will fill him with wonder and amazement at

    the handiwork of God, and he will see the

    Divinity everywhere and in everything.(E. p.93)

    Spontaneous expression of the Avatar

    Miracles are the spontaneous and natural

    expressions of Avatarhood. Rama means

    He who confers joy, Krishna means Hewho attracts. Every act of mine, for conferring

    joy or attracting the heart, becomes a

    miracle in your phraseology. The avatar has

    come to reform and re-construct and so the

    miracle has invariably the result. The

    chamathkara has its aim, the samaskara of

    mankind. How is achieved in this Avatar?

    Everyone so drawn is persuaded through

    Love, to love all since all are the same

    atman encased in distinct bodies, and to

    transform that love into service (paropakara).

    As a result, their minds sanctified, their

    31 32

    33 34

  • 8/13/2019 Bhagavan Speaks on Avatars





    intellects get clarified and their hearts get

    purified. So they attain the realisation that

    their core is the Atman, which but a wave in

    the ocean, the Universal, Eternal absolute,

    the Paramatman, this is goal of human life

    (Sakshatkara). (S.S.Sm. Part IV. P. 84)

    The divine is now denoted by variouswords that are common currency in limited

    human vocabularies. These words describe

    and propose a meaning to the divine -

    miracle, magic, wonders etc. Of course,

    men cannot contain in their minds more than

    they can hold. They cannot express in words

    the inexpressible. Only those who dived deep

    and contacted the underlying principle of love

    can picture divinity with some clarity. The

    Divinity that is ME has not been acquired or

    earned, nor has it been added after lapse of

    some years, in the middle of this career.

    The divine has to reveal itself through the

    manifestations, largely shaped and modified

    by the nature of times, the region, the cultural

    environment. The signs and the wonders that

    I manifest are given names that do not

    connote the purpose of effect. They can be

    classified as chamatkar, leading to samskar,

    which urges one on to paropakar resulting in

    sakshathkar. Chamathkar is only act which,

    attracts on account of its inexplicability. This

    aspect of attraction is inherent in the Avatar.

    The very name Rama means he who pleases

    or causes delight. Krishna means he who

    attracts or draws towards himself

    (Karshathithi- Krishna). The attribute of

    attraction is a characteristic of divinity.

    Why does divinity attract? Is to deceive or

    mislead? No. It is to transform, reconstruct,

    reform- a process called samskar. What is

    purpose of reconstruction? It is to make a

    person useful and serviceable to the society,to efface his ego, and to affirm in him the

    unity all beings in God. The one who has

    undergone samskar becomes a humble

    humane servant of those who needs help.

    This is the stage of paropakar. Service of

    this kind done with reverence and

    selflessness, prepares man to realise the

    One that pervades many.

    The last stage is sakshatkar. The Vedas

    proclaim that immortality, (the stage when

    one is merged in the birthless deathless,

    universal entity) is feasible through

    renunciation and detachment only, and not

    through rituals, progeny or wealth. When one

    renounces selfish desire, his love expands

    into farthest regions of the universe, until he

    becomes aware of the cosmic love that

    feeds all the four processes mentioned above.

    It is important that you know this underlying

    urge in all I do.

    Let us consider the chamatkar acts that

    attract and cause wonder. You see a flower.

    You long to hold it in your hands only when

    its colour or fragrance is attractive. You enter

    the market and see heaps of fruits. If the

    fruits are not attractive, you have no urge to

    possess them and benefit by them. Attraction

    is the very nature of the divine.

    When the person is drawn near, the

    process of samskar starts. Without this,

    man remains hallow and feeble. He has no

    dignity or personality. Two annas work of

    stainless steel is transformed by skilful

    manipulation and reconstruction into nuts,

    screws and springs, into a watch that is

    worth two or three hundred rupees. This is

    the result of samskar, which turned into a

    useful tool for indicating time. So too, man

    can be transformed into a noble, efficient,

    happy and disciplined member of the society

    by implanting of good thoughts, good feelings,

    goods deeds and good emotions. Man can

    be transformed into Mahatma (great soul).

    Such transformed persons will spontaneously

    engage themselves in the task of promotinghuman welfare. They will be the promoters of

    35 36

    37 38

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    the ideals of the brotherhood of man and

    fatherhood of God. (S & M. p.232/234)

    I manifest My mahimas to express the

    Love I bear to mankind and to demonstrate

    My grace and to make you realise who I am.

    (S.S. March 99 p.80)

    Like all Avatars Krishna announced His

    advent to the world, bit by bit, step by step,

    testing every time how far the Reality will be

    accepted by the masses. The signs and

    miracles were indeed, then as now, to

    proclaim the Avatar. (M. L. p. 254)

    Every Avatar is an amazing phenomenon,

    but it is also amazing not to recognise Him.

    (A.C.P. p. 2)

    An avatar is capable of all things at all

    times; yet, the Avatar will not undertake to

    demonstrate His powers at all times, An

    Avatar will undertake to demonstrate such

    powers when exceptional circumstances

    demand it and will shed the Grace on a

    deserving person only. (M.L. p. 254)

    Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu, impelled

    by their hatred, embarked on many enquiries

    in search of Narayana.They felt after their

    probe that Narayana was not in any of the

    five elements. But the tide of time andcircumstances led to situations in which they

    faced the Lord in His most dreadful form and

    met with their end .

    When the Lord (Narayana) incarnates in

    human He cannot avoid abiding by the

    regulations set by him. You should not forget

    that even if the Lord is the Director of the

    cosmic drama, in his human form he is

    playing a specific role. If he does not act

    according to the role assumed by Him either

    overdoes or underplays the role, departing

    from what is appropriate, He will be failing inHis purpose. When the Divine assumes

    human form, He has to serve as an example

    by ideal actions. (U. p. 42)

    In the Rama Avatar, for instance, Rama

    conducted himself as if he was subject to

    Maya, but upheld Dharma for promoting the

    welfare of the world. The Krishna Avatar was

    different. Keeping Maya under control, He

    manifested His Leelas (miraculous deeds).

    This is why Vyasa in his Bhagavatha has

    described in detail the Leelas of Krishna and

    proclaimed his glory to the world.

    In the Krishna Avatar, Krishna not onlyperformed marvellous deeds, but also taught

    the Supreme Wisdom to the world. He was

    one who had transcended the gunas, but ,

    for the sake of regeneration of the world ,

    behaved as if He was influenced by the

    gunas, and delighted the world by His deeds.

    Krishna did everything, whatever He spoke or

    whatever actions He did , for the good and

    well-being of the world. But some people, not

    understanding the truth owing to their own

    limitations, attributed wrong motives for some

    of Krishnas actions. In this way they reflectedtheir own feelings. (S.S. Sept. 1990. p. 225/226)

    Let Me tell you that emphatic declarations

    of Truth by Avatars were made so clearly and

    so unmistakably only by Krishna. Inspite of

    the declarations, you will notice in the career

    of the same Krishna that He underwent

    defeat in His efforts and endeavours, on a

    few occasions; you must also note that

    these defeats too were part of the drama

    which He had planned and which He Himself

    has directed. For example, when kingspleaded with Him to avert the war with

    Kauravas, He confessed that His Mission to

    the Kaurava court for ensuring peace had

    failed! But, He had not willed that it should

    succeed! He had decided the war would be

    waged! His mission was intended to punish

    the greed and iniquity of the Kauravas and to

    condemn them before the whole world. Now,

    I must tell you, that during Sai Avatar, there

    is no place for even such drama with

    scenes of failures and defeats! What I will

    must take place, what I plan must succeed.

    39 40

    41 42

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    I am Truth; and truth has no need to hesitate,

    fear or bend . (U. p. 4/5)

    An Avatar is always aware of His Divinity,

    being consciously Divine and unconsciously

    human, so to say. In contrast, man is

    consciously human and unconsciously Divine.

    An Avatar is aware not only of His previousand future lives, but also about the past,

    present and future of all the creatures. But

    man does not know even his own past or

    future lives, not even his future in the present

    life itself . (U. p. 10)


    The Lord has the following attributes or

    characteristics: Aiswarya (Divine sovereignty),

    Dharma (the source of all righteousness),

    Yasas (fame), Sampada (wealth), Jnana

    (wisdom), and Vairagya (non-attachment). Hehas another name called Vishatkaraa (One

    who has six forms of wealth). He is also

    known as Vibhuh (One with matchless

    splendour). He is the master the past, present

    and the future. For this reason He is called

    Bhaavah. He is the one who abides the

    three aspects of Time. Another meaningfor

    the word Bhaavah is that of the creator of

    the universe and hence is called BHAAVAH.

    He the prime cause of the process of creation,

    growth and dissolution. (D3 p. 50)

    The Avatar is Gunateetha. All the five

    human senses, sabda, sparsa, rupa, rasa,

    and gandha are the material attributes and

    the Avatar is above these and unaffected by

    any of them.

    The Avatar is omnipotent, omnipresent,

    omniscient, omniself, omnifelicity and omniall.


    Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has said

    that an Avatar can be distinguished fromhuman beings by sixteen Kalas. They are-

    1. Human beings and animals have five

    qualities in common, namely 1) sight

    2) hearing 3) smell 4) taste and 5) touch

    2. The next 4 kalas, which the Avatar

    shares with human beings are- 6) mind

    7) heart 8) intelligence 9) intuition

    3. The remaining seven phases exclusively

    belong to the Avatar only. They are:

    10) Grace or reward for effort 11) Anugraha

    or special grace (whether the recepient meritsor not) 12) Power to create a new order of

    life in society 13) New states of

    consciousness in individuals or new objects

    14) The power to support and sustain that

    which is inherently good (but may be

    defenceless) 15) The power to destroy evil

    and 16) To have a form and a name which,

    whenever remembered rightly result in the

    immediate spiritual presence (sometimes

    even physical) of the Avatar or a solution for


    Two distinguishable forms

    Yaathe Rudrasivaath-anoraghora

    Paapakaasinee, it is said that is to say, god

    is described as having two distinguishable

    forms- serene and the terrible.

    The Narasimha form of God that emerged

    from the pillar was mild and serene, beautiful

    and beneficent for Prahlada, the staunch

    devotee, and at the same time, the form wasterrible for Hiranyakasipu, the father, who

    hated God to the utmost. Well, even Nature,

    the concretisation of the will power of God

    has these two aspects the gentle and the

    fearsome, water is an essential ingredient

    for sustaining life in beings. It is vital and

    health-giving as well as fatal and death

    dealing. (L.K.V. p.26)

    Divinity and Avatar

    The difference between Divinity (as

    universal consciousness) and the Avatar (the

    Divine in human form) should be understood.

    43 44

    45 46

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    The Omniself is not subject to change. The

    Avatar has name and form and is liable tochange by its own will.The omniself has noname and form. The difference between the

    two can be illustrated by the example of the

    sun and the suns rays. They are one.Whatever the situation in which the Avatar

    appears, there is no limitation on the Avatarsomnipotence. Name and form do not

    circumscribe the total fullness of the divinity

    the Avatar manifests. Name and form are

    self-chosen attributes of the infinite, eternal,

    ever pure, universal consciousness. Water

    taken from ocean, in however small a vessel,

    has the same quality as the ocean. Likewise,

    the Avatar, regardless of Its name and form,

    has the plentitude of the Divine. In every

    respect, except that of the name and form,

    It is identical with Divinity. (V. p. 65/66)


    The Avatar comes as Man in order to

    demonstrate that man is Divine, in order to

    be within reach of Man. The human mind

    cannot grasp the Absolute, Attributeless

    Principle; it is Abstract and beyond the reach

    of speech, Mind and Intellect. Love is His

    Instrument; non-violence is His Message. He

    achieves the correction on the evil-minded

    through education and example.

    (S.S.S. Vol. P.107)

    Among the Avatars, the incarnations of

    Rama and Krishna, are meaningful to

    mankind, since man can grasp their example,

    follow their solutions to problems, and derive

    Ananda the contemplation of their excellences

    and teachings . (B.V. p.176)

    Love is the Instrument

    I have come to light the lamp of Love in

    your hearts, to see that it shines day by day

    with added lustre. (S.S.S. Vol. VI p.185)

    I have come to tell you of the Universal,

    Unitary faith, this path of Love, this duty of

    Love, this obligation of Love. (S.S.60 Back

    cover page)

    I came to awaken the heart of man and

    help him to reach the Divinity within. It is

    there with you now, if only you could know it.

    Love in that Divine State now and give up

    forever all attachments to earthly desires.

    That will truly make Me happy .

    Love is my Form

    Truth is my breath

    Peace is my food

    My life is my message

    Expansion is my Life .

    (S.S. Jan 90 p. 4)

    I am Love; I shower Love;

    I share love; I am pleased with love;

    I bless that you have more and more love

    To more and more beings

    (V. p. 117)

    I have come to light the lamp of love in

    your hearts, to see that it shines day by day

    with added lustre. I have not come to speakon a particular dharma, like the Hindu

    Dharma, I have not come on any mission of

    publicity for any sect or creed or cause .

    (S.S.S. Vol. p. 185)

    Love is joy, love is power, love is light,

    love is God. If at all you want to label Me,

    then call Me Premaswarupa.

    (S.S. Sm. Part III p.214)

    Love, respect, tolerance, mutual co-

    operation, forbearance - these must flowfrom the hearts of all towards all, you are all

    limbs of the same body - the Sai body.

    (S.S. Sm. Part III p.25)

    I have come to restore Love among

    mankind, to cleanse it of meanness and

    restrictive attitudes.

    (S.S. Sm. Part IV p. 20)

    Love the keynote of harmony, work,

    worship and wisdom are the three stages on

    the Godward path. Love helps you to see

    God in everyone, everyone as Divine.(S.S. Sm. Part II p.284)

    47 48

    49 50

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    I have no methodology of machinery or

    strategy in the accepted organisational sense.

    My methodology is a simple one, based on

    conversion by Love and the machinery is one

    of co-operation by love and brotherhood.

    Love is My instrument and My merchandise.

    (S.S. Sm. Part IV p.84)

    Declares thus:

    I am not Sathya Sai Baba. That is only a

    name by which you designate Me now. All

    names are Mine. I am the ONE GOD who

    answers the prayers that rise in human

    hearts, in all languages, from all lands,

    addressed to all forms of the Deity.

    (B.S.S. Part II p.91)

    When the Dharma of the yuga is laid aside;

    To establish it anew through loving means,

    When the world is polluted by conflict andconfusion

    To restore the path of virtue and Peace.

    When sacred texts are not grasped aright,

    To proclaim the message they teach


    To relieve the earth of the burden of vice;

    To fulfil the promise made in Treta Yuga,

    Achyutha has incarnated on this earth.

    Vasudeva, Sri Hari, has come into the world.

    (S S G - p - VI)

    He alone is a real man

    Whose thoughts, words and deeds

    Are in perfect harmony.

    How can he be a genuine man

    When his mind is divorced from speech

    and deed

    And all three are not in harmony?

    If birth, old age and death dont happen,

    If desires dont fail and gain isnt lost,

    If the world isnt the fleeting flow it is,

    How could man have affection,

    compassion, love?

    The attributes and qualities, which were


    When, to save Prahlada, the Supreme

    Person came,

    The attributes and qualities, which were


    When, to save the elephant, the Lotus-eyed


    The attributes and qualities, which were


    When, to save the poor Cochlea, the Lord of

    Veda came,The attributes and qualities, which were


    When, to save the boy, Dhruva,

    He came from Heaven,

    Now, with all the attributes, all the qualities

    has come,

    He whom the gods adore, the Refuge of the


    The Lord of all the worlds, the Lord of Infinite


    As all Existence, as all Knowledge and

    All Bliss in one Form embodied

    As Puttaparthi Sathya Sai, the Over-lord of

    all that Is.

    (S.S.S Vol XVIII - p. 154/155)

    With the crescent moon dancing, the

    matted locks waving, the cool waters of the

    Ganga flowing between, with the eye in the

    middle of the forehead shining, the purple

    neck gleaming like the sheen of a black

    berry, wearing serpent bracelets, and a snake

    skin belt, the entire body smeared withVibhuti, with the forehead adorned with

    kumkum dot, lips ruddied by the juice of the

    betel, Gold embellished diamond ear rings

    dangling, with whole swarthy body glowing,

    the Lord of Kailasa (Shaila Rajeswara)

    appeared in person.

    (D D 13-03-2002 p2)

    The Lord of Puttaparthi will always protect

    you. He is the ocean of compassion. Holding

    your hand, He will take care of you. He will

    never forsake you. Recognise this truth.(S.S. March 2000 p.74)

    51 52

    53 54

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  • 8/13/2019 Bhagavan Speaks on Avatars





    you growl, grumble or groan, kick, criticise,

    quarrel or cry. I will not forsake you, I will not

    allow your divinity to go to sleep. A mother

    never forsakes the child she carries or lets

    the child work out its resentment anger on

    her. I have come to help, to accompany and

    to carry you. I can never forsake you. I will

    never fail in my duty to my children - and I

    shall be grateful to each child of mine who

    helps in my task.

    (S & M p.312/313)

    Come with empty hands, throw away all

    things that you hold in the grasp of your

    hands. Cast away the toys with which you

    have been playing the game of gaining and

    losing, so that I can fill your empty hands

    with lasting sweetness; empty hearts with

    lasting joy; empty lives with salutory

    substance, the empty reeds with melodiousbreath. (S.S. Sm. Part III p.242)

    I will hold by the hand those who stray

    away from straight path and serve them.

    (L.G. p.356)

    I shall not give you up, even if you forsake

    Me; for it is not Me to forsake those who

    deny Me. I have come for all. Those who

    stray away will come again to Me, do notdoubt this. I shall beckon them back to Me.

    I bless you that you may earn the vision in

    this life itself, with this body itself.

    (S.S.S. Vol. II p.129)

    However you are, you are Mine, I will not

    give you up. Whatever you are, Your are near

    Me, you cannot go beyond My reach.

    (S.S.S. Vol. II p. 198)

    Wake up, my children, wake up to the

    dawn of knowledge, wake up to you divine

    duties, wake up to your divine rights andwake up to your divine reality.

    (S & M. p.312)

    I have come to give you the key to the

    treasure of bliss, to tell you how to tap that

    spring, for you have forgotten the way of the

    blessedness. Very few of you desire to get

    from Me - the things, I have come to give

    you, namely Liberation itself. I am the

    embodiment of bliss. Come take this from

    Me dwell in that bliss and be peaceful.

    (M. B. I. P.153)

    I am Sathyasya Sathyam, the truth oftruths.Why has truth come on earth inhuman form? To plant in the heart of man

    the yearning for truth, to place man on the

    road to truth, to help man to reach truth, by

    loving instruction and by the final gift of

    illumination. (F.D.D -p. I - 5)

    I am the truth of truth, I guide towards

    truth, I manifest truth and when men realise

    truth, they realise Me. (F.D.D -p. I - 6)

    My hand stretches out for receiving, only

    when a pure heart full of Prema is offered;on all occasions, it gives and never takes.


    On 23 November 1983, Bhagavan said

    that if your yearnings to Brahmananda, the

    Sath-Chit-Ananda, is sincere and pure from

    this day keep in memory what I am about to

    tell you:

    1. I am God, I am not different from God .

    Be conscious of this always. Keep it ever

    in mind. I am God, I am not different

    from God. Be reminding yourself of this.Pray that you may not fail in this spiritual


    2. I am the Indivisible Supreme Absolute.

    This is the second truth to be established

    in the consciousness by unremitting

    repetition and prayer.

    3. I am Sat-Chit-Ananda (i.e. Being,

    Awareness and Bliss)

    4. Grief and anxiety can never affect me .

    develop this faith and convince yourselves

    of this truth by repeated assurance andprayer.

    59 60

    61 62

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    5. I am ever content, fear can never enter

    me .Develop this faith and conviction

    grows stronger and stronger.

    As the physical is maintained healthy and

    strong by the five vital airs (pranas), these

    five prayers will endow you with Awareness

    of Brahmam which is the same as the

    Status of Brahmam itself. (M. B. I. P. 176)

    Sathyam Sivam Sundaram

    Sarva roopa dharam, Santham

    Sarva naama dharam, Sivam

    Sat-chit-Amanda roopam, Adwitham

    Sathyam Sivam Sundaram.

    I am all forms ascribed to the Almighty;

    I am the Embodiment of perfect Peace. I am

    known by all the names through which the

    Almighty is addressed and adored by man. I

    am the embodiment of Goodness; I amBeing- Awareness Bliss, Atma, the one without

    a second, truth, Goodness, Beauty .

    (Golden Age p. 137)

    Willing is superfluous for Me, for My

    grace is ever available to devotees who have

    steady love and faith. Since I move among

    them talking and singing, even intellectuals

    are unable to grasp My Truth, My Power, My

    Glory or My real task as AVATAR. I can solve

    any problem, however knotty.

    (Golden Age p.135)


    Avatars manifested in the Kritha Yuga

    for the preservation of Vedic tradition, in the

    Thretha Yuga for the protection of Dharma

    and in the Dwapara Yuga for the protection

    of Dharma for the promulgation of right of

    property. In the Kritha Yuga, the Avatar saved

    the Vedas from neglect; in the Thretha Yuga,

    He saved women from dishonour, and in the

    Dwapara Yuga, He saved property from

    injustice. Now in this fourth Age, the KaliYuga all these three are in dire peril. The

    Vedas are ridiculed. Women are tempted into

    unwomanly lives, and property itself is

    condemned as theft. So, the present Avatar

    has a three-fold task. Man has no purity in

    the heart, no sanctity in his emotions, no

    love in his deeds, no God in his prayers.

    (U - p. 4/5)

    My energy goes from Me as I pass you.

    If you talk to others immediately, the

    precious energy is dissipated and returns to

    Me unused. Whatever my eyes see becomes

    vitalised and transmuted. You are being

    charged day by day. Never underestimate

    what is being accomplished by the act of

    Darsan. My walking among you is a gift

    yearned for by the gods in heaven and here

    you are receiving this daily Grace. Be grateful.

    The blessings so that you receive will express

    themselves in their perfect time. But also

    remember that to whom much is given, much

    will be demanded. (Y. p - 26)

    You must see; hear, study, observe,

    experience and reflect; only then, can you

    understand me. You will learn then that I am

    Love (Prema); that I give only one thing, Bliss

    (Aanandha) through Love. My task is to grant

    solace, courage, and Peace (Shaanthi). That

    is to say, my characteristics are the ancient,

    authentic ones; only the manifested form is

    new. (S.S.S. Vol XXV -P87)

    His Task

    I have a task: To foster all mankindand ensure for all of them lives full of

    Ananda. I have a vow: To lead all who stray

    away from the straight path, again into

    goodness and save them. I am attached to

    a work that I love: To remove the sufferings

    of the poor and grant them what they lack. I

    have a reason to be proud, for, I rescue all

    who worship and adore Me, aright. I have My

    definition of devotion I expect: Those

    devoted to Me have to treat joy and grief,

    gain and loss, with equal fortitude. This

    means that I will never give up those attachthemselves to Me.

    63 64

    65 66

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    My task is to open the eyes to the glory

    of the Vedas and to convince you that vedic

    injunctions, when put in practice will yield the

    promised results. My prema towards the

    Vedas is matched only by My Prema towards

    humanity. My mission is just four:

    Vedaposhana, Vidwath-poshana,

    Bhaktharakshana and Dharmarakshana.(S. S. Sm. Part II p.43)

    My task (Deeksha) is to give all persons

    to guide in the right path and guard them

    from evil. My vow (Vratham) is to save all

    who stray away from straight path leading

    them to the path of virtue (Sanmarga) My

    love (Prema) is to end the misery of the poor

    and give them all they need. My Crown is to

    help, nourish and protect all who worship

    Me. Devotion to Me is nothing but this is to

    have a steady mind, unaffected by ups anddowns, joy or grief. (S.S.S.B p.6/7)

    This Sai has come in order to achieve

    the Supreme task of uniting the entire

    mankind as one family - through the bond of

    brotherhood of affirming and limiting the

    inner reality of each being in order to reveal

    the divine which, is the basis on which the

    entire cosmos rests, and of instructing all to

    recognise the common Divine Heritage that

    binds man, so that man can rid himself ofthe animal and rise the Divine which is his

    goal! (P.E. p.82)

    My task is not merely cure, to console or

    to remove the misery and pain of the

    individuals. That is incidental. My main task

    is the establishment of Vedanta and vedantic

    way of life in India and the world, (S.G.M.


    No Avatar has ever done the things Sai

    is doing, taking interest in everything

    concerning your families , celebrating family

    functions and giving individual counsel .

    (D. G. p. 149)

    It is not what anyone alive can imagine. It

    is not something that one can try to aspire

    to. It is beyond all comprehension. I can say

    that its beauty is magnificent beyond all

    dreams. And as each of you perform your

    silent work I embrace you to MY heart and

    henceforth your souls shall be lifted up and

    eyes will reveal MY presence within. This 1

    say to all MY devotees from the Lords

    Mountain Top where all the universe becomesone. Be about MY work, MY beloved

    BHAKTHAS (devotees). Your breath will carry

    the scent of the Blossoms of Heaven. Your

    example will be that of Angels. Your Joy will

    be MY Joy,

    1. No matter wherever you go, always do

    your duty as you see fit and know that I

    will be there inside you, guiding you every

    step of the way. In the years to come, you

    will experience me in many different

    manifestations of my form.

    2. You are my own, dearer than dear to me.

    3. I will protect you as the eyelids protect the


    4. You already have me, and I have you.

    5. I will never leave you and you will never

    leave me. From this point on, do not

    hanker after anything.

    6. Do your duty with unwavering love, seeing

    all as God. Be patient.

    7. In time everything will be given to you. Behappy.

    8. There is no need to worry about anything.

    9. Whatever is experienced, whatever

    happens, know that this Avatar willed it


    10. There is no force on earth, which can

    delay for an instant the mission for which

    this Avatar has come.

    11. You are all sacred souls, and have parts

    to play in the unfolding drama of the new

    Golden Age, which is coming.(S.S.S. Vol.XXIII p.264/265)

    My Mission

    67 68

    69 70

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    My mission is to raise the

    consciousness of man to a level at which he

    neither rejoices nor mourns over anything. In

    that supreme state one is going through

    rebirth and redeath each moment, for these

    acts are one and the same, emerging from

    formless into form, merging from form into

    formless. Then there is no success or

    adversity, no joy or pain. When the devotee

    attains this oneness, his journey towards Me

    ceases for he will be ever with Me endlessly.

    (S.S. 60 p. 24)

    Avatars manifested in the Kritha Yuga for

    the preservation of Vedic tradition, in the

    Threta Yuga for the protection of Dharma and

    in Dwapara Yuga for the protection of Dharma

    for the promulgation of the right of property.

    In the Kritha Yuga, the Avatar saved the

    Vedas from the neglect; in the Threta Yuga,

    He saved women from dishonour, and in the

    Dwapara Yuga He saved property from

    injustice. Now in the fourth Age, the Kali

    Yuga all these four are in dire peril. The

    Vedas are ridiculed. Women are tempted into

    unwomanly lives, and property itself is

    condemned as theft. So, the Present Avatar

    has a three- fold task. Man has no purity in

    heart. No sanctity in his emotions, no love in

    his deeds, no God in his prayers . (U. p. 45)

    Previous Avatars like Rama and Krishna

    had to destroy a few individuals who could

    be identified as enemies of the godly way of

    life and thus restore the dharmic life. Today,

    however, wickedness has tainted so many

    that humanity itself stands under threat of

    destruction. Therefore in my present Avatar,

    I have come armed with full power of formless

    God to correct mankind, raise human

    consciousness and put people back on theright path of truth, righteousness, peace and

    love to divinity.

    The evil must be removed before such a

    catastrophe (destructive war) takes place.

    There will be minor war and skirmishes, of

    course; these cannot be helped in the existing

    state of affairs. The Mahabharata is different

    issue altogether. Lord Krishna decreed it

    and. In fact led Arjuna to the battlefield in

    order to rid the world of evil men and ungodly


    Today as I told, the evil is so widespreadthat humanity itself would be destroyed in a

    nuclear holocaust in the event of a world war.

    It is to prevent such a catastrophe that this

    Avatar has come to raise human

    consciousness above the existing syndrome

    of anger, hate, violence and war and save

    the world from disaster. This can be achieved

    only by the reestablishment of the brotherhood

    of mankind through the Vedas, Shastras and

    all religions with their evangel of dharma to

    liberate the human race from the chains of

    karma (the cycle of birth and death) .(S & M. p.239)

    This is precisely what I am doing by

    incarnating the indwelling God in man to

    overcome such calamities like earth quakes,

    floods, droughts, famine, and epidemics.

    There are two ways in which an Avatar can

    help people: An instant solution, as against

    a long term one.

    Any instant solution would go against the

    fundamental quality of nature itself as well

    as the Karmic law of cause and effect. Most

    people live in the material world of their

    desires and egos which is governed by this

    law. They reap the fruits of their actions. This

    brings about their evolution or devolution, If

    the Avatar intervenes to instantly solve their

    problems, it would stop all action,

    development, and even evolution. This

    solution can be ruled out because it totally

    negates the natural laws.

    The other and more effective alternative

    presents a long term solution whereby theAvatar leads people themselves to a higher

    71 72

    73 74

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    level of consciousness to enable them to

    understand the truth of spiritual laws so that

    they turn towards righteousness and

    steadfastly work for better conditions. This

    will relate back to Nature and Karmic law of

    causation. They would then transcend the

    cycle of cause and effect, in which to-day

    they are involved as victims, and thereby

    command and control the natural forces to

    be able to avert the calamities.

    They would become shareholders of my

    Sankalpa Shakthi (divine power, universal

    energy). I have to work through them, rouse

    the indwelling God in them, and evolve them

    into a higher reality in order to enable them

    to master the natural laws and forces.

    If I cure everything instantly leaving people

    at their present level of consciousness, they

    would soon mess up things and be at one

    anothers throats again, with the result that

    the same chaotic situation would develop in

    the world.

    Suffering and misery are inescapable acts

    of Cosmic drama. God does not decree

    these calamities, but man invites by way of

    retribution for his own evil ends. This is

    corrective punishment which induces mankind

    to give up wrong path and return to the right

    path so that he may experience Godlike

    condition of Sat- Chit-Ananda- that is, an

    existence of wisdom and Bliss. All this is

    part of the grand synthesis in which the

    negatives serve to glorify the positives. Thus

    death glorifies the immortality, ignorance

    glorifies wisdom, misery glorifies bliss and

    night glorifies dawn.

    So, finally if the Avatar brings the

    calamities to an immediate end, which I can

    do, when there is a great need, the whole

    drama of creation with its Karmic (universal

    inescapable duty) law will collapse. Rememberthese calamities occur not because of what

    God has made of man but really because of

    what man has made of man. Therefore, man

    has to be UNMADE and REMADE with his

    ego destroyed and replaced by a transcendent

    consciousness, so that he may rise above

    the Karmic to command. (M. B. I. P. 95/96)


    I have come not to disturb any or destroy

    any Faith, but to confirm in his own Faith, so

    that the Christian becomes a better Christian,

    the Muslim a better Muslim, and a Hindu a

    better Hindu. I have come reconstruct the

    ancient highway to God; to instruct all in the

    essence of Vedas, to shower all this precious

    gift; to protect Sanathana Dharma, the ancient

    wisdom and to preserve it. My Mission is to

    serve happiness and so I am always happy

    to come among you, not once but twice,

    thrice as often as you want me. To set right

    those who have taken a wrong path and to

    protect the good people, Sai will be born

    again and again. (S.B.A. p. 17)

    It only meant that He (SHIRDI SAI) whocame as Sai Baba again as Sathya Sai Baba!

    Moreover, the Sais come in a series. After

    this there will be another, PREMA SAI, who

    will take birth in Mysore region.

    (Now Karnataka State).

    In My previous Avatar, SHIRDI BABA,

    laid the base for a secular integration and

    gave mankind the message of Duty is God.

    The mission of the present Avatar is to

    make everybody realise that the same God

    or Divinity resides in everyone. People should

    respect, love, and help each other irrespective

    of colour or creed. Thus all work can become

    a way of worship. Finally, Prema Sai, the

    third Avatar, will promote the evangelic

    newness that not only does God reside in

    everybody, but also everybody is god. This

    will be final wisdom, which enables every

    man and woman to reach God. Thus the

    three Avatars carry the triple message of

    work, worship and wisdom. (U. p. 26)

    Now, the Rakshasa nature is universaland hence this Avathar has to bring a

    75 76

    77 78

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    revolution in human character, attitude and

    behaviour and people have to be taught

    certain disciplines. (S.G.M -p. 375)

    Birds, beasts and trees have not deviated

    from their Nature; they are still holding it

    valid. Man alone has disfigured it, in his

    crude attempt to improve upon it. So, theAvathar has to come as man among men,

    and move as friend, well wisher, Kinsman,

    guide, teacher, healer and participant among

    men. He has come to restore Righteousness

    and, so when man follows Righteousness,

    He is pleased and content. Act, so that your

    career as a man is not degraded, desecrated.

    With hands on chest, assert, I am man; I

    am human; I am saturated with shining

    humanity, humanness: God does not draw

    you near or keep you far; You near Him or

    keep away from Him. God has no likes ordislikes. You live according to the highest

    demands of your nature and you are near

    Him. (S -p. 28)

    In this Avatar, the wicked will not be

    destroyed, they will be corrected and reformed

    and educated and led back to the path from

    which they have strayed.

    The white ant infected tree will not be cut,

    it will be saved. Again this avatar will not

    select some other place for the centre ofLeelas Mahimas and Upadesa. This tree will

    not be transplanted - it will grow where it

    rose from the earth. Another speciality is

    this: the Avatar has no affinity or attachment

    in its career with members of the family

    wherein it appeared. Unlike the appearances

    as Rama, Krishna etc., when the Life was

    played out mostly among and for the family

    members, this Avatar is for the Bhakthas,

    the aspirants, the Sadhus and Sadhakas

    only. It has no japa, dhyana or yoga; it knows

    no worship; it will not pray to anything, for itis the Highest. It only teaches you to worship

    and pray. (S.S.S. Vol. I p.22)

    The life of Sai, the message of Sai, the

    ideals Sai holds forth, the lesson that Sai

    teaches the world, are enshrined in one

    word- LOVE.

    I want people come, see, hear, study,

    observe, experience and realise Baba. Then

    only will they understand Me and appreciate

    the Avatar .

    I have come to inscribe a golden chapterin the history of humanity, wherein falsehood

    will fail, truth will triumph, and virtue will

    reign. Character will confer power then, not

    knowledge, or inventive skill, or wealth.

    Wisdom will be enshrined in the Councils of

    Nations. (P. E. p. 76)

    Make use of Me; that is all ask of you.

    I invite all to come and derive benefit from

    Me. Dive and know the depth; watch and

    discriminate; eat and know the taste. I long

    for people who do that. (U. p. xxv)

    Come I am the repairer of broken hearts,

    of damaged Anthah-karanas. I am like the

    smith who welds, mends and sets right.

    (S.S.S. Vol. II. P.285)

    See in Me, Yourself, for I see Myself in

    you all. You are My life, My breath, My soul.

    You are My Forms all, when I love you, I love

    Myself; when you love yourselves, you love

    Me! I have separated Myself from Myself, so

    that I may love Myself. My Beloved ones, you

    are MY OWN SELF. (S.S. Sm. Part II p.143)

    I give you what you want, until you want

    what I have come to give. (V. p.3)

    Never advises directly

    Avatars seldom give advice directly.

    Whatever they wish to communicate, they

    convey more often by way of indirect method

    of instruction. The reason for this is there is

    divinity inherent in every being, which he can

    manifest spontaneously if favourableconditions are provided, just as a viable

    79 80

    81 82

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    seed will germinate and grow into a tree

    because of its inherent nature, if only suitable

    facilities are provided for the manifestation

    of its potentiality. Man should be enabled to

    correct himself by his own efforts, by merely

    giving timely suggestions, rather than by

    stultifying his freedom and dignity through

    directives imposed from without. In short,

    the best maxim for helping people either in

    wordily matter or in spiritual field is: Help

    them to help themselves or Self-help is the

    best help. (I.C.S. p. 95/96)

    HIS Clarion Call

    Awake, my children, and see the Light.

    Seize the opportunity that you now have and

    break away from the groove of the past.

    Follow the Master and experience the bliss

    that comes from Union with god - a life span

    in harmony with the infinite. I am the Truth,Open your hearts. Let your life be filled with

    Love. You will then experience the unity of all


    My children, surrender to the Lord. Offer

    everything that you have to Him. He will take

    of you, Experience the Bliss that comes from

    unconditional surrender and leave behind,

    forever, the miseries and disappointments of

    the past. The choice is yours; and the timing

    is yours. I will be there waiting for you.

    (U. p. xxv)

    I am the bonded slave of My devotee. I

    will be waiting outside the pug room to carry

    out what My devotee wishes for.

    (S.S.S.B. p.44)

    I am infinite; I am immeasurable; I am

    UNIQUE, I am incomparable; Equal to Myself

    alone, I am My own Measure, Witness,

    Authority. I am worried that people are not

    benefiting from Me as much as I would like

    to confer. I dont want your devotion; I

    want your transformation. (U - p. 323)

    Darshansam Paapanaasanam, Sight of

    the Lord destroys all sins. Sambhaashanam

    Sankatanasanam, Conversing with the Lord

    destroys all grief, Sparsanam

    Karmavimochanam, The touch of the Divine

    liberates from all kinds of bonds.

    (U. p.302)

    Play your role, remain centred on Me.

    Impart purity in your hearts to all fellow

    beings. Dont reach for the fruits of your

    work. You are My instruments from whom My

    Love will radiate. The moment you let your

    ego descend on you, My work with you will

    cease. When you overcome this negative

    attitude you will again be My source. As each

    one of you performs the work silently, I will

    embrace you to My heart. You will feel Me

    and I am Thee. Beloved devotees, be about

    My work. Your breath will then carry the

    scent of the Blossoms of Heaven. Your form

    will be that of the Angels. Your Joy will then

    be My Joy. (u. p. xxv)

    Your mission has begun. These are Mywords to you, My devotees. Each of you has

    a unique and valuable part to play in this

    lifetime. Only those whom I called can serve


    The multiplication of My Love will be felt

    throughout the world. I have prepared you for

    this work over many incarnations. I have

    drawn you to Me. I have made great steps in

    My mission over these past incarnations. My

    work is ceaseless and so your work too, is

    without end. Know that I am within you andwithout you. There is no difference. Rid

    yourself of petty matters forever more. YOU

    are Me and I am Thee. There is no difference.

    My Darshan will pour forth Me to and

    through you. You may be unaware of this

    constant action. Be ever pure of heart and

    soul and mankind, in your lifetime, will benefit

    from you unique quality. Others too, will join

    Me in this mission when I draw them to Me.

    The time is approaching when all humanity

    will live in harmony. That time will be heresooner than expects. Before it arises, be

    83 84

    85 86

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    prepared for whatever is needed to reveal to

    every living thing, anyone can imagine. It is

    something that one can try to aspire for. It is

    beyond all comprehension. I can say that its

    beauty is magnificent beyond all dreams. As

    each one of you performs your silent work, I

    will embrace you to My heart and henceforth

    your souls shall be lifted up and your eyeswill reveal My presence within. This I say to

    all My devotees from the mountaintop where

    all the universe becomes one. Be about My

    work, My beloved devotees! (M. p.27)

    Sais Assurance

    Bring me the depths of your minds, no

    matter how grotesque, no matter how ravaged

    by doubts or disappointments. I will not

    reject you. I am your Mother. (LIC P59)

    Be patient. In time every thing will be

    given to you. Be happy. There is no need toworry about anything. Whatever is

    experienced, whatever happens, know that

    this Avatar willed it so. There is no force on

    earth, which can delay for an instant the

    mission for which this Avatar has come.

    (LIC P 64)

    Do Not Lose Sai

    When God assumes a human form, He

    does not become limited or lower in any

    sense. Do not be deluded by such doubts.Think about the golden opportunity at hand

    and make all possible efforts to earn His

    grace and Blessings. This chance will nevercome again.

    Chikkina Sai Ni Vakkaleyaka Chakka


    Poyina Chikkadu ee Partheesuni Paada

    Seva Yandi,

    Bhaktini Icchi Sakti Lo Munchi Mukti


    Eka Manasu To Nammi Sai Ni EnchiKoluvabondi,

    Itarula Maatalanimpuga Nammi Kompa


    You have found Sai. Now bring Him near,

    do no neglect Him.

    Once lost, the chance to serve the Feet

    of the Lord of Parthi will never come again.

    He bestows devotion, immerses you in

    strength and takes you to liberation. With a

    one pointed mind, have faith in Sai and

    worship Him. Do not ruin your destiny by

    giving ear to others words.

    You obtained this rare opportunity Now

    use it well. Follow the path prescribed by

    God, engage in actions that are dear to God.

    God seeks unwavering, pure and unselfish

    Love alone. In return, He will grant anything

    and go to any extent to please you.

    (S.S.B. p.127)

    Have Faith, Have No fear

    I shall be ever be with you guiding you,

    guarding and protecting as the eyelids protect

    the eyes. Have no fear. March on

    (S.S.S. Vol. IX p.221)

    BIBLIOGRAPHYD3 - Discourses by Bhagavan Sri Sathya

    Sai Baba

    S.S.S. Sathya Sai Speaks

    G.V. Gita Vahini

    N.G.M Nature. God and Man

    S & M Spirit and Mind

    M.L Message of the Lord

    N.N.S.G. Necklace of Nine Sai Gems

    U Uniqueness of Swami and HisTeachings

    S.S.Sm. Sathyam Sivam Sundaram

    B.S.S. Baba Sathya Sai

    A.V. Aura of the Divine

    S.R.B.M. Summer Showers in Blue Mountains

    S.S. Sanathana Sarathi

    F. G. Finding God

    F.D.D. Facets of the Divine Diamond

    E. Unity is Divinity Purity is


    S.B.A. Sai Baba- Avatar

    C.W.B.S.S.B Conversations with Bhagavan Sathya

    Sai Baba

    87 88

    89 90

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    B. V. Bhagavata Vahini

    L. G. Loving God

    M.B.I. My Baba and I

    V. Sai Vandana

    R.K.R.V, - Rama Katha Rasa Vahini

    L.A. Life is Awareness

    A.C.P.- A Catholic Priest Meets Sai Baba

    L.K.V. Leela Kaivalya Vahini

    S.S.G. Sai Supreme Personality of Godhead

    D.D. - Divine Discourses

    B. Bhaktodharaka Sri Sathya Sai

    Y. - You are God

    S.S.S.B. Sri Sathya Sai Baba

    S.G.M. Sathya Sai Baba a Story of God as


    D.G. Divine Glory

    S. Senses for Selfless Service

    I.C.S. Indian Culture and Spirituality

    M. Man ManagementL.I.C.= Life is a Challenge Meet it


    Thy name is Truth

    Thou art Truth, Existence and Bliss

    Thou art love incarnate

    Thou art my mother , father, friend

    philosopher and guide

    Thou art my solace, sustenance and solace

    Guide me my father, guard me my mother

    and lead me my Lord

    Thou art my refuge, everything and all

    Thy name is Truth.


    Oh the nameless and formless ONE

    You answer any name

    All names are yours

    Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, Zoroastra

    To mention a few

    You are everywhere and in everything

    In the Universe

    You shower grace equally on all as

    Sun is ever ready to flood his shine on everyone

    I am Yours

    Grant me Oh Lord the strength toHold fast Your Lotus Feet

    Merge me in Thee, Oh My Lord

    I am Yours.

    (Tumuluru Krishna Murty)

    Rescuing is My Dharma

    Rescuing a true Bhaktha is My Dharma. My

    very Nature. Someone asked Me whether it was

    right on My part to plunge thousands into grief,

    in order to resue one. Such numerical calculations

    cannot apply to acts of Grace. I act My

    Dharma,regardless of how it affects you or him.

    Rama obeyed his fathers desire. He did not

    desist though all Ayodhya was bathed in tears.

    The father who has acceded to his mothers

    wicked desire to exile Him and the very brotherwho was to benefit by the exile urged Him to

    stay on . But, He did not turn back. The illness

    that I took on had to execute its Dharma

    according to its nature. I allowed it behave so; it

    is only then that you can observe and imbibe the

    Glory of the Victory. Krishna could have waved

    off the rains that Indra threatened to pour on the

    region of Brindavan, but, He permitted the God of

    Rains to carry on His Dharma. And, He utilised

    the occasion, to let the Gopis and Gopas have a

    glimpse of HIS GLORY. He lifted the Govardhan

    Mount on His little finger to save them from the

    devastating downpour. He observed His Dharma

    of Bhaktharakshana (Granting succour of

    Devotees). Now too, as in that Age, the Purposeis Proclamation of Divinity. (S.S.Sm. Part II-


    Shri Sathya Sai has Come

    Like good food that comes

    to one who has been fasting

    for the past ten days, like a

    heavy downpour of rain thatcomes to fill the dried and

    empty tanks, like a child

    coming into a family which has

    for long been yearning for

    children, like a shower of wealth

    on a very poor man, has come

    Shri Sathya Sai in Puttaparthi,

    when there is a total decline of

    Dharma among the people

    (S.S.B. 1977 p. 248)

    2nd Cover 3rd Cover

    91 92

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    Vilmiki has given the meaning of Rama by splitting the name

    into three parts. Ra, Aa and Ma. Ra is the basic letter for Agni

    or fire, Aa is for Sun and Ma for Moon. These three letters

    respectively signify Agni, Sun and Moon. The fire burns away

    all the sins, the sun sheds light and removes the ignorance and

    the moon cools the agitation in one's mind. Thus the utterance

    of the mane of Rama removes your sins, your ignorance and

    your agitations, and eliminates the possibility of your being

    reborn. In this context, he has also been identifying the sound

    AUM with the name Rama, and both bring the same result. As

    AUM is the very basis of all the Vedas, so also is Rama thebasis of all creation. The three important aspects of Agni,

    Moon and Sun contained in the name Rame are synonymous

    with Ida, Saraswathi and Bharathi and are the basis for the

    whole world. (S.S.B. 1974 - p. 243)

    Krishna has three separate meanings - the word, that is:

    (i) Karsh is one root from which the name is derived. It means,

    that which attracts; Krishna attracts hearts to Himself, by His

    sportive past-times, miraculous victories over the forces of evil,

    His charming conversation, His wisdom, His personal beauty.

    (ii) The word is also related to the root, Krish, to cultivate as a

    field, for growing crops. The word means, He who removes the

    weeds from the heart of man, and sows seeds of faith, courage

    and joy. (iii) It is related to the root, Krish, meaning something

    above and beyond the three attributes and the three eras, andna, means Sath-chith-ananda. (S.S.S. Vol. 8 - p. 51)


    Having installed Sai in your village, you must grow in Prema,

    for Sai is Premaswarupam. Sa means, Sarvasakthi: Sarvasakshi

    is the Witness in All; Aayi means, Mother; Baba means, Father.

    The Prema of Sai is the Prema characteristic of the Father and

    the Mother; not the earthly father and mother but the Father and

    Mother who are the Witness of every Thought, Word and Deed

    in every being. (S.S.S. Vol. II - p. 133)

    Sai baba means "the Divine Mother and Father"

    (S.S.Sm. Part IV - p. 77)

    The word 'Sayi', i.e. Sahi, means Prabhu, the Master. The word'Baba' means Father. (Sanathana Sarathi (Kannada) Sept. 1972 - p. 24)

    What exactly is the meaning of Sai Baba? Sa means

    Sahasrapadma, Saakshaatkaara, etc... Aayi means Mother and

    Baba means Father; it means, He who is both Father and

    Mother, and the Goal of all Yogic endeavour... the ever-merciful

    Mother, the All-wise Father and the Goal of Sadhana.

    (S.S.S. Vol. II - p. 22)

    The words Sai Baba and Sambasiva mean the same thing. Sa

    Amba Siva means Divine Father and Mother, and so does the

    word Sai Baba. Because there is the aspect of mother and

    father, and because both are present, this form is rightly to be

    described as Siva Sakthi atma swaroopa. Like a mother, I will

    be tender and soft and give you happiness, and like father, I

    punish you, criticise you when needed, and through thesemethods, I take you to a high level. (S.S.B. 1974 - p. 288)

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