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<ul><li><p>w p b a y . n e t </p><p>WP SEO Plugin for Best Keywords </p><p>Again another great WP SEO plugin has been released by Daniel Lew creator of many useful </p><p>WordPress plugins and other internet marketing as well as SEO tools. Fortunately, nowadays </p><p>many useful WP SEO plugins have been released that make the life of the bloggers easier and the </p><p>one that I would like to show you is one of the most useful. This will help you to find targeted </p><p>highly searched, but non competitive keywords and phrases. </p><p>The mentioned factors are really important since you have to find keywords that are not over </p><p>promoted by millions of websites, so you will have the chance to have higher ranks in search </p><p>engines like Gooogle and that means you more free, targeted traffic to your website. </p><p>Of course, this process can be done by using other SEO software such as keyword research </p><p>software, but by using this WP SEO plugin it can be done comfortably and most importantly </p><p>effectively from the post panel. So you do not have to use some type of external tool any more. </p><p>Get more info about how this plugin works exactly here </p><p>Why Use KW WP SEO Plugin </p><p>It makes writing posts and ranking high in search </p><p>engines such as Google much more easier. You do not </p><p>need to spend your time with researching the best </p><p>headlines, checking the competitors and searching </p><p>trends. This tool will do all the necessary tasks for you </p><p>and offers the results at your fingertips in your blog </p><p>post admin. Then these keywords an be used within the </p><p>posts. </p><p>To get top rankings is hard nowadays, you have to </p><p>think of amazing headlines to strike your audience, you have to get this headline ranked well so </p><p>that it appears in good position in Google. Having good position gets more hits, leading to more </p><p>sales and make more money! This search engine optimization plugin will help you to reach it. </p><p>What This WP SEO Plugin Offers </p><p>1. Competition &amp; Search Trends Analysis When you create a headline to your blog post, results are automatically displayed making it easier </p><p>for you choose the best headline based on its competitive nature and search trend. </p><p></p></li><li><p>w p b a y . n e t </p><p>2. Keyword Suggestions for Low Competition Headlines Keyword suggestions will be there at your finger tips making it simpler to target the right </p><p>headlines to rank on the 1st place. </p><p>3. Colours Highlighted to Target Specific Search Terms This WP SEO plugin highlights the less competitive phrases and more competitive phrases are </p><p>highlighted red. this way it is really easy to recognize the keywords that you have to use. </p><p>All in all, this plugin will help you to find the best keywords faster and more effectively and with </p><p>that it helps you to be on the top of Google for those keywords. </p><p>If you have just started blogging and you are not so familiar with keyword optimization this is a </p><p>great help, but advanced bloggers can also save time on keyword research. On top of that, it is </p><p>continuously being developed and this WP SEO plugin has a 2. version which is much more </p><p>effective! </p><p>GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT IT HERE </p><p></p></li></ul>