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  1. 1. Authored by Karina D. Barley M.Ed To learn more please visit
  2. 2. The iPad is quickly becoming the most innovative & exciting technology based teaching tool to come along in years. Youre a teacher and your school has handed you an iPad. Youre expected to do something with it and youre freaking out. Where to start? What to do? What apps should I start with? When I first started on the iPad journey, I downloaded so many apps, it was impossible to learn how to use them all effectively. Further along my journey, I realized there were many apps I hadnt even opened yet and were going to waste on my iPad desktop.
  3. 3. This device and specific apps can transform YOUR classroom like never before: the technology brings your classroom into the 21st Century; increases student engagement and motivation; students become collaborative partners in the learning process; your lessons can easily be matched to the Common Core Standards; and individualized learning has never been easier to achieve. I now advise teachers to only download a few apps at a time; learn them; use them in lessons; work out how you can incorporate them so that they align with the CCS; and finally learn how to engage and motivate your students to learn using 21st Century technology. This is the second list I have created in the series, featuring my favorite iPad apps for Books and Reading. Enjoy!
  4. 4. Please note the prices are subject to change If you click on each app icon it will take you to the apps page on the iTunes App Store A lot of the apps are available for Android through the Google Play Store. Please visit to find out more!
  5. 5. Animalia $ 3.99 (Elementary) Excellent childrens picture book by Graeme Base with a hide and find component. Avatar Books (Some free versions & $1.99) (Elementary) A brilliant reading app, that combines classic stories with the ability to include the student's faces into the character. The kids love this.
  6. 6. Comics - Free (All Ages) Comics are between 0.99c - $1.99 each. For those students who do not like to read regular books. Green Eggs & Ham $4.99 (Elementary/Early Years) It is a personal favorite so makes the list. iBooks - Free (All Ages) Can add any pdf file or iBook for reading. There is a site called that you can become a member for about $80 which has a huge resource for readers from the lowest reading level to over level 20. You can download these books as PDF files and read in iBooks.
  7. 7. Itsy Bitsy Spider $1.99 (Elementary) Excellent app by developers Duck Duck Moose. It is extremely interactive and the graphics are bright, colorful and engaging. Kindle eReader Free - (All Ages) This is the classic kindle as an app. This is my choice of eReader. Marvel Comic Book - (Free download, with in house purchases) (Older students, who prefer comic reading) This is one of the comic book apps available. You can purchase comics within the app.
  8. 8. Mee Genius Free Download Books approx $1.19 each. (Early Years/Elementary) Brilliant books and they add extra books from time to time. MeMeTales Free Download Free 20 books and a free book each month. (Early Years/Elementary) Can also purchase books for approx .99c each. The books are really lovely and can be used as readers. Moving Picture Books (MPB) Approx $1 per book. (Early Years/Elementary) Interactive, moving books with good graphics. They introduce new books all the time.
  9. 9. National Geographic App Free download, but you have to pay for individual magazines or a yearly subscription for $19.99 (All Ages) Ranked amongst the best magazine apps and the pages look beautiful on the iPad. National Geographic - Ultimate Dinopedia $5.49 (Elementary/Senior) This is an incredibly comprehensive app that is full of dinosaur facts and information. (They have other books as well in nonfiction titles).
  10. 10. Nook Kids Free Download (All Ages) An eReader app similar to iBooks and Kindle, and it is an individual choice as to which one you choose. Play Tales - Free Download (Early Years/Elementary) Books range from 99c - $1.99 each. This is one of my favorite book apps for kids. The books are beautiful, interactive and the graphics are fabulous. Great value. They also have a PlayTales Gold where you can pay a monthly fee and have access to all the books.
  11. 11. Read Me Stories Free - $1.19 (Early Years/Elementary) Brilliant book app, it has 30 audio books, fabulous graphics and really fun stories. This app is only $1.19 for all 30 books, or you can download the app for free and you get a free book a day. Sesame Street eBooks Free Download (Early Years/Elementary) All Sesame Street Books, some audio, and has a fabulous range of books. Has a monthly subscription of $3.99 and you can download as many books as you want.
  12. 12. The Water Hole - $3.99 (Elementary) Another great book by Graeam Base. It has so many components to the app, so makes the story an entire experience. Toy Story 1.2.3 - $16.98 (Early Years/Elementary) Toy Story stories for enjoyment, but also has color pages.
  13. 13. There are more of my favorite apps lists to come! I have over 400 apps on my iPad and Android tablets and will continue to share my reviews with you. These apps can be used in the classroom or just at home. To learn more please visit