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Having a T-shirt quilt made when you graduate from high school is a rite of passage. Here are photographs of some of the best T-shirt quilts made graduates of the class of 2014.


  • 1. 1 You are more than welcome to call us here at Too Cool T-shirt Quilts with any questions you have about your T-shirt Quilt. 517-541-8225 Copyright 2014 Too Cool T-shirt Quilts Inc and Too Cool T-shirt Quilts International LLC The Best Graduation T-shirt Quilts of 2014

2. 2 This quilt is interesting because we mixed solid and tie dyed T-shirt material to make the 4 inch pieced border. The inner 2 inch pink border high lights both the inside of the quilt and the pieced border. ! Size: Full size - 84 x 92 Border: 4 inch pieced + 2 inch inner solid 3. 3 The green 2 inch solid border on this quilt brings out the green in the quilt. ! This quilt also has a number of interesting items used. There is a scarf and the edge of a shaw. ! The most unique part of this quilt are award ribbons used through the quilt. But because the ribbons are acetate and not material, this quilt cannot be washed in a washing machine. ! Size: Full size - 84 x 92 Border: 2 inch solid 4. 4 This is a typical High School graduation T-shirt quilt. Each T-shirt tells part of the story of this young womans life. ! Size: Twin Size - 60 x 84 5. 5 The 4 inch solid teal blue border on this quilt reflects the teal blocks elsewhere on the quilt. The border ties this quilt together very nicely. ! Size: 84 x 92 Border: 4 inch solid 6. 6 This border is similar to the 4 inch teal blue border on the previous page. The 2 inch inner purple border adds another layer to this quilt. ! Size: 84 x 92 Border: 4 inch + 2 inch solid 7. 7 The T-shirts used in this quilt range from typical to fun. Typical T-shirts include: Class of 2014 and im on island time. ! The Keep Calm and Carry On T-shirt has been exploited for every conceivable organization and interest. You fill in the blank - Keep Calm and _____ On. ! But in this quilt, the Keep Calm and Carry On has been crossed out and replaced with: Run Zombies Are Coming. Much more fun! ! Size: 84 x 92 8. 8 The white blocks in this 4 inch pieced border were cut from a bed sheet printed with dancers that the young woman cherished from childhood. Very fun quilt. ! Size: 84 x 92 Border: 4 inch pieced 9. 9 This is a very colorful quilt. The 4 inch pieced border is cut from the leftover pieces of T-shirt material from their own T-shirts. The result is a very cohesive feeling T-shirts quilt. ! Also, this quilt does not have one white T-shirt in the mix. This also helps to give the quilt a feeling of being very colorful. ! Size: 64 x 80 Border: 4 inch pieced 10. 10 It is amazing how two quilts that are similar on paper can end up so different. Like the quilt on the previous page, this quilts 4 inch pieced border is also made from their T- shirts. Yet this quilt is totally different than the other quilt. ! ! ! Size: 72 x 84 11. 11 The 4 inch ROY G. BIV color theme 4 inch pieced border coupled with the black 2 inch inner border makes this quilt sing. ! T-shirt quilt should be fun and this one has it down! ! Size: 68 x 80 Border: 4 inch pieced + 2 inch solid 12. 12 This quilt includes a few unique items. The first is two pieces from her graduation sash. The other item is a drum majors sash from her marching uniform. This sash is removable. ! This quilt also has the Keep Calm. T-shirt. ! Size: 88 x 96 13. 13 Not all graduations are from high school. This is a college graduation T-shirt quilt. ! This quilt celebrates this young womans life as a Delta Zeta at Georgia State University. ! Size: 84 x 92 Border: 2 inch solid 14. 14 This quilt has a 2 inch inner and a 4 inch outer solid border. This border draws the eye to the T-shirts. ! This graduate has a variety of activities highlighted in her quilt. ! Size: 80 x 92 15. 15 This Florida State University graduation quilts border ties into the school colors. But despite the maroon and yellow color theme, the green and blue T-shirts dont look out of place. ! Heres another quilt with the Keep Calm and ____ On. ! Size: 84 x 92 Border: 4 inch pieced 16. 16 A few students from the class of 2014 enjoying their Too Cool T-shirt quilts. 17. 17