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  1. 1. 5 Best Gadgets You Can Gift to a Tech Lover If youre a gadget lover, chances are you do keep a track on all the latest gadgets releases. Technology has indeed had a massive advancement in recent times. Now there are super smart gadgets taking over all sectors of your everyday life. Here are some of the best gadgets that have been released recently you can check sometime soon. Luzi- Worlds Smartest Lamp That Helps You Sleep Luzi is the worlds smartest lamp that helps you sleep. With Luzi you can control your connected devices with intelligent voice commands, get to sleep faster and sleep better with our patented sleep system, and clean up your nightstand with 4 integrated USB ports, wireless charging, and premium Bluetooth speakers. 3DSimo Mini The 3D Simo Mini was designed to be the ultimate tool, perfect for everyone. The Mini incorporates an LED display that shines through the minimalist case design and is also lighter and more compact that its predecessor without compromising speed or strength of the feed mechanism. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to handle as well. Inklet Trackpad Sketch System If you thought your trackpad couldnt do much, the Inklet will make you think otherwise. Its an amazing sketch system that will take your trackpad experience to an unimaginable level whenever youre using the Pogo or a Force Touch trackpad. This is probably the first third party application that supports Apples new Force Touch trackpad so that you get to enjoy pressure control on newer machines and create stuff you always wanted to. Saygus V SQUARED The Saygus V SQUARED is one of the coolest luxury smart gadgets in the smartphone industry. We are bringing you the worlds first no-compromise smartphone. Boasting 15 exclusive features and technologies new to the market in one device. The V SQUARED features technology such as lag free wireless HD beaming, which allows you to wirelessly stream any content from your phone to any HDTV. TripLit Portable Organic LED Lamp TripLit is one of the latest gadgets that flaunts a unique portable Organic LED lamp for active living. TripLit uses Organic LED (OLED) technology. TripLit is eco-conscious, safe and highly efficient! TripLit is a surface light source that emits a soft, diffused light that is easy on the eyes, produces no heat and has no UV emissions.