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  • 1. Finding the Right Wedding PhotographerThink about your mother and fathers wedding album. You have probably seen it a dozen times, andalthough it is most likely pretty outdated at this point in time, it is the single most useful item whenany wedding memories are being discussed. Youve looked at the hideous dresses a thousand times,laughed at the ridiculous hair-dos, and gawked at your fathers huge glasses. These things are all pos-sible because of the wedding photographer, which makes it one of the biggest parts in planning awedding.Deciding upon a wedding photographer can be one of the most difficult choices when it comes toyour wedding. After all, these photographs are how you will not only share this day with others, buthow you will be able to re-live it yourself.There are many important aspects to consider when deciding upon a photographer. It is importantto decide on a photographer that you not only enjoy their artistic style, but that you feel comfortablewith as well. If you are someone who is a bit camera shy you may want to look for a wedding pho-tographer who is used to shooting subjects in a natural or organic way so you feel your absolute best.There are many wedding photographers in the Twin Cities area to choose from which makes it easierto find one that suites your tastes, both artistically and personally.Although it may seem a little tedious, meeting with more than a few wedding photographers mighthelp you decide on exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are visiting a single photographer,or a large wedding vendor, make sure you ask for a portfolio or other wedding albums they haveproduced in order to point out things you either like or dislike. There are all different kinds of couples,so pointing out whether or not you like serious photographs rather than goofy ones is an importantconversation. The photographer should get to know the two of you as a couple in order to paint atrue picture of your wedding day.It is also important to discuss what type of albums the photographer has available once the photo-graphs are taken. There are numerous types of albums, and they can range anywhere from mildlycostly to extremely expensive. Making the photographer aware of what type of album you are lookingfor is vital because after all, this is the platform which your photographs will be displayed upon for therest of your life.Because these are such important pictures, it is smart to bring in a list when visiting your possiblephotographers. Come prepared to your meetings so you can get the most out of your appointment.Glance at wedding photos from your friends or family before in order to get a feeling for the type ofphotographer you are looking for. Being prepared never hurts!Luckily for all the brides and grooms of the Twin Cities, there are an amazing list of Minneapolis wed-ding photographers, so you can find the wedding photographer that is right for you.

2. Pros and Cons of Destination WeddingsSand under your toes, the hot sun shining on your back, and a beautiful sunset taking place while yousay your vows. That all sounds like an amazing wedding to most of us, but destination weddings canbe an idea that couples toy with for months before deciding if this is the right decision for their wed-ding. Did you know that even if you have a destination wedding, you can bring local vendors withyou? Oftentimes Minnesota couples that chose to leave home for a wedding ceremony will bringtheir Minneapolis wedding photographer with them.If you have had the opportunity to attend a destination wedding, you probably know how amazingthey can really be. Whether the spot is the snow capped mountains of Vail, Colorado, or the ex-travagant beaches of the Bahamas, it is clear why many people choose to have their weddings in alocation other than the place they call home. Creating a wedding in a special destination can makelife-long memories not only for the bride and groom, but for all the friends and families who are luckyenough to be there.However, the planning and preparation which can go into a destination wedding can be enough ofa headache for some that they decide to go to their local golf-club or ballroom rather than luggingtheir entire family across the country. So, how does one decide? It is important to weigh the pros andcons for you as a couple and your wedding party in general before deciding on whether or not a des-tination wedding is for you.The first thing which is on most peoples minds when planning a wedding, regardless of its location, isobvious: money. Money can become the main factor in planning a wedding no matter where it is, soit is no surprise that this is a large factor which keeps many couples from planning a wedding outsideof their comfort zone. If money is not a factor for you, then by all means, dont let that keep you fromplanning a wedding in a far-away spot. Unfortunately for most, money is a factor. A big one. This iswhy the number of guests you plan on inviting to the wedding is the second most important factor.Small weddings can be much easier not only to pay for, but also to plan for, in other places.Arranging all the details from catering, table settings, lighting, flowers, and any and all other decora-tions can be difficult when you are working with people who are hundreds to thousands of miles away.In this sense, a wedding planner might be the best option to help you work with all of these people.As with all extra details, this will need to be worked in to the budget.If you dont know the area well, it is probably best to bring your photographer with you. After all, thephotographs can be one of the most important things you walk away from your wedding with, sochoosing the right photographer is extremely important. If you find a photographer in your own citywhich you are most comfortable with, it is usually very possible to bring that photographer to yourchosen destination. For instance, if you have a photographer you love in Minneapolis, you can bringyour Minneapolis wedding photographer to Mexico if you wanted. The catch: you will have to paytheir way. If this is something that isnt quite in the budget for you, it is important to decide what mat-ters more, the photographer, or the location of your wedding. However, many photographers are will-ing to customize packages and will throw in extra coverage for a destination wedding (bacheloretteparty, rehearsal dinner, etc.).If you are set on a destination wedding, do not let the budget stray you away from having the wed-ding of your dreams. It is possible to cut down on a party size, handle many of the details yourself, orfind vendors in the particular area to help you rather than flying a particular photographer down. Yourfamily and friends may encourage you to go for it, as they probably need a vacation anyways! 3. Were Engaged! Now What?So he popped the question, and you said yes. But where do we go from here? It is common knowl-edge how many little details will come up in the next few months of planning your wedding. However,thinking about the first steps in being engaged is something that can be overlooked.These days, it is extremely common to not only have wedding showers and bachelor or bacheloretteparties, but also to have engagement parties. This can be a great way to get your family and friendstogether in order to celebrate the union that will occur in the near future. If your families are not veryfamiliar with each other this can serve as a great meet and greet for all those relatives that have yetto meet. With many family members most likely not living in the same state or city, it is a fun way toget everyone out for an event surrounding your wedding day.Once the wedding date draws near, your families will have already met each other and been able toshare some memories. This will release some of the tension from the big day, knowing that you donthave to do quite as many introductions!Deciding on exactly who you want to invite, or how big you want your engagement party to be isanother important discussion. A small and charming engagement party can include your family andvery close friends. You might want to think you will be included in the wedding party, as it is probablya smart idea that they are invited. Some bride and grooms decide to make this a big event and invitemore people, which usually result in renting out a special venue for this such as a private room at arestaurant. However, if you enjoy entertaining, you can accomplish a stunning engagement party inyour own home, which would cut some of the extra expenses.If you are the type of couple who wants to have an engagement party, there is a good chance you willbe interested in engagement photos as well. This is something that is becoming very common fornewly engaged couples. It is a great way to become comfortable in front of the camera together, andto test out the photographer that you will use for your wedding day.Many couples decide to use their engagement photos as a part of their save the date. The save thedate send out is not necessary, yet is something that is highly recommended. Family and friends areextremely busy, which means having something to put on their calendar or refrigerator to give them aheads-up on your wedding date is very smart. With some great engagement photographs, it is easyto take your favorite picture and create a chic, yet more casual mail out for your wedding guests.The excitement which will occur over the next few months of planning will only become greater asyou get closer to your wedding day. The amount of tasks can seem extremely overwhelming whenfirst engaged, however, if you take just a few steps at a time the plotting and planning will only pay offto make your wedding day spectacular. 4. Wedding Photography for the Camera ShyThere is one in every group. The one who ducks behind others during a photo opportunity, or dis-plays their extra-awkward smile just like Chandler Bing from Friends as soon as