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Bell Boy FunctionsBy Aarti Bawle

Front OfficeThe Front Office is considered to be the show case of the hotel and it is at this point that first impression is formed by the guest. This department has various sub sections eg telephones, reservation, registration, lobby etc. It deals with the guest right from reservation to registration (C/in) till the guest leaves the hotel(C/O)

Bell deskBell desk is a part of lobby supervised by bell captain or lobby supervisor. It is usually situated at the entrance of the lobby. Many bell boy or bellhop work under bell captain.

Functions of Bellboy1. The main function of bellboy is to handle guest luggage from arrival to departure stage. 2. Running errands for the guest. 3. Paging (locating a guest in hotel premises) 4. Shifting guest luggage in case of room change 5. Inform front desk about guest with no luggage or very little luggage( Scanty Baggage)

Functions of Bellboy 6. Deliver message to inhouse guest. 7. Check discrepancy through physical check. 8. Handle Left luggage. 9. In case of small hotels do the duties of a doorman and Valet & concierge. 10. Give wake up call to the guest

Competencies of a bellboy1. Well groomed at all the time ( proper uniform, clean shave, hair cut & good personal Hygiene at all the times, 2. Positive attitude. 3. Strong communication skills. 4. Good Knowledge about rooms, hotel and the city. 5. Good Knowledge about procedures.

On Arrival procedure for individual guest 1. Open the vehicle door for the guest. 2. Help the guest to load and unload the luggage. 3. Open the entrance door for the guest. 4. Escort the guest to the reception. 5. Allow him to do his check in with the receptionist.

6. Take the room key from receptionist 7. Escort the guest to his room. 8. Explain the guest about the room & hotel facilities. 9. Deliver the baggage to the room. 10. Wish him a happy stay at the hotel. 11. In case the guest has less luggage or no luggage inform Front Office about the potential Skipper

On stay (Occupancy Stage) 1.Run Errands for the guest. a. Laundry pick up/ delivery. b. messages to the guest room. c. Paging the guest if he is in the public areas of the hotel d. Inform Front office if there is any unnatural behavior of the guest.

Departure procedure ( C/ Out) When a guest wants to checkout he rings the FO or reception and informs them. This information is passed to all major department of the hotel.

Procedure for Bellboy1. The Bellboy goes to the guest room with the bellboy trolley to carry luggage. 2. He knocks the guest door( minimum 3 times, announces the department ) 3. Enters inside and loads the luggage. 4. He observes the room for any damaged hotel property & for any guest articles left behind. 5. He collects the collects the guest room key & locks it.

6. Escorts the guest to the front desk. 7. The bellboy hands over the key to FO assistant. 8. The bellboy call the cab on request of the guest. 9. Loads the luggage of the guest. 10.Greets him goodbye.

Room Move A guest may ask a room change for many reasons like A/C not working, noise due to maintenance work, foul smell in the room etc. Sometimes even hotel can also request the guest to change the room for some reasons like room required fro maintenance or due to VIP visits etc. The request for room change should be handled with extreme care & caution.

Procedure for room move1. Front desk informs the bell desk about change of room through a room move slip. 2. The bell captain enters it in lobby control sheet and assigns a bell boy for it . 3. The Bell boy goes to the room and moves the luggage from old room to the new room in presence of guest. This is called live move. 4. If it is absence of guest the luggage is moved in the presence of a manager either by lobby manager or duty manager. It is called dead move 5. If there are expensive items in the room the bellboy notifies the Lobby manager or the bell captain and then performs the task as per the instructions.

Paging a guest

Scanty Baggage & Skipper

Taging of baggage for group

Holding Guest baggage

Equipments at bell desk

Handling guest queries