Bedroom series - country style, ... Bedroom series HEMNES. ALL PARTS AND PRICES HEMNES bed frame ... Gray/white stripe 903.002.97 $11.99

Download Bedroom series -   country style, ... Bedroom series HEMNES. ALL PARTS AND PRICES HEMNES bed frame ... Gray/white stripe 903.002.97 $11.99

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<ul><li><p>BUYING GUIDE</p><p>A high standard of accuracy has been sought in the preparation of this buying guide. We apologize for, but will not be bound by or responsible for, errors and omissions in this buying guide. All the products shown here may not be available at the store. Some prices may vary by store. Please contact the staff or visit for more information. For more detailed product information, see the price tag and the internet. All units require assembly.</p><p>HEMNES is a complete range of robust bedroom furniture in a traditional, country style, with pieces that have carved details that exude nostalgia and romance, while serving modern demands for practical function. Available in stained white or black-brown, with some pieces also in white lacquer, blue, or red so you can mix and match to personalize your home.</p><p>DESIGN: Carina Bengs</p><p>CARE &amp; CLEANING: Wipe clean with a damp cloth and a mild cleaner. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.</p><p>SAFETY:Some of these furniture pieces must be secured to the wall with the enclosed wall anchor. Different wall materials require different types of hardware. Use hardware (sold separately) suitable for the walls in your home.</p><p>Bedroom seriesHEMNES</p></li><li><p>ALL PARTS AND PRICESHEMNES bed frame</p><p>Black-brownTwin 302.495.51 $149Full 299.315.77 $179Queen 199.315.92 $179King 499.315.81 $249</p><p>White stainedTwin 402.495.60 $149Full 699.315.75 $179Queen 399.315.91 $179King 299.315.82 $249</p><p>HEMNES twin daybed</p><p>White lacquer 300.803.16 $299</p><p>HEMNES nightstand, 181327"</p><p>White lacquer 701.212.30 $69.99White stained 202.004.56 $69.99Black-brown 901.212.34 $69.99Red 501.241.59 $69.99</p><p>HEMNES 2-drawer chest, 211526"White lacquer 202.426.25 $99.99White stained 802.426.27 $99.99Black-brown 502.426.19 $99.99Blue 102.426.21 $99.99</p><p>HEMNES 3-drawer chest, 421937"White lacquer 102.426.35 $149White stained 702.426.37 $149Black-brown 402.426.29 $149Red 602.426.33 $149</p><p>HEMNES 5-drawer chest, 221551"</p><p>White stained 202.471.90 $179Black-brown 902.471.82 $179</p><p>HEMNES 6-drawer chest, 421951"White lacquer 202.453.70 $199White stained 602.392.73 $199Black-brown 602.392.68 $199</p><p>HEMNES 8-drawer dresser, 631937"White lacquer 602.453.68 $229White stained 102.392.80 $229Black-brown 402.392.74 $229Blue 902.392.76 $229</p><p>HEMNES glass topTransparent2114" 702.512.74 $104219" 402.512.75 $206319" 902.512.73 $30</p><p>HEMNES dressing table with mirror, 391962"White lacquer 101.212.28 $299</p><p>HEMNES wardrobe with two sliding doors, 472377"White stained 502.512.70 $349Black-brown 302.512.71 $349Red 402.514.78 $349</p><p>HEMNES shoe cabinet, W42D8H39"</p><p>White lacquer 601.561.21 $99.99Black-brown 801.561.20 $99.99</p><p>HEMNES shoe cabinet, W35D11H50"</p><p>White lacquer 201.695.59 $129Black-brown 402.169.08 $129</p><p>HEMNES door for PAX wardrobes Hinges sold separately.1976" Black-brown 201.403.68 $60</p><p>1990"White stain 002.073.88 $70Black-brown 401.209.96 $70</p><p>*For more information regarding PAX frames and interior organizers, see PAX buying guide.</p><p>HEMNES mirror, 2965"</p><p>White lacquer 700.349.16 $99.99Black-brown 101.212.52 $79.99</p><p>HEMNES mirror, 2335"White lacquer 902.137.52 $44.99Black-brown 001.228.22 $44.99</p><p>HEMNES hook, D6H3"</p><p>Black 702.510.71 $4.99</p><p>HEMNES hanger for door/wall</p><p>White lacquer 502.458.68 $9.99Black-brown 402.468.68 $9.99</p><p>SKUBB box, set of 6.</p><p>White 303.002.81 $7.99Pink 703.002.79 $7.99Black 503.002.75 $7.99</p><p>SVIRA box, set of 3. </p><p>Gray/white flowers 003.002.92 $9.99</p><p>SVIRA box with lid, 9156" </p><p>Gray/white flowers 803.002.93 $4.99</p><p>SVIRA box with lid, 151313" </p><p>Gray/white stripe 603.002.94 $7.99</p><p>SVIRA box with lid, 15197" </p><p>Gray/white stripe 303.002.95 $9.99</p><p>SVIRA box with lid, 151911"</p><p>Gray/white flowers 103.002.96 $9.99</p><p>SVIRA hanging storage with 7 compartments 111137" Gray/white stripe 903.002.97 $11.99</p><p> Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2007/May 2014 Prices are valid until June 30th, 2015</p></li></ul>