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This presentation provides people with a strategy to improve their social networking results using A STAR and SNAP processes.


  • 1. Dan Harris
  • 2. Im Full Of It! My Family: Wife, 2 Pre-Teen daughters and Callie My Job: Corporate communications and marketing My School: Franklin University B.S. Marketing My Town: Powell, Ohio My Passion: Im into Ideas, networking and social media. My Mantra: Build things that build business. My Group: The Ohio Business Network on Linkedin My Challenge: Not sure what I want to be when I grow up? My Links: Blog: Linkedin: Facebook: Social Media Project: Twitter:
  • 3. As a Networker: We sell our selves We sell others We sell ideas We sell products We sell services
  • 4. VALUE YOU Make THEM money THEY Know YOU Save THEM money THEY Like YOU Advance THIER cause THEY Trust YOU Protect THIER assets THEY Want To Help YOU Tip: ListenAsk questions Listen some moreMake a statement. Ask another question
  • 5. Strategy Assess YOU Results Tactics Actions
  • 6. Networks are not built in a day. It takes an Investment of time
  • 7. energy and a plan
  • 8. Assess Strategy Goal ACTION ACTION Results Tactics
  • 9. Strategy Assess Locate, attend, support, sponsor One-on-one meetings, with the and speak at networking and same people, limited chamber events Go Social interactions. Grow one-to-many Media, distribute and seek out and meet new profiles, promote people. self/company/service. Raise ACTION ACTION Awareness Results Tactics In 3 months what are the Ask others. Use DIGG. Search results? Do you have more Web. Join contacts? Are people aware of Chamber, Twitter, Meetup, YouT you and aware of your business ube, Link up on Linkedin. Write a or service? blog, Comment on blogs.
  • 10. Cbus is Social Media
  • 11. Brian Link BE Interactive On Twitter: @BlinkDaddy Sandy Blanquera Social Boomerang On Twitter: @sblanquera Angela Siefer Shiny Door On Twitter: @ angelasiefer
  • 12. Jayson, Heather and Success Group Members, thank you for the opportunity!