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  • 1. Become a Poet And earn more credit for it! And earn more credit for it! Before you start this project, be sure to save it to your desktop!Click FILE, choose SAVE AS, and change WHERE to DESKTOP.Name:

2. First, lets look at what poetry is... Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. ~Robert FrostQuote taken from: 3. How is poetry different fromprose?PoetryProse (or writing)Tries to communicate an emotion,Tries to communicate information,an experience, or an idea in as fewideas, or stories in detailed,words as possible.supported, paragraph-writing. Focuses on choosing the rightFocuses on using a lot of words towords (and avoiding usingdescribe your topic.unnecessary words).Has sentences that are arranged inPays special attention to breakingparagraphs, sections, or pages.up thoughts into lines and stanzas.Uses poetic techniques to createrhythm and flow (rhyming, imagery,syllable count, line length, similes,metaphors, alliteration). 4. The Woman on the PeakSee the differences?The woman stands upon the barren peak,PoemGazing down on the world beneath.Prose Sentences arranged inThe lonely chill seeps from the groundInto her feet, spreading, upward bound. two paragraphsIntentional line breaksThe angry wind whistles round her head, A woman stands on a mountain top with the cold seeping into herWhipping her hair into streaming snakes,body. There is nothing around her on the mountain top; it bare and Imageryunwelcoming. She looks on the valley below as the wind whips around her.Its a strong wind. She wants to go somewhere warmer, but she is unable toWhile she watches, wishes, weakly wails.go to the peaceful beauty below.Simile In the valley, the sun shines from behind the clouds causing flowers tobloom. It seems like a much a happier place than the mountain top. A Twobreeze sends quivers through the leaves of trees, but its softer than the stanzasmountain wind. The water gurgles in a brook. The woman looks at thisBeyond the mountain, sunshine peeks,beautiful valley and all of the nature inside of it, but all the woman can do iscry.Teasing flowers to survive and thrive.Personification Notice how this prose still uses beautifulThe breeze whispers through the leaves,language, but the wording is more directCausing gentle quivers to sway the trees. and less figurative. The prose givesLaughter gurgles as the splashing brook more explanation and less feeling.Playfully tumbles over rugged rocks, *Content adapted fromWhile the woman above can only grieve. 5. Question: Why wouldthe way you write something matter? In other words, how do the differences between poetryand prose affect the meaning thatcomes across in the writing? Usespecifics from the last few slides.Your Answer: 6. Next, lets see how poets write poetry. . .Poets include figurativelanguage to make their poetrymore powerful.Figurative language includes:Metaphor, Simile, Symbolism,Personification, Allegory,Irony, Imagery.Poets also use rhyme, rhythm,and line length to make apoint. 7. MetaphorMetaphor - compares twothings that wouldnt usually beseen as similar to make a point(does not use like or as).Example:All the worlds a stage,And all the men and womenmerely players.- William ShakespeareThe world is compared to a stage. 8. Metaphor PoemTranquilityTime slidesa gentle oceanwaves upon waves,washing the shore,loving the shore.- by Star FieldsWhat is the metaphor in thispoem (whats beingcompared)? 9. Write your own metaphorWrite your ownmetaphor. To whatcould you compare yourlife or yourself? 10. SymbolismUsing something to representan idea in poetry (or otherspeaking/writing) issymbolism.Examples:A cross represents Christianity.Green represents environmentallyfriendly products.A heart represents love.A storm represents trouble. 11. Symbolism in PoetryOne Perfect Rose by Dorothy ParkerA single flowr he sent me, since we met.All tenderly his messenger he chose;Deep-hearted, pure, with scented dew still wetOne perfect rose.What does the rose symbolize(stand for) in this poem? 12. Create Your Own SymbolWhat THING mightsymbolize your feelingsor ideas? 13. PersonificationGiving human traits tosomething that is not human.Example: The wind yelledthrough the cracks in thewindow pane.Yelling is a human action, but thewind is not alive. 14. Personification in a PoemAngerAnger sits cracking his whip against the wall his red face swollen with blood. He is being eaten up from the inside and festers alone in the darkness.His clothes are all torn and his face is all cracked.He is a volcano ready to explodewith eyes like huge, dark smouldering hollows, just waiting to erupt.He is bent over and furiouswith himself and the world. What does the author do make anger seem like itsalive? Explain at least three. 15. Your Example of PersonificationLook around you andchoose an object. Describeit in a way that makes itcome alive. 16. ImageryDescriptions that focus on helpingthe reader, see, smell, taste, hear,or feel what is going on in thewriting.Example: The sparkling crystal vaseshattered to the floor and scatteredin a million skin-shredding shards ofglass. 17. Imagery in PoetryThe Way I Play SoccerSweat streams down my face,And my skin turns red under the watchful eye of the sun.The sound of cleats pounding the earth is deafeningAs my enemies charge down the field towards me.I can sense the shooter is going to miss;All at once, the ball collides into my chest.Screams of victory roar across the field.The grass stained, game ball restsRests lovingly between my two hands.Poetry by Natasha NiemiWhat sights, sounds, smells,feelings, or tastes do you find inthis excerpt? 18. Your Example of ImageryYour Example: Describe theroom, yard, building, or areaaround you in such a way thatpeople will feel, hear, see,smell, or taste it. 19. RhymeWhen a word agrees orsounds like another in the lastsound of the word.Examples: Arrange =Exchange, Rose= Clothes,Line Example:I can feel your loveLike the sun from above 20. Bear In There by Shel SilversteinTheres a Polar BearIn our Frigidaire-- Rhyme in PoetryHe likes it cause its cold in there.With his seat in the meatAnd his face in the fishAnd his big hairy pawsIn the buttery dish,Hes nibbling the noodles,Hes munching the rice,Hes slurping the soda,Hes licking the ice.And he lets out a roarIf you open the door.And it gives me a scareTo know hes in there-- 21. Come up with end rhyme of your ownHow could you rhyme this line:If I could have you in anembrace 22. Now write your own! Use at least three poetic techniques and write a brief poem of your own.This site will help you come upwith a topic for your poem. Use these techniques: Metaphor, Simile, Symbolism, Personification, Allegory, Irony, Imagery, Rhyme, Rhythm, Line Length, Alliteration, Illusion, etc. Write your poem on the next slide. 23. Your Poem 24. Explain your techniqueExplain the three (or more) poetic techniques youused in your poem. 25. Congrats! Youre a Poet!Send your finished project to your mentor.