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Learn if your clinic qualifies for partnership in our exclusive online medical network.


  • 1. Monday, November 11, 13

2. 220 Exclusive Clinics in 47 Countries for 9 Branches over 400 Treatments A respected name in the medical tourism industry.Monday, November 11, 13 3. OUR 3 PHASE BUSINESS MODEL AND WHAT IT OFFERS is not a database of medical providers. We hand-select each provider and instill acceptance protocols for each provider who wishes to join. If accepted, we guarantee that we will not partner with another provider (of your medical branch) in your geographical location. This way you receive complete exclusivity.Monday, November 11, 13 4. OUR 3 PHASE BUSINESS MODEL AND WHAT IT OFFERS generates over 7,000 patient inquires a month to our partners. We have helped our partners earn over 10 million dollars in new patient revenue every year. Each inquiry is unique to your practice. We will never provide the same patient inquiry to another partner.Monday, November 11, 13 5. OUR 3 PHASE BUSINESS MODEL AND WHAT IT OFFERS operates out of corporate ofces in: Istanbul, Turkey Sousse, Tunisia Manila, Philippines Mexico City, Mexico Delaware, USA In order to support your practice even further we produce our sites in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, German, RussianMonday, November 11, 13 6. CLINIC SHOWCASE - OVERVIEWMonday, November 11, 13 7. CLINIC SHOWCASE - ABOUT USMonday, November 11, 13 8. CLINIC SHOWCASE - REVIEWSMonday, November 11, 13 9. CLINIC SHOWCASE - TREATMENT LISTSMonday, November 11, 13 10. CLINIC SHOWCASE - GALLERYMonday, November 11, 13 11. CLINIC SHOWCASE - TEAMMonday, November 11, 13 12. CLINIC SHOWCASE - TRAVEL INFOMonday, November 11, 13 13. GET A FREE QUOTE - PROCESSPatient Inquiry Generators Your practice is contacted by patients via these actions.. all resulting in an inquiry for you.Monday, November 11, 13 14. GET A FREE QUOTE - PROCESSContact Phase 1 Patient selects the desired treatment.Monday, November 11, 13 15. GET A FREE QUOTE - PROCESSContact Phase 2 Patient lls out the form including all contact details.Monday, November 11, 13 16. GET A FREE QUOTE - PROCESSContact Phase 3 Patient receives an instant email notication with a quote for the treatments that they are requesting from your clinic. At the same time, you (the clinic) is informed that a patient requests your services.Monday, November 11, 13 17. CLINIC RECEIVES MONTHLY REPORTS Track your performance Know where your inquiries are coming from Manage your patients effectivelyMonday, November 11, 13