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Beaches of Orissa


  • 1. Orissa Beaches Invest Bhubaneswar
    Shores of Eternity
    Orissa has 480 kms long coastline, studded with the most delightful beaches:
    some steeped in history, some shrouded in mystery, some secluded, some spirited.
    The Orissa Beach Experience
    Sea Beach

2. Sipping a Tender Coconut
Surely must lie beyond the sun, sand, surf and the sea breeze
3. Explore the sea
Make sand castles
Shop for curios.
Chill Out
with your kids..
on a country boat
Rediscover your taste buds
Enjoy the lands unique
cultural programme
Watch a panoramic
with seafood delights
Surrender to a traditional massage..
Go fishing.
Give in to simple pleasures
like walking on the beach
4. Or are you the adventurous kinds?
5. Sunrise
Puri Beach
Truly an international beach. Be it Jagannath temple or Sand art
Sand art at Puri Beach
Camel Ride at Puri Beach
6. Sunset
Gopalpur on Sea
The Blue Bay
"The wheel had turned a full circle. I began to think of building my own hotels, and the first attempt was a small hotel in Gopalpur-on-Sea, in Orissa": India's greatest hotelier M S Oberoi
Mesmerizing Mermaid
Heritage Hotel of the British Era
7. A row of palm trees
Talasari Beach
Talsari has come from the word Tala which means palm trees and sari means a row.
Sea Change - Behind every beautiful beach in the state are stories to tell.
Coastal Forest
8. Astaranga Beach
Ramchandi Beach
Shaped by spectacular beaches, each singular in setting and character and has its own unique story to tell.......
Beleshwar Beach
Aryapalli Beach
9. By the river moon
Did you Know?
Where the world is the largest form of Heliotherapy practiced on a single day?
Chandrabagha Beach
Country boats that go to the wild sea.
They are part of the fisher folk culture and continue to fascinate travelers
10. Red Crabs
Sunset View
Chandipur Beach
Did you know?
The uniqueness of the beach lies in the fact that during a low tide the waters recede up to five kilometers into the sea exposing the golden sands of the beach. This feature is a travellers delight and even jeep rides can be taken on the beach during this time.
11. Gahirmatha Beach
Balaramgadi Beach
Boasts of possessing the world's largest known rookery of Olive Ridley sea turtles.
Paradip Beach
Balighai Beach
12. Baliharchandi temple - Baliharchandi Beach
Orissa is blessed with a rich seafood cuisine. Lobsters, Tiger Prawns, Crabs.
A whole range of exotic delicacies cooked in traditional Oriya style awaits the traveler here
Accentuated by quaint villages, ancient temples
13. Accomodation
Did you say Heritage?
Chanakya BNR Hotel - A Rail Heritage Hotel at Puri
14. Come Ride the Wave