Bayer Seu corporativa Sant Joan Despí: ISO50001 certificacion

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Jornada Tcnica: La gesti de lenergia, punt de partida per a la millora ambiental i la lluita contra el canvi climtic


  • 1. ISO 50001 CERTIFICATIONPresentaci ICAEN 18/4/2013Sant Joan DespSeu CorporativaISO 50001 CERTIFICATIONSlide 1

2. Company Profile 2013Slide 2 ISO 50001 CERTIFICATIONConsumer CareMedical CareAnimal HealthPharmaceuticalsHealth CareCrop ProtectionSeedsEnvironmentalScienceCropSciencePolycarbonatesCoatings,Adhesives,SpecialtiesMaterialSciencePolyurethanes110,500 employeesR&D expenditures: 3.0 billion (2012)Our Mission - Bayer: Science For A Better Life 3. ISO 50001 CertificationIs needed an EnMS in my organization? ISO 50001 CERTIFICATIONSlide 3Doubts about implementation Yes NoHave my company a significant energyconsumptions?Is the energy managed systematically?Are all the consumptions (uses andequipment) identified?The payback, justify the implementationcosts?Does the top management support theimplementation?Do we have enough resources?Is needed an EnMS in my organization? 4. ISO 50001 CertificationImplementation procedure ISO 50001 CERTIFICATIONSlide 42011: ISO 50001 presentation Information research Benefits evaluation Top Management support Competence and training Energetic auditDocumentation Energy Policy, Objectives,KPIs, SOPs (ISO 14k integrated) CommunicationPlanning Activities and requirements 50k Scope Action plans Other areas involved Monitoring systemOperational Go live EnMS Go live Monitoring systemVerification and Checking Internal audit Action plan NonconformitiesOct 2011 May 2012May 2012 -Jun 2012Jun 2012 Jul 2012Nov - 2012 Feb - 2013Jul 2012CERTIFICATION 5. Monitoring System- 32 metering points- SCADA adjustmentStrategic energyInvestmentsISO 50001 CertificationResources needed ISO 50001 CERTIFICATIONSlide 5Equipment &InvestmentsDocumentation- SOPs 300 hours- Energy audit 60 h.- General requirements 60h.Man powerInternal AuditorEnergy Key usersPurchase key usersTrainingCommunication- Internal and externalOthers 6. ISO 50001 CertificationBenefits ISO 50001 CERTIFICATIONSlide 6ManagementSystem Operationalcontrol ScorecardMonitoringSavings Reductionconsumptions Increase energycosts last yearsEnvirontmentProtection CO2 Reduction ISO 14001Synergies wastereduction (lamps,devices, etc.)Training andAwareness Training toenergy key users Building usersawarenessStrategy Company valuesalignment Company and FMdept. positioning 7. ISO 50001 CertificationMain energy reduction projects ISO 50001 CERTIFICATIONSlide 7LightningFalse ceiling TL5 lamp substitutionnumber optimizingpresence detectorsCommon areasLED toilets, corridors, reception, external lighting fenceHVAC- ClimaKitchen smoke extraction controlsGlass doors to avoid air circulationPatio freecooling through smoke control systemsCO2 monitoring proportional ventilation (study case) 8. ISO 50001 CertificationEnergy management contribution ISO 50001 CERTIFICATIONSlide 82012 vs 2009- 2.5 GWh- 24% - 667 CO2 TnAWARDS 9. ISO 50001 CertificationConclusions about ISO 50001 ISO 50001 CERTIFICATIONSlide 9ISO 50001Training andAwarenessKnownSavingsManagementSystemEnvirontmentProtectionStrategic 10. ISO 50001 CertificationContact ISO 50001 CERTIFICATIONSlide 10Jordi Llargus i Boncompte Enginyer ElectrnicFacility Manager / Direcci de Serveis GeneralsPhone:e-mail:93 228