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  1. 1. Ambitions4 Photography Academy
  2. 2. DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. Preference for DSLR cameras for the purpose of photography has grown by leaps and bound from the beginning of 21st century. DSLR cameras use mirror and prism system which allows the photographer to see through the lens exactly as what will be clicked. This reflex design system is what makes DSLR different and unique from other digital cameras.
  3. 3. The Advantages of DSLR cameras are immense. The images captured by DSLR cameras are of bigger size and of higher quality. The cameras capture the images faster. Because of their high speed and responsiveness there is no time lag. Therefore they are fit to capture moments of sports, wildlife, fast changing actions or expressions. They have faster auto focus mechanism. Thus the burst rate is also higher. Resolution of images are better which is Important for precise focusing. DSLR cameras offer lower digital noise which means high quality picture (without speckles) can be taken even when there is less light.
  4. 4. In order to translate one's passion into creativity needs an in-depth knowledge of the subject one is passionate about. For instance one needs to know about various types of lenses in order to decide which lens is suitable for a particular photography style. One needs to learn about various other technical aspects of that field. Therefore one needs mentoring to bring out the best of individual creativity. Ambition 4 photography is one such institute which offers DSLR training. DSLR photography classes are conducted at the institute. Those who are interested in DSLR classes can enroll themselves either for Advanced DSLR Photography weekend or Basic DSLR Photography weekend.
  5. 5. Another advantage of DSLR cameras is its ability to change lenses according to changed circumstances. For example, wide-angle lens may be suitable for landscape photos or macro lens may be suitable for apt capture of the flora or fauna. Finally it can be said that the photographer is in full control of all the parameters of photography when he has DSLR camera in hand to showcase his creativity.
  6. 6. The course will benefit the enrolled candidates by conducting Classroom sessions which will include technical lessons (about the maker of camera, control of camera, different types of lenses, basic controls, understanding lights and its control etc.). There are also practical demonstration outdoors as well as indoors. Individual attention will be given by experienced faculty. Creativity honing is done by various projects offered during the course. These assignments are also reviewed by the faculty. Thus the candidates learn the unknown aspects of the field as well as sharpen their skills during the entire course.
  7. 7. Completion of the course fortifies the candidates with certificates of either Advanced level DSLR photography or Basic level DSLR photography which gives an upper hand in pursuing a career of professional photography. Now days there are innumerable career openings in the field of fashion, advertising, wildlife, industrial, architectural, commercial, wedding or political journalism. Having a DSLR camera at hand and being professionally qualified in handling it goes a long way to build a career in photography. Further information of the institute Ambition 4 photography and courses on offer can be availed at
  8. 8. Ambitions 4 Photography Academy Official Digital Photography Training Center of Canon Contact : 2/1079, Bhavani Street, Kakhithapuram,S.Kolathur Pallikaranai Chennai - 600 117 Mobile: +91 9444441190 Email: [email protected]