basic black and white photography lynnwood high school ms. schou

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Basic Black and White Photography Lynnwood High School Ms. Schou

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  • Basic Black and White Photography Lynnwood High SchoolMs. Schou

  • Controlling Contrasting While Making PrintsFilters -1-1.5DECREASE contrastFilter 2 is built into you paperFilters 2.5-5 INCREASE contrast

  • TipsContrast filter goes between the lens and your paperMake a new test strip after changing filters as there will be new printing timesMake small contrast adjustments Handle filters by the edgesDo not allow filters to get wetRemember to leave a nice gray scale in image

  • Original Image

  • Lowering ContrastUsed if there are not enough grays in the print and too much black or whiteDecreases the appearance of deep blacks and bright whites while increasing the gray scale Insert filters -1-1 between the light source and the printA new test strip will have to be made in order to correct exposure time

  • New Image with #0 filterThis print was made with a #0 filter

  • Before and AfterNotice the increase in gray areas and less extreme black and white

  • Creating More ContrastUsed when print is too gray or there are no true blacks or whitesWill increase the difference between the shades of grayUse filters 2 - 5Insert filter between light source and print

  • Increased ContrastThis print was made using a #4 filter

  • Before and AfterNotice the decrease of gray and increase of stronger blacks and whites

  • Burning and DodgingBurning in is used to selectively add light exposure to certain areas that are too light on the printDodging is used by blocking light from hitting certain sections of the print that are too darkDifferent tools can be used from cardboard to your handsConstantly move the tools you use to burn and dodge so that no harsh edge is visible in the final print

  • Burning InMore exposure was given to the lighter bricks on the wall and in the foreground

  • Before and AfterNotice the added detail in the bricks in the foreground as well as in the bricks on the wall

  • DodgingLight was not allowed to expose the left of the image as long was the rest of the print

  • Before and AfterNotice the lighter left wall