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  • 1. BALL PYTHONS By Rose McVaugh

2. WHY I WANT A BALL PYTHON You may be thinking, She already has a corn snake, whydoes she want another snake? Ball pythons and corn snakes are two completely differentanimals, while I love them both equally. Ball pythons are the exact opposite of corn snakes. Ball pythons are active at night, get fatter instead oflonger, are very calm and easy to handle, and prefer to climbrather than burrow. They do not come in much of a variety incolors, most are made up of browns, blacks, and yellows. Corn snakes are active during the day, get longer rather thanfatter, are hyper and difficult to handle, and love to burrowrather than climb. They come in a variety of colors, includingeverything from purple to red to orange to black. Both snakes, however, are extremely docile, and greatpets, despite the bad reputation for the name python. 3. PICTURES OF BALL PYTHONS 4. SIZE Typically reach 4 Their averagefeet longweight when they are full grown is 2,000 grams (4.5 lbs.) 5. SIZE PICTURE OF A FULL GROWN BALL PYTHON(SOURCE: HTTP:// WWW.LYLEPUBLI SHI NG.COM/WEBSI TE/NAVBARS/980114 -018.JPG ) 6. HABITAT Fairly large Rubbermaid bin with locking lid 80-90 50-70% Humidity At least one hide Water bowl Substrate/terrarium carpet 7. HABITAT A= Sliding mesh screentop B=Dome light withceramic heather andblack or red heat bulbs C=Fluorescent Strip lightwith UV light on a timer D= Thermometers andHygrometers E= Artificial plants forcover F= Hide G= Water Bowl H= Climbing Branches I= Terrarium Carpet J= Under Tank Heater 8. CAN BALL PYTHONS BE HOUSED WITHCORN SNAKES?Corn SnakesBall Pythons 80-90 Basking Spot 80-90 tank all around 70-80 Cool Spot Can be kept in large plastic Rubbermaid 10-20gal tank bin Needs hides and leaves to hide in and Needs hides and leaves to hide in andbranches to climb onbranches to climb on Active during day, likes light Active during night, dont like light Gets along with other snakes Gets along with other snakes Likes to burrow Does not like to burrow Needs 50% humidity Needs 50-70% humidity 9. CAN BALL PYTHONS BE HOUSED WITHCORN SNAKES?Even though they seem to have extremely similarneeds, housing corn snakes and ball pythonstogether is NOT recommended. The reason forthis is because corn snakes and ball pythons aretwo completely different species. They comefrom two completely different areas (corn snakesare from corn fields in North America, while ballpythons are from deserts in Africa), and ofcourse, survival of the fittest. Neither corn snakesor ball pythons are aggressive, but because oftheir superior size and strength to cornsnakes, they may not get along. 10. CAN BALL PYTHONS BE HOUSED WITHCORN SNAKES?In conclusion, it is not a good idea. While it is possible, for the safety and stress of the two animals, it is best to allow them to have their own terrariums. 11. BALL PYTHON HABITAT( Habitat should be kept at 80-90 degrees) 20gal. Terrarium (or Rubbermaid storage container) Heat source- UVB lights like this one are NOT good for ball pythons. Leaves for coverOne water bowl(At least) one hideSubstrate 12. COMPARED TO MY CORNSNAKES HABITAT.(Habitat kept at 70-80 degrees)20gal. tankLight/heat sourceOne hide onwarm sideOne hide on coolsideLeaves for coverOne water bowlsecondaryClimbing branches Terrarium carpet Burrowing areasheat source 13. PRICES The total of The total ofeverything in myeverything in a BallCorn Snake habitatPython habitat,plus the snake itself including the snakewas around $250.itself, can be ascheap as $100 orless. 14. PRICES PetsmartBHB Reptiles Ball Python- $100+ (depending Ball python- $80on morph, plus at least $35 shipping) In this case, Petsmart actually has the better deals, even though $80 is STILL ridiculous for a ball python. 15. PRICES Another heat pad: $20 (Optional- corn snake hasunnecessary heat pad) Fuzzie mice: $12 per 6 pack Total besides snake: $12 Total with snake: $92 16. FEEDINGBall pythons start off eating fuzzy mice.Fuzzy mice are slightly larger than pinkie mice, but slightly smaller than hopper mice. 17. MONTHLY TOTAL Corn snake and ball python need to be fed onceevery 5 days. Corn snakes eat pinkies ($12/6pack) and ballpythons eat fuzzies ($12/6pack) Need to buy a new pack of pinkies and fuzziesonce a month 1 pack of 6 pinkies= $12 1 pack of 6 fuzzies= $12 Monthly total= $24 (Rounded to $25) 18. YEARLY TOTAL Monthly total= $25 Every 3 months buy aspen bedding for $15 1st month= 25 2nd month=25 3rd month=40 4th month=25 5th month=25 6th month= 40 7th month= 25 8th month= 25 9th month= 40 10th month=25 11th month=25 12th month=40 Yearly total= $360 (Approximately) (Yearly total does not include expenses of snake, or heating sources, etc.) 19. LIFESPAN The longest living ball python was recorded to beover 48 years old when it died. The average lifespan, however, is 15-20 years. OnVERY rare occasions, 30 years. 20. VIDEOS OF BALL PYTHONS Behavior: Bathing: 21. THANK YOU FOR VIEWING MYPRESENTATION I hope you consider allowing me to get a ballpython. Please keep in mind that Zenkaikon iscoming up, and I will not be getting it until AFTERZenkaikon, because I will need to separately saveup money for Zenkaikon. I will need to save up agood $92 before I can buy it. 5 weeks of chores added up to about $130recorded on my last chore sheet, but I will needthat for Zenkaikon. Easter money will also help me save up. I will assume that I will be getting the actual snakearound late March to mid-April. 22. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR TAKING YOUR TIME TO VIEW THIS OBNOXIOUSLY LONG PRESENTATION 23. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR TAKING YOUR TIME TO VIEW THIS OBNOXIOUSLY LONG PRESENTATION 24. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR TAKING YOUR TIME TO VIEW THIS OBNOXIOUSLY LONG PRESENTATION 25. Thank you