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Baja Mexico Trip by Simon Bois - AKA: Night Train


  • I dont like conventional. I detest being restrained or the feeling of being put in a mold by the monotony of everyday routine. I dont like doing the same thing over and over again. I like an edge in life because it keeps me feeling alive. So as I sat in a comfortable, but stale office where my view consisted of a desk and four walls, the invitation by Baja Moto Tours Founder Danny Ray Marsh to tour Baja Mexico was in radical contrast to my current landscape and had my attention,

    to say the least. A 1,600 mile road tour into one of the sacred world meccas of off road events for motorsports fanatics. Where the world famous BAJA 1,000 takes place. Where the road signs, for the most part can be considered suggestions. Where splitting lanes can become a life-saving skill. Based on my research, no other touring company I knew of offered this all-inclusive road tour. Perhaps for good reason. This is, after all, the region

    mainstream media painted as being owned by the drug Cartels - The gateway of illegal drugs and whatnot into America. While my beloved wife, family and friends responded by raising questions, objections and eyebrows, I was fueled with total inspiration at the prospect of this ride! Uncharted territory, risks, dangers, beauty beyond my imagination - all for my eyes to experience and discover! I needed something completely radical and totally different than what is generally

    Story by Simon Bois a.k.a Night

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    BAJA MEXICO Soul-Tuning Ride

  • available out there in terms of available organized rides. A bucket list kind of ride! I knew Baja Moto Tours offer represented experiences of a lifetime of rides around the world, but in one single trip. I was in and it wasnt hard to convince my bike rental sponsor of choice to support the tour and provide bikes at extremely competitive rates. Founded in 1992, EagleRider is the worlds largest motorcycle travel and tourism company. EagleRider understands the needs of motorcycle enthusiasts and adventure travelers; offering over 4,000 perfectly maintained Harley, Honda, BMW, Triumph and many other motorcycle models in more than 100 locations worldwide. Their vast network of EagleRider locations allows for a unique ability to offer One-Way Rentals, Guided Tours and Self-Drive Tours from the most desirable tourist destinations in the world. With that said I wasnt the only member of this thrill-seeking fraternity. Joining me and rounding out the tour was: Kelly - A California, USA based 65 year old tough SOB, yet gentle war veteran who toured more than 35 countries on motorcycles. Dave (a.k.a. Naked Dave) - A high ranked Canadian trucking executive, father of two. By far one of the most skillful and

    experienced within the group.Montana - A wild at heart and free spirited former female body builder based in Montana, USA. This chick can ride harder than many of the toughest riders I know out there!

    Robyn - A young and reflective female Executive on a spiritual journey based out of Florida, USA. Cory - A young tattoo-covered veteran and loving father also based in Montana, USA. Still exploring life in all its facets. Raul An ambassador of the Californios MC in Baja Mexico and his spouse Martha, on a mission to teach English to young students in all of Baja. Danny (a.k.a Pit Bull) - Our fearless guide with 10 plus years of experience leading group tours in Baja, Mexico. Danny was raised for part of his life in Baja Mexico. He is founder of and is based out of Montana, USA. Don (a.k.a. Don Chicago) Our Chicago, USA based photographer who needs no introduction. Our group could only have dreamed of a photog like him. Don is Founder of Shooters

    Images Inc. and has been published in more high profile biker magazines than I have space to list here.And then there was me: Simon (a.k.a. Night Train but the group decided on Cave Man for my perceived antiquated views) Based in Florida, husband and father of three, corporate sales executive / motorsport photojournalist.

    Our 1,600 Mile Route: All riders met in San Diego, CA USA and went through the Mexican border in Tijuana by van. This Baja Moto Tours dream ride started at 8am sharp in Tecate the day after and then on to Esenada (La Bufadora), to San Quintin, to El Rosario, to Catavina, to Guerrero Negro, to San Ignacio, to Santa Rosalia, to Mulege, to our final destination in Loreto and back. Weapons of choice consisted of a Fat Boy, a Wide Glide, a few Street Glides, an Electra Glide, Buells and a BMW GS800. Armors of choice included helmets of course, a solid pair of high performance shades, leathers, bandanas, gloves, tanning lotion, water and, an open mind loaded with a positive attitude. Our introduction to Baja, Mexico was comprised of ruthless desert lands, rugged red earth, rocky landscapes and merciless winds. Delicious ceviche dishes, fresh sea food daily, accompanied by colorful beverages, made one dream of not coming back home! Then there were

  • those scorching sandy winds which stung our faces as we rode 70mph, forcing us to wear facial bandanas as nomads do. Road side memorials everywhere reminded us of the fragility of life. Paradisiac, lush, blue turquoise lagoons awaited on the coasts as we descended barrier-less roads, narrowly nesting on the edges of ravines, several thousands of feet above the massive Sea of Corts, which roared against the Baja peninsula cradled in the majestic Pacific Ocean. This is where Montana decided to grace us all with a Bo Derek style scene from the movie Ten. Going in for a dip all dressed, she emerged from the surf onto the beach with her knee-high black leather boots. I felt ten years old again. From unforgiving daily temperatures ranging from 100 to 115+ degrees to low 60s at night, you had to be prepared. The local gas stations in some remote areas will fill your horse up with hand-siphoned gas coming out of barrels. Thank goodness Baja Moto Tours had the route planned down to a science! Not a single worry about food, lodging, gas or anything whatsoever. Just sit on that bike, follow the guide and enjoy the scenery. It was sweet for the soul. At various stop points we were searched by stern military service personnel in full gear, carrying machine guns and grenades as they kept a look-out for drug traffic. At other times they treated us like rock stars just because we were riding. Despite their attempts at maintaining their best poker-face, you could sense their

    concealed excitement at the sight of our rides. The Mexicans definitely showed respect for riders.

    On a side note, I have to point out Mexican women clearly preferred my dark Fat Boy. It was the only bike of the flock that became the subject of their requests for pictures. Rich, vibrant and colorful Mexican architecture was a refreshing feast for our eyes. Skinny and boney dogs, horses and cows or even dead carcasses were common sights in the fields. Baja Moto Tours made sure we stopped at every point of interest

    and it was perfect for everyones tastes. Dusty children rode horses to go to school or would simply walk bare foot for miles. Those images combined with the villages of plank-shack residential structures made me realize how pampered we really are in every way back home. Yet strangely these people appeared convincingly happier than many North of the Mexican border. There is a simplicity to their lives which feels like it has been robbed from us all stuck in the rat race. The children for the most part looked more confident, bold, courageous and full of vigor than the average North American child. In reflection I scribbled in my journal; Are the materially rich truly rich? What is the true meaning of rich? Have we all bought into the virtual idea that material comfort equals richness? Is being materially rich what constitutes the health of my soul and where it is headed? While the Chicas sun-bathed around the hotel pool laying right next to their rides, Raul, Danny and myself met with the Mayor of Loreto, Mr. Jorge

    Alberto Avils Prezfor, and his team for a three hour breakfast. On the agenda: 1. English teaching program for children in Baja schools and 2. How to throw a Baja, Mexico version of Daytona Bike Week using Baja Moto Tours expertise. As a welcome gesture, the local school officials and children spontaneously sang their national anthem for us. Result? With the Mayors kind support, Raul is making good progress for his English teaching program and as far as Baja Bike Week goes, we have all the resources we need to coordinate. What say you? All this hard work followed by more hard work; a joy ride 30 miles West of Loreto into the deep rocky valleys of San Javier to visit a 303 year old stone-built church. The San Javier Mission is where they still make elixir-tasting wine the old fashion way. Thats where Cory solemnly lit candles in loving memory of his late father and his late brother. The dead remains of past clergy buried under the building probably threw a party to welcome Corys gesture. The camaraderie and chemistry of the group was ideal. Baja Moto Tours daily focus was for respect, integrity, honesty and safety to become the genuine collective attitude. No one was to be left alone. It had to be that way. The rides were intense in terms of weather and road conditions. There is a desert region between El Gerrerro Negro and San Ignatio, where an average of 80mph to 110mph in approximately 110 degrees temp for a steady 70 mile stretch is the norm. I rem