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<ul><li> 1. Bad &amp; Good Examples of Websites By Amy Jo Sheldon</li></ul> <p> 2. Good Example Clear Navigation Bar Consistent Picture DimensionsSimple Search Criteria Advertisements Sign in Option-Makes it personal to the user 3. Bad Example Bad Layout Over-sized Title/Logo Confusing Navigation Little/No Variation in the Colour Scheme Inconsistent Text Fonts/Sizes 4. Good Example Consistent Layout Clear/Consistent Navigation Search Bar Smooth Animation Excellent Quality Images Easy to Use 5. Bad Example Animated/Nauseating Background that has a waving motion Hard-to-Read Navigation Bar Overall cheap looking design Random Animations/Images with no relevance to the subject 6. Good Example Basic/Tidy Layout Easy to read text Clear navigation Bar Great quality Image(s) Simple logo 7. Bad Example Confusing/messy layout Irrelevant Animation No definitive subject/purpose No structureInconsistent text size/colour 8. Good Example Easy-to-use navigation bar Logo Structured Layout Consistent font &amp; sizes Simple to use</p>