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  • 1. Bacon & VanBuskirk EST 1937 Bacons Architectural SunShades

2. Bacons Architectural SunShades 3. Project:Eastern Illinois University Human Services Building Architect:A. Epstein of Chicago, IL

  • The Challenge
  • The Architect wanted attractive and durable 4 deep aluminum sunshades to be integrated with the second floor curtainwall horizontal strip windows while controlling direct sunlight and heat gain.The Architect specified the fenestration and the sunshades be furnished, installed and warranted from a single supplier.
  • No one bid the project..And it was over-budget.
  • Then they called Bacon & Van Buskirk.

4. The Solution

  • Bacon & Van Buskirk offered economical productalternatives to reduce the overall cost of the specified fenestration while retaining the look the Architect desired.
  • Bacon & Van Buskirk teamed with the Architect to change the exterior wall details in order to improve the sunshades anchorage, simplify the fenestration and sunshades installation, and reduce shell costs.
  • Bacon & Van Buskirk engineered, furnished, installed and warranted the exterior fenestration systems, the custom sunshade systems, aluminum facia, and aluminum trim.

5. In the following photo, the first Sunshade section goes up.Notice the 4 deep projection from the side of the building giving ample shade over the Vision windows. 6. 7. The next photo shows SunShade sections meeting at a corner.Notice the shade over the windows below. 8. 9. The Sunshade terminates.The Sunshade is a matching grey Kynar paint matching the aluminum trim and fixed framing. 10. 11. Notice how the windows in the next photo are completely shaded by the Sunshades at this time of day. 12. 13. In the next three photos, notice the striking corner details and how the aluminum trim is perfectly flat where the Sunshade sections are anchored. 14. 15. 16. 17. The following photo shows an interior office before a SunShade is installed.Notice the amount of direct sunlight streaming into the office area causing increasing heat gain and glare on computer screens, fading of materials, etc. 18. 19. The after shot taken at the same time shows how an adjoining office is shaded effectively with the installed Bacon Architectural Sunshade. 20. 21. Bacons Architectural SunShades are:

  • Aluminum exterior projected shading systems
  • Custom designed, engineered, fabricated and installed by Bacon & Van Buskirk
  • Energy efficient shading devices
  • Reduce direct heat gain and glare
  • Sophisticated, appealing decoration for commercial buildings
  • Great for New Construction, Renovations and Remodels
  • Able to be finished with any anodized or paint finish available
  • Available to Architects, Construction Managers, Contractors, Building Owners & Developers.
  • Engineered and installed in Central Illinois and West Central Indiana by Bacon & Van Buskirk

22. For information about Bacons Architectural Sunshades, contact: Bacon & Van Buskirk PO Box 712 / 801 S. Neil Street Champaign, IL 61824-0712 ph217-356-6471fax217-352-7267


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