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  • Background InformationFebruary 2005May 2005September 2005December 20051

  • Background InformationOctober 2005Nov-Dec 2005January 2006First high level meeting in Istanbul between: Coca-Cola Eurasia and Middle East Presidentand UNDP RBEC Director + Turkey RR- Overview of partnership (Turkey exp.)- Expanding Life+ in the region- Possibility of broader partnership on waterMeetings in Atlanta: - Securing funds- Partnering with Emory University & CDCMeetings in Ankara: - Developing the framework of cooperation1

  • Needs Assessment- Country researches on the access to clean water Country reports- Launch of the reportsComponent 1 - MDG 7 and 8:-Partnerships for increased access to safe drinking water to improve peoples livesLocal action plansLocal capacity development for project implementation , through small grants and technical assistanceHolistic project formulation includingComponent 2 - Best practices on effective water governance in industry- Coca-Cola example- A discussion paper on the use of water in industry- An international conference- A declarationThe Framework2EducationCommunity engagementEnvironmental solutionsIndustrial capacity

  • Criteria for participating countriesCriteria/Needs/CapacitiesIs there sufficient information?Are the statistics reliable?How to adapt to environmental realities?Are there available local capacities?Is there a CO interest and quick delivery capacity?Is UNDP outreach and networking available?How many countries to target in the first phase?Links to ongoing community capacity development initiatives? Will CO practices be geared towards most disadvantaged and vulnerable and improve people's lives (MDG 7)?HDR 2006!3

  • Management structure of the regional initiativeManagement StructureHorizontal and vertical managementTechnical capacitiesCountry level capacitiesLocal partnershipsSmall Grants managementMonitoring and reporting4

  • Timeline514 October 2005Istanbul MeetingNov-Dec 2005Atlanta Meetings20 January 2006Ankara Meeting24 January 2006Vienna Meeting5-6 February 2006Amsterdam - RRsMarch 2006Partnership Strategy Decision1st Qrt.2nd Qrt.Needs assessment and country reseaches, country reports...3rd Qrt.Project field implementation, launching small grants scheme...

  • Funding Structure6Co-fundingMatching fundsGEF resources?Links with other ongoing initiatives (i.e. Life+)Cost-sharing of community grants projects3rd party local contributionsS

  • Funding Structure6Timeline5Management Structure4Criteria/Needs/Capacities3The Framework2Background Information1