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From left to right:Gavin SchulzLibin PanJohn GriffithsSteven RitchieLiuba MamonovaAlison GibbinsLarry Sainte-MarieCicero Oliveira

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Quotes from baby registry users“Way too much choice. It was overwhelming!"

“I spent countless hours researching items that I would need, and half of them ended up collecting dust in my basement”

“It was a horrible experience; they didn't mark off when people bought things and we got doubles and triples of everything”

“Babies R Us has a monopoly and any change to this would be fantastic! It's a very overwhelming experience with your first child”

* Quotes from user interviews and survey

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In the last 28 hrs:• Spoke to 20 parents directly• >90 online surveys completed by parents • >20 fans who left their email to stay updated

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Unique Value Proposition

• We show you what you need and what you don’t need

• Nobody currently does this – they want you to buy everything

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Market• Customers: First time parents, middle class, usually moms,

online savvy• Infant, toddler and preschool market size is ~$30 Billion market

size in NA1

• 9% of women are pregnant at any one time in NA2 (~30 million women)

• Major players:

1 www.marketresearch .com2 Ali Asari, CEO

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Customer Acquisition

• Blog• Email marketing• Promotion through

moms-to-be blogs• Google Adwords• Social media promotions

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Revenue Model

• #1 value of the business is having captured an engaged demographic of parents and continuing to engage them

• Affiliate marketing + direct sales/drop shipping

• Long term: partnerships

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Next steps

• Incorporate ratings• Refine recommendation engine to use both

ratings and expert advice• Incorporate more affiliates and drop shippers• Continue to reach out to customers and refine• Grab a drink!

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Why we should win

• Survivability of business • Great scope management• Lots of customer engagement• We have awesome team spirit!

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First time parents, middle class, usually moms, online savvy

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Do you have a clear and persuasive product-customer fit?

• Yes - New parents already consume ample amounts of time and data researching baby gear. BabySimplify will speed that up.

• Yes - As our database grows with ratings, the efficiency of our recommendations improve - our "fit" improves. Sprinkle in some Facebook data, then we do some statistical analysis jiu-jitsu, and wabang, you'll never shop anywhere else.