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B2B Marketing works best when you take action. This slide presentation covers five specific ways you can overcome inactivity and stagnancy in marketing.


  • 1.B2B Marketing: Its Better to Actthan WaitFive Ways To OvercomeInactivity in MarketingChristopher Ryancryan@fusionmarketingpartners.com

2. Postponing Decisions The more often you postpone a decision, theeasier it becomes to postpone the nextdecision, and the next decision. Over time, non-action becomes an insidioushabit. Why do people fail to act? Following are fiveprimary reasons. 3. No one wants to make a poor decision. This fear can be mitigated by testingyour campaigns with smaller budgetsbefore making larger spending commitments. Every new initiative teaches you something soyou either get great results or greatfeedbacka win either way.1. Fear of Making a Bad Decision 4. 2. Lack of Expertise The marketing world changes rapidly and eventhose of us who do this for a living cant keepup with every new technique.It doesnt hurt to hire experts,who will usually save youmore than they cost. 5. Marketers often wait until they have all thedata they deem necessary to launch into anew market or with a new media. The problem is that moredata doesnt always meanbetter results.3. Lack of Data 6. 4. Lack of Budget In past decades, lack of dollars to spend onmarketing was a huge inhibitor. However, the growth of pull marketing and socialmedia have provided even the smallestcompanies with ways to get the message out.Doing even a few small thingson a consistent basis will havepositive impact 7. 5. Lack of Time Peter Drucker made the observationAny business enterprise has twoandonly twobasic functions: marketingand innovation. All the rest are costs. It is essential that you not ignore Mr.Druckers advice by neglecting one of the twoessential functions of business. 8. About Fusion Marketing PartnersChristopher Ryan, CEOWe Do This:Brand building/messagingWebsite optimizationContent creationLead generationYou Get This:Much greater levels of awarenessHigher quantities of qualified leadsAbility to generate faster revenueLots more information at:http://FusionMarketingPartners.com/http://Greatb2BMarketing.com (blog)info@fusionmarketingpartners.com719-357-6280