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Matakuliah: G0404/Tour Guiding Tahun: 2006/2007. B EFORE YOU QUIT YOUR DAY JOB. THINGS TO PONDER. WHY GROUP TRAVEL?. CONVENIENT, HASSLE-FREE TRAVEL Someone else takes care of all the planning. People expect to be buffered from all worries. COMPANIONSHIP SAFETY. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • BEFORE YOU QUIT YOUR DAY JOBTHINGS TO PONDERMatakuliah: G0404/Tour GuidingTahun: 2006/2007

  • WHY GROUP TRAVEL?CONVENIENT, HASSLE-FREE TRAVELSomeone else takes care of all the planning.People expect to be buffered from all worries.




    KNOWLEDGEABLE LEADER A competent, knowledgeable tour director will ensure there are many pleasant vacation memories.


  • DIFFERENT TYPES OF GUIDESLOCAL GUIDE:Site guide works at specific location.Step-on guide often freelancers working on contractguides employed directly by a tour company and paid an hourly rate(c) Driver guide(d) Meet-and-greet guide

  • DIFFERENT TYPES OF GUIDES(continue)TOUR DIRECTOR A guide with all the additional headaches of planning accommodations, meals, and long-distance travel.

  • DIFFERENT TYPES OF GUIDES(continue)TOUR OPERATOR Designs and markets tours that they sell either direct to the public or through travel agencies.

  • CAN YOU REALLY DO THIS DREAM JOB?THE REWARDSFreedomChallenge and excitementCreative opportunitySharing the joy of a destinationMeeting peopleTax write-offs

  • DAY TO DAY THE REALITYLong hoursYou are never off dutyBe prepared for complaintsYou are not going to get richHome is where the laundry is

  • GETTING THE JOBA passion for travel is an essential quality. If you can honestly say you would still be traveling even if you werent being paid for it, then this may just be the perfect profession for you

  • ASSESSING YOURSELF(1) Characteristics of success(2) Sticking to your goals Put your goals down on paper Review and revise Learn from your mistakes(3) Do your homework Network Associations and organizations Read and research

  • FORMAL EDUCATIONREMEMBER: Before you invest in what are often high fees, assess how well the training will advance your personal goals.

  • THE IMPORTANCE OF LANGUAGELearning a language: If you cant speak the language of a country you are visiting, a willingness to attempt some basic phrases will usually win approval.Body language: Dont forget that language is not made up only of words. Every culture has idioms, gestures and other nonverbal language.

  • YOUR RESUMEUse plain, white paperKeep it short, to the point, and accurate

    #1 TIPS: Once you are invited for an interview, be prepared before you go in, be natural during the process, and remember that fit within the company is just as important as skills and experience.

  • A STARTING POINTThe best starting point of any job search is in your own community.Tour operators need reliable guides everywhere because tours are created everywhere.

  • HOW MUCH WILL I MAKE? Pay rates Contracts

  • LAST TIPS: Be sure you check the local licensing and registration requirements before you take a tour out. Some countries fine heavily if you are caught without the proper certification.

  • MEET THE PLAYERSKnowing what goes on behind the scenes will put you in a better position to solve the problems.Matakuliah: G0404/Tour GuidingTahun: 2006/2007

  • 1.THE TRAVEL SUPPLIERSAirlinesConsolidators and wholesalersTour operatorsHotel and car rental agenciesInsuranceCruises

  • 2. AGENCY SPECIALITIESIf you are going to run your own tour operation, you will need to find a travel agency to work with.


  • WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BECOME THE PERFECT TOUR DIRECTOR?GENERAL DUTIESPresent a professional image at all timesLearn everyones nameEncourage everyone to feel they belongMind your ps and qsAvoid comparisons with other companiesDont show favoritismDo not take sidesAlways be immaculately groomed

  • WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BECOME THE PERFECT TOUR DIRECTOR? (continue)Encourage people to experience the uniqueness of a destinationBe enviromentally awareHurry up latecomersKeep written, daily reportsHave map, will travelProviding commentaryThe areas natural environmentSociologyThe area history and current statisticsTransportationTaxes

  • WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BECOME THE PERFECT TOUR DIRECTOR? (continue)Its all a matter of communicationKeep people informed about all activitiesConfirm and reconfirm all reservationBe prepared

  • YOURE ON YOUR WAYWeeks of preparation and planning are all about to pay off.

  • At the airportConfirm your groups reservationDeparture dayChecking inBoardingDuring the flightOn arrival at the destination terminal

  • Hotels and LuggageHotelsOn arrivalMoving on, checking outLuggagePrecautionsKeeping track while on tourA Lifesaver tracking tipLost luggage

  • DiningSeatingConsiderations for group diningMenustake regular breaksThe best place to eat may not beOn arrival

  • Border crossing and other wild animalsPassports and travel documentationRestricted itemsRegister valuablesDuty freeKeep all receiptscarry only what is yours

  • Selling optional excursions and Add-ons are frequently, but far from always, arranged and paid for at the time of the original booking.

  • TIPS TO BE INCLUDED IN THE BRIEFING(REMEMBER: A get-acquainted party is a traditional, fun way to break the ice at the beginning of the tour.)

    Highlights of the tour itineraryDaily procedures such as wake-up calls, luggage handling, and sightseeingLocal details such as currency exchange and what side of the road traffic drives on

  • TIPS TO BE INCLUDED IN THE BRIEFING (continue)(d) Reminder about punctuality(e) Explanation of emergency procedures

    ALSO: Farewell gatherings allow people to reminisce about their experiences on the tour.

  • OVER LAND AND SEAMatakuliah: G0404/Tour GuidingTahun: 2006/2007

  • CruisingAll aboardGetting to know your floating hotelThe send-off partyShore excursionsMaking it uniqueYou are still in charge

  • Motor coaches on the busesSeat RotationSafetyLet the games beginYour driver and youWashroom and pit stops

  • Problems come in all sizesLost or stolen propertyCredit cardPassportDrivers licenseTravelers checks

  • Problems come in all sizesHealth issuesLook after your own healthCarry first-aid basicsIllness or injuryDeath

  • Problems come in all sizes (continue)Dismissing someone from the tourBumpingMissing Member

  • See you again soon following upShort-term follow-up Short-term follow-up happens at the end of the trip or within a short time after your clients return home. small gift or personal thank you note encourages repeat business and new referrals.

  • See you again soon following up (continue)Long-term follow-up long-term follow-up reinforces customer loyalty.

    Newsletters are a relatively inexpensive way of keeping in touch with your past clients.