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Slides from a talk I gave on November 27, 2008 at the 2nd Manitoba EdubloggerCon. Presentation was called "5 Minutes to Make A Difference" and the theme of the night was "Awakening Possibilities."


  • 1.quot;We sometimes feel that what we are doing is just a drop in theocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.quot; 5 Minutes to makeA DifferenceManACE Pre-SAG Darren KuropatwaAwakening Possibilities

2. its not about me 3. its not about how hard I work planning the lesson 4. its not about how well I teach it 5. its not about me covering material 6. its not about the tests they write 7. its not about the stories I tell 8. its not about best practice 9. its an intensely social activity 10. its messy 11. it takes time ... one drop at a time 12. its not about the textbook they read 13. its not about the mind map they make 14. its not about the problems I explain 15. its not about theprojects I assign 16. 12 3 4 its not about6 the tools I use 17. its about the connections they make 18. its about being curious 19. Before Afterits about the possibilities awakened 20. its about the difference YOU can make 21. Photo Credits Drop of rain 1Mira reading the Grifths Quantum Text July 2008 (cropped)My version of a quadratic ! Obligatory Wiki Photo rose + tool 110 - Judy and the Dream of HorsesNew Laptop, Hummingbird Fly IX with the storyteller Curious? 07: The Saharan Sea Kool Aid Man - What Happened To You? Fest 2008 i want you slow ... just dont stop growing