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1. Give your kitchen makeover with stunning Brookhaven kitchen cabinets Want to upgrade your kitchen? It's time to select the best from the lot to get a spacious and functional kitchen. Brookhaven kitchen cabinets help you achieve that. 2. Give your kitchen a makeover with stunning Brookhaven kitchen cabinets One of the most important ways to transform the look of your kitchen is by changing its cabinets. My house was built in the late 1990s and I thought it was a good time to change the cabinets of my kitchen. The existing cabinets looked dark and out-dated. I wasn't obviously happy with the look of my kitchen any more. So I thought that I must give my kitchen a facelift with Brookhaven kitchen cabinets. Frankly, I opted for Brookhaven kitchen cabinets because I was highly inspired by the kitchen cabinets which my friend, Monica, recently installed in her home. I visited her house in New Jersey a couple of weeks back, and found that her modular kitchen was made of Brookhaven kitchen cabinets and it looked 'fantastic' to say the least. There were no stickers or scratches on the cabinets. The floors glistened, there were no dishes cramming the shelves and even the countertops weren't cluttered. I was pleasantly surprised with the amazing decoration of her kitchen. I immediately thought of giving my kitchen a makeover. I wanted to go for Brookhaven cabinets because these cabinets not only add functionality to a kitchen, they're cost-efficient as well. Moreover, these are fine-crafted cabinets which are well-designed and made of good quality materials. After discussing with experts and various home interior designers in the market, I found that Brookhaven cabinets come with some of the following options: 1) Soft closing in drawers - This would allow me to open and close drawers easily when I am in a hurry without the drawer getting stuck while sliding in. 2) Made with solid maple - The construction of the cabinets matters a lot. Brookhaven cabinets are made with superior quality product such as solid maple which ensures durability. 3. 3) Good interior storage capacity - Storage capacity of cabinets is one of the most important factors while remodeling your kitchen. Brookhaven kitchen cabinets ensure good interior storage. So keeping those large food packages or bulky items will not be a problem if these cabinets are installed in your kitchen. 4) Great finishes If a cabinet does not have a good finish, the whole idea of upgrading your kitchen becomes pointless. So it is extremely important that the cabinet that you plan to install in your kitchen appear attractive and have complete finish. 5) Adjustable shelves: Cabinets with adjustable shelves make it easier for a person to keep various items on them, be it small or over-sized, that too, quite conveniently. You can put in and pull out shelves whenever you want as per your requirements. This flexibility will help in using the kitchen appropriately. Keeping all the aforementioned factors in mind, I decided to go for Brookhaven cabinets for my kitchen. Apart from Brookhaven, I feel Wood-Mode cabinets can transform and uplift your kitchen significantly as well. These custom kitchen cabinets assure you of quality, layout and color. These cabinets not only provide excellent space saving solutions, they also allow you to utilise your kitchen like never before. They are stylish and highly functional at the same time.