Autonomous cars to enter uk roads by 2015

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The UK government joins other countries by announcing today that autonomous cars will be on British streets by early 2015. Read the full blog @


  • 1. Incorporating autonomous cars on our public roadsAutonomous cars are to hit British streets by January 2015,with the government looking to signal Britains innovativeprowess and how they can be a leader in such technology.Currently, autonomous cars are only allowed on private roads,but the government will change the rules so companies cantrial the running of autonomous cars.

2. Where are autonomous cars current used?Trials of autonomous cars on public roads have already beenheld in Japan, Singapore and Germany, with Sweden the nextin line to embrace the technological change.In 2013, Nissan conducted Japans first public road test ofautonomous cars on a highway, whilst Swedish cityGothenburg will allow 1,000 Volvo autonomous cars to take totheir roads by 2017. 3. Concerns over autonomous carsSafety concerns have arisen over autonomous cars bypoliticians in the US and elsewhere, whilst the FBI warnedautonomous cars could be used as lethal weapons.Suzie Mills, a lawyer at Ashfords, believes another obstacle forautonomous cars may be regarding legality. Mills told SkyNews: That's going to be one of the areas that consumerswant to know about - what does their insurance cover? Is itgoing to affect premiums? 4. Do you want to find out more?Have we caught your interest yet? To read the full article allyou have to do is head on over to our website or click the linkbelow!Autonomous cars to enter UK roads by 2015